EVENT #155/6 to 5/7/97
TEXAS HOLD'EM (Pot Limit) $3,000
Daily Report Final Table
1stPhil Hellmuth, Jr.Palo Alto, CA$204,000
2ndTom McEvoyLas Vegas, NV$102,000
3rdPerry GreenAnchorage, AK$51,000
4thJamie LigatorMiami, FL$33,150
5thBarry ShulmanLas Vegas, NV$25,500
6thYong PakBainbridge Island, WA$17,850
7thJeff LisandroBreganto, Italy$12,750
8thThomas SparksHouston, TX$10,200
9thDr. Willard NoyesKutztown, PA$7,650
10thDolph ArnoldHouston, TX$6,120
11thLiam FloodKildare, Ireland$6,120
12thTodd BrunsonLas Vegas, NV$6,120
13thRobert VeltriAnaheim Hills, CA $5,100
14thClyde ColemanMarlow, OK$5,100
15thAnthony GuerrieroPaterson, NJ$5,100
16thDon BartonPahrump, NV$4,080
17thAlex BrenesMiami Lakes, FL$4,080
18thKathy LiebertLas Vegas, NV$4,080

Only four times before in WSOP history have two World Champions been heads-up for a title. They were:
  1. Johnny Moss vs. Puggy Pearson
    1979 Seven Card Stud - Johnny won.
  2. Stu Ungar vs. Bobby Baldwin
    1980 Deuce to Seven - Stu won.
  3. Tom McEvoy vs. Berry Johnston
    1992 Omaha (Limit) - Tom won.
  4. Johnny Chan vs. Mansour Matloubi
    1994 Seven Card Stud - Johnny won.
Daily Report
Las Vegas, May 7, 1997. The Deuce to Seven Event #16 unexpectedly (for me) turned out to be a one day tournament and it's Final Table started about 30 minutes after the Pot Limit Holdem Event #15, which is the primary concern of this Daily Report. The 2/7 competition didn't finish until after 1:00 AM, and was the scene of my second major goof of the 1997 WSOP. I am writing this about 8:00 AM the next day, and have already completed and posted the Daily Report for the 2/7 Event #16. If that explanation isn't sufficiently confusing, then you are probably just as groggy as I am, and I won't attempt any further clarification.
It was another hot day in Las Vegas today, with blue skies overhead, and some large clouds looming in the western sky over Mt. Charleston. The temperature sign on top of the Horseshoe read 93 degrees at 2:00 PM, and my car thermometer read 82 degrees when I was driving home around 2:00 AM.


*** CHECK IT OUT ***

I was informed by Charles Coveny (Chief do-it-all'er, all around good guy, and the owner of the transcribing machine I am using) that "www.wsop.com" went on line last night, and is now available to view videos that Charles has been shooting of various past 1997 WSOP Events, and that it will have live feeds in the future. Charles says that everything you need for viewing is on site and downloadable.

Smoking Survey: I do not remember seeing anyone smoke at the Pot Limit Holdem Final Table.
Dr. Willard Noyes made his second Final Table appearance of the 1997 WSOP, and would have captured my best dressed award again, but repeat winners are not allowed. Instead, I'm singling out Barry Shulman for "worthy of note" attire. Barry wore a "Reykjavik Hard Rock Cafe" Tee shirt that he had picked up on site in Iceland.

Pot Limit Holdem Quips

Jeff Lisandro, responding to Phil Helmuth's insistent questioning of what cards Jeff held when he re-raised a PH raise: "I don't want to lie, but I don't want to tell you what my cards are either".

Phil Helmuth when folding and showing pocket deuces, after Perry Green had made a sizable re-raise of a PH raise: "In the old day's, I would have gambled with you". Tom McEvoy retorted: "What do you mean the old days?, you're only 31 now".

Phil Helmuth displayed a very jovial and pleasant attitude today enroute to his Pot Limit Holdem Event #15 title.

One very minor situation occurred at the Final Table when Phil put four $1,000 chips into the pot when the blinds were $2,000/4,000, and making no declaration in so doing, had released the chips, but kept his index finger slightly above and near the four chips. He then tossed a single $5,000 chip into the pot and said "raise". Several players chorused "string bet", led by Barry Shulman in the big blind. Jack McClelland disallowed the raise, and Phil disagreed , but accepted the decision gracefully.

