[HorseShoe]26th Annual
World Series of Poker

Limit Texas Hold'em

$1,500 Buy-in
Entries: 560 *
Total Prize Money: $840,000 *

1994 Winner: Steven Sim - $289,200

1995 Champion:

The Winners

1. Christian Van Hees $315,000
Seattle, Washington
2. Eli Balas 159,600
Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Woody Moore 79,800
Dallas, Texas
4. William Gordon 50,400
Largo, Florida
5. 'Eskimo' Clark 42,000
New Orleans, Louisiana
6. Jeff Kanow 29,400
Seal Beach, California
7. Tom Ellsworth 21,000
Whitefish, Montana
8. Phiktak In 16,800
Long Beach, California
9. Adam Morton 12,600
Milton Keynes, England
10. Mohamed Aslam 10,080
Dallas, Texas
11. 'Miami John' Cernuto 10,080
Las Vegas, Nevada
12. Igal Zaks 10,080
Woodland Hills, California
13. Russ Salzer 8,400
Queens, New York
14. Hieu Ma 8,400
South El Monte, California
15. Noli Francisco 8,400
West New York, New Jersey
16. Macdonald Kempf 6,720
Austin, Texas
17. Teresa McMillan 6,720
Las Vegas, Nevada
18. Annie Duke 6,720
Las Vegas, Nevada
19. Danny Lee 4,200
Hacienda Heights, California
20. Michael Sandor 4,200
North Hollywood, California
21. Volker Beyer 4,200
Burbank, California
22. Mike Picow 4,200
Las Vegas, Nevada
23. Robert Feduniak 4,200
New York, New York
24. David Adams 4,200
Las Vegas, Nevada
25. Chau Giang 4,200
Las Vegas, Nevada
26. Gary Carlson 4,200
Sunnyvale, California
27. Tom Wilson 4,200
Alvin, Texas

The Showdown

. Binion's Horseshoe, April 25, 1995 -- Christian Van Hees, a 33-year-old professional poker player from Seattle, Washington, topped a record field of 560 competitors to capture first place in the inaugural event of the 26th annual World Series of Poker. For his victory in the $1,500 buy-in limit Hold'em competition, Van Hees was awarded $315,000 and a custom-designed,14-karat gold bracelet.

. A first-time World Series participant, Van Hees has previously cashed in three Diamond Jim Brady events and has won numerous smaller poker competitions. He was introduced to poker in childhood, became a full-time professional player after being discharged from the Navy in 1986, and polished his skills at the Hideaway Cardroom in North Seattle.

. "Winning a World Series title is the one thing I've always wanted to do," Van Hees said. "It's great. I feel like I've really accomplished something."

. Van Hees came to the final table with a substantial chip lead and never relinquished his position. By the time play was three-handed, he had acquired a 6-to-1 advantage over both Eli Balas and Woody Moore, who were almost even in chips. First to be dispatched was Moore. In the big blind with 10-9, he called a raise before the flop against Van Hees, who held K-Q. The flop came Q-10-8, and when a king fell on the turn, Moore called all in. But the river failed to help him, and Van Hees took down the money with two pair.

. Two hands later, it was all over when Eli Balas was forced all in for the big blind with 7-4 offsuit. Van Hees held 6-2, and when the final board showed 10-9-6-Q-J, he secured the pot and his first World Series title with bottom pair.

. Balas, a 38-year-old competitor from Las Vegas, received $159,600 for his second-place finish. He holds a World Series pot-limit Omaha title, as well as several titles from other major poker competitions.

. For placing third in the limit Hold'em event, Woody Moore of Dallas, Texas, took home $79,800. A 46-year-old recreational poker player, Moore is a former professional polo player and is retired from the oil and gas business. This is the first time he has cashed in a major poker competition.

. As a special note of interest, Annie Duke of Las Vegas finished 18th in this event, bringing her total WSP earnings to $57,250. She currently ranks sixth on the women's roster of all-time World Series money winners.

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