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The 1995 World Series of Poker will be held at Binion's Horseshoe between April 21 and May 18, 1995. The World Series of Poker is the largest gaming event on earth.

Distributing three times the prize money of its nearest competitor, the World Series of Poker is also the most publicized, with word of the event now reaching an audience of over 40 million people annually.

ConJelCo is proud to be your on-line source of information and news of the World Series of Poker. These pages are being produced with the full and active assistance and cooperation of Binion's Horseshoe, specifically Jim Albrecht and Lynne Loomis.

Check this page frequently. Click on the event name for complete results shortly after the event finishes. Click here for the results of the most recent event, or here to find out who has entered the Championship Event to be held between May 15 and 18.

Click here for a wrapup of the Championship event.

Schedule of Events

Event Date            Event                           Buy-in        Last

April 21, Fri         Satellites Begin           
April 25, Tue         Texas Hold'em (Limit)           $1,500+$60    506
April 26, Wed         Seven Card Stud (Limit)         $1,500+$60    226
April 27, Thur        Omaha (Limit)                   $1,500+$60    139
April 27, Thur-5pm    Chinese Poker                   $1,500+$60    NEW
April 28, Fri         Seven Card High-Low Split       $1,500+$60    212
                      Eight or Better (Limit)
April 29, Sat         Seven Card Razz (Limit)         $1,500+$60    148
April 30, Sun         Omaha High-Low Split            $1,500+$60    225
                      Eight or Better (Limit)
May 1, Mon            Texas Hold'em (No Limit)        $1,500+$60    328
May 2, Tue            Omaha (Pot Limit)               $1,500+$60    168
                      Rebuys first three hours
May 3, Wed            Texas Hold'em (Pot Limit)       $1,500+$60    247
May 4, Thur           Seven Card High-Low Split       $2,500+$60    NEW
                      Eight or Better (Limit)
May 4, Thur-5pm       Deuce to Seven Draw (No Limit)  $5,000+$80     29
                      Rebuys first three hours
May 5, Fri            Omaha High-Low Split            $2,500+$60    103
                      Eight or Better (Limit)
May 6, Sat            Ace to Five Draw (Limit)        $1,500+$60    155
                      With Joker
May 6, Sat-5pm        Chinese Poker                   $5,000+$80    NEW
                      Rebuys first three hours
May 7, Sun            Texas Hold'em (Limit)           $2,500+$60    212
May 8, Mon            Seven Card Stud (Limit)         $2,500+$60    132
May 9, Tue            Omaha (Pot Limit)               $2,500+$60     78
                      Rebuys first three hours
May 10, Wed           Texas Hold'em (Pot Limit)       $2,500+$60    163
May 11, Thur          Seven Card Stud (Limit)         $5,000+$80     72
May 12, Fri           Texas Hold'em (No Limit)        $2,500+$60    220
May 13, Sat           Texas Hold'em (Limit)           $5,000+$80    105
May 14, Sun           Woman's Seven Card Stud (Limit) $1,000+$50     96
May 14, Sun-6pm       Press Invitational

World Championship

May 15-18 (Monday-Thursday)

Texas Hold'em (No Limit)

Buy-In $10,000 . Places Paid - 27 . 1994 Entries - 268

First Place $1,000,000

Championship Event Results

All tournaments begin at noon unless otherwise noted.

General Information


Binion's Horseshoe has secured rooms at several hotels in the downtown area. Specific information regarding room rates and availability may be obtained by calling either 1-800-622-6468 or (702) 382-1600. A reduced room rate for overseas travelers is offered at the Horseshoe Hotel only.


The World Series is the largest and longest-running major poker tournament in the world, distributing more than three times the prize money of any other tournament. The press is invited not only to view this extravagant gaming event, but to participate in the Press Invitational tournament as well. There is no cost of this "Press Only" event but entry is limited. Interested parties should contact Mary Winter, the Marketing Director, for details. Mary will also be the contact for those interested in filming or photographing the tournament. A press room and daily result sheet will be available.

Tournament Details

Participants may sign up for the various events any time prior to the start of the event at the tournament booth on the first floor. Entries will not be limited. Most events will last between 12 and 14 hours, with a break every two hours and an intermission for dinner.

Satellites, an optional preliminary stage, provide the chance to gain tournament entry at a greatly reduced price. The two types offered are Single Table and Super Satellite.