Then to add insult to injury, Barry and Phil played the rest of the pot heads-up in an unraised pre-flop situation, and Barry check raised Phil on the flop to win the hand.

Before besting Tom McEvoy in a short heads-up match, Phil told Tom that he wasn't going to be doing too much big stack pre-flop raising, and although I haven't done the hand by hand transcribing data yet, I don't recall Phil making a single raise pre-flop on the button. As I recall, Phil primarilly adopted a counter punching approach, that served him well.

Phil also reminded Tom several times during their encounter, that he (Phil) was being nice, and he chided Tom on the occasuions that Tom "didn't act nice" by raising on the button pre-flop.


There was one 20 minute penalty assessed during last night's super satellite to an unknown offender.

The WSOP Floorpeople are strictly enforcing the rules, with zero tolerance. Although no official list of violators is maintained, Steve Morrow, Head Assistant Tournament Co-ordinator, advises me that all of the following have received a 20 minute penalty during the 1997 WSOP. Most of the penalties were for using abusive language or throwing cards.
Huck SeedJohnny ChanUnknown
Phil HelmuthJohn BonettiUnknown
J. J. VolpeNhut TranJeff Chapman
Tom SullivanUnknown

Binion's still had some of their 1997 WSOP commemorative coins ($20 + tax) available today. As long as they are available, I will purchase a coin(s) for anyone who will pick them up COD from me in Las Vegas sometime in the near future. I don't want to get into the mailing business though. They don't have a whole lot of them left.
Chuck Weinstock said that enough was enough on my CONJELCO plugs, so I am now officially out of any commercial mode whatsoever.


(Becky Kerber and Barbara Lotief)
The $320 buy-in no-limit single tables continue was the featured satellite today. These are ten handed, players start with $1,200 in chips, and the winner gets six $500 tournament chips + $100 cash.

$10,000 No-Limit single table satellites are scheduled for 4:00 and 6:00 PM daily. Ten players buy-in for $1,010 each and receive $4,000 in chips. Blinds start at $50 and $100. They ran three of these yesterday. Tom Jacobs and two repeaters were the winners.


(Patty Hughes and Rudy Lotief)
The No-Limit Super Satellites start at 8:30 PM each evening. Last night there were 12 ten handed tables competing for $10,000 Final Event seats and cash. Buy-ins are $220 for $200 in chips, and re-buys can be made for $200 during the first hour of play. Blinds start at $5/10 and increase every 20 minutes. There were 156 entrants, who made a total of 155 re-buys last night. Here are last nights pay outs:
1-5.1 - $10,000 Seat = $439 cash
6.9 - $500 tournament chips + $380 cash
7.5 - $500 tournament chips + $306 cash
8.2 - $500 tournament chip + $464 cash
9.1 - $500 tournament chip + $354 cash


1.Nevada Stupak2.Chris "Jesus" Ferguson
3.Chuck Thompson4.Ken Flaton
5.Ken Buntjner6.Mo Fathpour
7.Amadeo Parado8.Laurence Clenau
9.Jay Reisler10.Joseph Winston
11.Keith Taylor12.Andre Boyer
13.Kev Nettles14.Tormod Roren
15.Kenneth Davis16.Stephen Kaufman
17.Marko Trapini18.Steve Kim
19.Sam Merchant20.Andrew Black
21.Anthony Guerriero22.George Gerus, Sr.
23.MacDonald Kempf24.Ron "Carolina Express" Stanley
25."Midnight" Pete Haugan26.Jack Fox
27.John Hendrix28.Dave Crunkleton
29.Jim Brown30.Mike Pilkington
31.Martin Comer32.Samir Khoveis
33.Gary Benson34.David Roepke
35.Don Holt36.J. C. Pearson
37.Tommi Han38.Phuc Bao
39.Dave Welch40.Ken Jacobs
41.Pete Dixon42.Bruce Van Horn
43.Bill Fain44.Myron Rosenbaum
45.Robert Henry Kojfer46.David Rubin
47.Jim Mascher48.Al McCoy
49.Mallie Hoyer50.Angus Hill
51.Herb Potter52.Allen Barker
53.Dr. Max Stern54.Robert Dale Ellis
55.Peter Lameureaux56.Milt Myers
57.Ken Sahek58.Cal Dykes
59.Alex Horowitz60.Thomas Sparks
61.Monte Kouz62.Phil Helmuth
63.Jack Keller64.Patrick Bruel
65.Louis Asmo66.Dan Fairly
67.Jerre Juhl68.John Strzemp
69.Tibor Tolni70.Gustavo Weiss
71.Melissa Hayden72.Paul Ladanyi
73.John Spadavecchia74.Ivin Mladen
75.Tom McEvoy76.Peter Brehm
77.Minh Ly78.Bill Gazes
79.Praviz Roudi80.Humberto Brenes
81.Pascal Perrault82.Joel Chaseman
83.Marsha Waggoner84.Randy Holland
85.Maria Stern
86.Tom Jacobs (s)
87.David Ulliot ($)88.Noel Furlong ($)
89.Brad Daugherty (S)90.Phil Brodrick (S)
91.Thomas Chung (S)92.Vic Kramer (S)
S = Super Satellite Winner, s = Single Table Satellite Winner, $ = Paid Cash

HELP !!!!

I am looking for a 1997 WSOP $10,000 Championship Event participator who will allow me to unobtrusively sweat him/her (and record for posterity, in detail, all of her/his hole cards and how he/she played them) through to victory or elimination. Jim Albrecht has sanctioned this project, and CARDPLAYER is interested in doing an article on this subject.


Reasons for Volunteering:

  1. I will emanate positive vibes to the Poker God in her/his behalf.
  2. I might distract the competition more than him/her.
  3. The Volunteer may play better than otherwise, since her/his play will become a public record.
  4. Good P. R. for the Volunteer.
  5. The knowledge that opponents may gain about his/her playing style can be manipulated to her/his advantage in the future.
  6. He/she would be making a worthwhile contribution to the Poker world, and would have a detailed memento of her/his participation in the 1997 WSOP.
Tom Sims
Email: simst@nevada.edu
The Final Table
Card by Card and Bet by Bet
WSOP Event #15: $3,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em
170 Entries, $510,000 Total Prize Pool and chips in play

Final Table chip position:

Standard Abbreviations:
Bet [b]Big Blind [bb]
Bring in [bi]Call [c]
Check [ck]Fifth Street [5:]
First In [fi]Flop [fl]
Fold [f]Fourth Street [4:]
River [rv]Seventh Street [7:]
Sixth Street [6:]Small Blind [sb]
Show Down [sd]Third Street [3:]
Turn [t]Winner [w]

    Standard Flop Game Notations

    [K] Kevin Song Seat #1
    [Y] Yvan Lanvin Seat #2

    96. sb K - c K - ck Y - fl 9s 5h 7h - ck Y - b K - f Y - w K

    Interpretation: On hand #96 in heads-up play, Kevin Song had the small blind on the button, Kevin called and Yvan checked. The flop was the 9s 5h 7h. Yvan checked, Kevin bet and Yvan folded. Kevin won the hand.

    Standard Stud Notations

    [B] Peter Brownstein Seat #1
    [L] Linda Johnson Seat #2

    170. 3: 4h 9s - bi L 9s - c B 4h - 4: Ad Kc - b B - f L - w B

    Interpretation: On hand #170 in heads-up Razz play, the doorcards on third street in seat order were the 4h for Peter and the 9s for Linda. Linda's 9s made the bring-in bet and Peter called. On 4th street Peter got the Ad and Linda got the Kc. Peter Bet. Linda folded. Peter won the hand.

    Cards were in the air at 4:08 PM with Jack McClelland and Jim Albrecht presiding. Blinds were $2,000/4,000 with 38 minutes remaining at this level.

  1. sb B - bb P - fi r10000 S - f B - r10000 P - c2000 S all in - P shows Ad 9d - S shows Ah 8s - board Qd 5s 8h 4s 7s - w S
  2. sb P - bb Y - fi r10000 S - all fold - w S
  3. sb Y - bb S - fi r10000 T - all fold - w T
  4. sb S - bb T - fi r10000 Y - all fold - w Y
  5. sb T - bb L - fi r9000 Y - all fold - w Y
  6. sb L - bb G - fi r10000 W - all fold - w W
  7. sb G - bb J - all fold to bb - w J
  8. sb J - bb W - fi r5000 P -all fold - w P
  9. sb W - bb B - fi c P - f W - ck B - fl 8h Ah Js - ck B - b10000 P - f B - w P
  10. sb B - bb P - fi r8000 B - r20000 P - f B - w P
  11. sb P - bb Y - fi r6000 P - f Y - w P
  12. sb Y - bb S - fi r10000 W - r16000 Y - all fold - w Y
  13. sb S - bb T - fi c W - r14000 B - f S - f T - c W - fl Kh 7c 5d - ck W - b2000 B - c2000 W all in - W shows Ah 4h - B shows Ac Jh - t Qd - rv 2s - w B