Single Table Satellites are held daily from 8am to 2am. Players outlasting the opponents at their table will receive tournament entry. These minature tournaments typically last about 90 minutes. There will be approximately 2,000 of the seat-producing freezouts over the course of the tournament.

Super satellites are multi-table tournaments staged nightly at 7:30pm. All players making the final table win a seat in the Championship Event, cash or both. As many as ten seats have been awarded on a single night, since rebuys are permitted during the first hour of play. The seats won in these events are non-transferable and non-negotiable. The normal charge for entry is $220.

Regular cash games are played around the clock with buy-ins ranging from $20 to $10,000 or more. In all, over 60 tables will be in play, with higher limit games located in the tournament area and smaller limit games in the main poker room.

Players bringing a cashier's check will want to allow one full banking day for verification. Customers may place cash on deposit at either of the Horseshoe's two cashier's cages.

Tax News

Many insiders are aware of the 30% tax on gross winnings of non-resident aliens that is imposed according to U.S. tax laws. There is some good news here, however. A close examination of the various tax treaties has revealed that a total of at least fifteen countries are exempt from the normal 30% withholding required by tax codes. Tax treaties supersede tax code. This means that residents of these countries will avoid all tax burden from any form of gaming while in the United States merely by requesting treaty exemption on form 1001. A passport may be requested for verification of residence.

The updates list of countries for which this option is available:

Prizes and Rules


Any person 21 years of age or older is eligible to enter any and all tournament events by posting the required buy-in and entry fee before the start of each event. Play for each event will begin at a predetermined hour and continue until a winner is declared. Exceptions are multi-day events. There will be a 10 minute break every two hours and a one hour dinner break. Each event is a normal freezeout, with the game continuing until one player has all the chips. Players may not acquire additional chips beyond the original buy-in except in rebuy tournaments. Limits and blinds will be raised at regularly scheduled intervals. Players are eliminated from the tournament when they lose their chips. Tables will be systematically combined as players are eliminated. The last remaining player at the final table will be declared the winner of that event. The entry fee pays for table time. There will be no additional charge.

For Each Event

  1. Participants are wagering on their ability to remain in competition until the conclusion.
  2. The house is not a party to any wager and will only serve to oversee the event and the wagers made among participants. All monies distributed will be from the fund collected from the participants at the start of the event.
  3. The house retains the right to cancel or alter any event.

Chinese Poker Rules

All tables will be three, four or five-handed. When there are five players at a table, the button will sit out the action for the current hand. Tables will be balanced, with no table having a difference of more than one player.

Each level will last 25 hands. Tables completing the current level will recess until all tables have played the required number of hands.

A fouled or improperly set hand forfeits the maximum loss to each active opponent.

For fields of under 50, the five place pay-out table will be used. For 50 or more, eight places will be paid.

Money Distribution

The buy-in monies for each event will be divided according to the number of places paid as follows:

18 Places Paid        16 Places Paid          9 Places Paid

1st       40.0%       1st      40.0%         1st      40.0%
2nd       20.0%       2nd      20.0%         2nd      23.0%
3rd       10.0%       3rd      10.0%         3rd      12.0%
4th        6.5%       4th       6.0%         4th       7.0%
5th        5.0%       5th       5.0%         5th       5.5%
6th        3.5%       6th       4.0%         6th       4.5%
7th        2.5%       7th       3.0%         7th       3.5%
8th        2.0%       8th       2.0%         8th       2.5%
9th        1.5%       9th-12th  1.5%         9th       2.0%
10th-12th  1.2%       13th-16th 1.0%
13th-15th  1.0%
16th-18th  0.8%

 8 Places Paid         5 Places Paid
1st       40.0%       1st      45.0%         250 entries pays 3 tables
2nd       23.0%       2nd      25.0%         125 entries pays 2 tables
3rd       12.0%       3rd      15.0%          50 entries pays 1 table
4th        7.0%       4th      10.0%         Under 50 pays 5 places
5th        6.0%       5th       5.0%
6th        5.0%
7th        4.0%
8th        3.0%

Championship Event - 27 Places Paid

1st                                             $1,000,000
The remaining balance to be divided as follows:
2nd 30.0% 3rd 17.5% 4th 10.0% 5th 6.6% 6th 5.0% 7th 4.0% 8th 3.0% 9th 2.3% 10th-12th 1.6% 13th-15th 1.4% 16th-18th 1.2% 19th-27th 1.0%

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