    *** Dr. Willard Noyes finishes 9th at 4:26 PM.

  14. sb T - bb L - r5000 P - f T - r20000 L all in - f P shows 3 3 - w L
  15. sb L - bb G - fi r10000 T - all fold - w T
  16. sb G - bb J - fi r8000 L - all fold - w L
  17. sb J - bb B - fi r8000 L - all fold - w L
  18. sb B - bb P - all fold to bb - w P
  19. sb P - bb Y - fi r10000 B - f P - r30000 Y - f B - w Y
  20. sb Y - bb S - fi c P - f Y - ck S - fl 6c 8s Jd - b5000 P - f S - w P
  21. sb S - bb T - fi r8000 L - c G - f S - f T - fl Th Ts 6c - b1000 L - c1000 G all in - J shows Kd Qd - P shows As Qc - t 9d - rv 4c - w G
  22. sb T - bb L - fi r8000 S - all fold - w S
  23. sb L - bb G - all fold to bb - w G
  24. sb G - bb J - all fold to bb - w J
  25. sb J - bb B - fi c P - f J - ck B - fl Qs Kd Jd - ck B - b8000 P - r26000 B - f P - w B

    *** Blinds increase to $3,000/6,000 at 4:46 PM

  26. sb B - bb P - fi c B - r12000 P - f B - w P
  27. sb P - bb Y - fi c P - ck Y - fl As 7h Qc - both ck - t Kc - both ck - rv Ah - both ck - P shows Js 6h - Y shows Ts 5d - w P
  28. sb Y - bb S - fi r10000 G - all fold - w G
  29. sb S - bb T - fi r15000 L - all fold - w L
  30. sb T - bb L - fi c P - r13000 S all in - c P - P shows Ad 7d - S shows Ah 5d - board Kc Jh Ts 7c 5c - w P

    *** Thomas Sparks finishes 8th at 4:55 PM

  31. sb L - bb G - fi r6000 J - f L - r29000 G all in - c J - G shows Ad Ac - G shows Kh Kc - board 2d Jc 9c 6d 6s - w G
  32. sb G - bb J - fi r15000 B - all fold - w B
  33. sb J - bb B - c P - r18000 J - all fold - w J
  34. sb B - bb P - fi r10000 G - f B - r20000 P - f G - w P
  35. sb P - bb Y - fi r15000 T - all fold - w T
  36. sb Y - bb T - fi c J - c B - f Y - ck T - fl Qs 5c 9c - all ck - t 2d - ck T - ck J - b10000 B - f T - c J - rv Ac - both ck - B shows Ad 6d - J mucks - w B
  37. sb T - bb L - fi r12000 T - r12000 L all in - c T - T shows Qs Js - L shows As Qd - board 9d 4c Jc Ah Jh - w T

    *** Jeff Lisandro finishes 7th at 5:07 PM.

  38. bb G - fi r10000 P - all fold - w P
  39. sb G - bb J - fi r9000 P - all fold - w P shows K K
  40. sb J - bb B - fi c P - r20000 G - all fold - w G
  41. sb B - bb P - fi r9000 G - all fold - w G
  42. sb P - bb Y - fi r15000 J - all fold - w J
  43. sb Y - bb T - fi r11000 Y - f T - w Y
  44. sb T - bb G - fi r9000 P - r35000 T - all fold - w T shows As Kh

    *** Approx chip count: T 125K G 75K J 80K B 85 K P 100K Y 45K

  45. sb G - bb J - folded to bb - w J
  46. sb J - bb B - fi r9000 P - all fold - w P shows As Qc
  47. sb B - bb P - fi r18000 Y - f B - r 60000 P - f Y - w P
  48. sb P - bb Y - fi c P - r20000 Y all in - f P - w Y
  49. sb Y - bb T - fi r15000 B - all fold - w B
  50. sb T - bb G - fi r9000 P - all fold - w P
  51. sb G - bb J - fi r10000 G - f J - w G
  52. sb J - bb B - all fold to bb - w B
  53. sb B - bb P - fi r15000 T - all fold - w T shows K K
  54. sb P - bb Y - fi r15000 B - all fold - w B
  55. sb Y - bb T - fi r10000 G - all fold - w G
  56. sb T - bb G - fi c T - ck G - fl (h Ks Jc - b10000 T - c G - t Kd - both ck - rv 5s - b20000 T - c G - T shows Kc 9d - G mucks - w T
  57. sb G - bb J - fi r9000 P - all fold - w P shows Ah Qs
  58. sb J - bb B - fi r9000 P - r5000 Y all in - f J - f B - c P - P shows Ah 6s - Y shows Qc Qh - board 3s 8h Tc Ac Th - w P

    *** Yong Pak finishes 6th at 5:32 PM.

  59. sb B - bb P - fi r10000 T - all fold - w T shows Ad Qs
  60. sb P - bb T - fi r10000 P - f T - w P
  61. sb T - bb G - all fold to bb - w G
  62. sb G - bb J - fi r15000 B - all fold - w B
  63. sb J - bb B - fi r10000 G - all fold - w G
  64. sb B - bb P - fi r12000 B - f P - w B
  65. sb P - bb T - fi r10000 G - all fold - w G
  66. sb T - bb G - fi r9000 P - f T - r45000 G - f P - w G
  67. sb G - bb J - fi r9000 P - all fold - w P shows K T

    *** Approx chip count: P 160K T 120K J 60K B 100K G 70K

  68. sb J - bb B - fi r10000 G - all fold - w G
  69. sb B - bb P - fi r12000 B - r50000 P - f B - w P
  70. sb P - bb T - fi r15000 B - all fold - P shows K T - w B
  71. sb T - bb G - fi c T - ck G - fl Tc Jc 3d - both ck - t As - both ck - rv 9s - b10000 T - r20000 G - b10000 T - r20000 G - f T shows 5c 6h - w G
  72. sb G - bb J - fi r9000 G - f J - w G
  73. sb J - bb B - fi r8000 G - f J - r31000 B - f G - w B

    *** Break at 5:46 PM. Blinds increase to $5,000/10,000.

    Cards back in air at 5:58 PM.

  74. sb B - bb P - fi r25000 T all fold - w T
  75. sb P - bb T - fi r20000 B - r70000 P - c B all in - B shows 9h 9s - P shows Qc Kh - board Qs Jh 8c 5c 4s - w P

    *** Barry Shulman finishes 5th at 6:01 PM.

  76. sb T - bb G - fi r25000 J - all fold - w J

    *** Approx chip count: P 270K T 105K G 85K J 50K

  77. sb G - bb J - fi r25000 P - all fold - w P
  78. sb J - bb P - fi r20000 J - r20000 P - c10000 J - J shows 8c Qd - P shows As Ah - board 2h 9s Qs 6c - w P

    *** Jamie Ligator finishes 4th at 6:04 PM.

  79. sb P - bb T - fi r20000 P - f T - w P shows Ac Qc
  80. sb T - bb G - fi c T - ck G - fl 8h 9h 4s - b20000 T - f G - w T
  81. sb G - bb P - all fold to bb - w P
  82. sb P - bb T - fi r20000 P - c T - fl Jc Qc 9d - both ck - t 6c - both ck - rv 3c - b15000 P - f T - w P
  83. sb T - bb G - fi c T - r20000 G - c T - fl 7d Js 9s - b45000 T all in - c45000 G all in - T shows 8c 9d - G shows Qh Kd - t 2h - rv 9c - w T

    *** Perry Green finishes 3rd at 6:09 PM.

    Break until 6:19. Possible that a deal was made.

    Chip Count: T 150K P 360K

  84. sb and button P - c P - r20 T - f P - w T
  85. sb T - f T - w P
  86. sb P - c P - ck T - fl Ks Qs 4c - both ck - t Kh - both ck - rv Ts - T shows 6s Td - P shows Th 9s - w P
  87. sb T - r20000 T - c P - fl 5s 3s 2d - both ck - t 8s - b20000 P - f T - w P shows 8
  88. sb P - c P - ck T - fl Ks 7s 4d - both ck - t Ah - both ck - rv 6d - both ck - T shows Qh 4h - P mucks - w T
  89. sb T - f T shows 2s 7c - w P
  90. sb P - f P - w T
  91. sb T - f T shows 4s Jd - w P
  92. sb P - c P - ck T - fl 8s Qh Jd - ck T - b15000 P - f T shows Kh 7d - w P
  93. sb T - c T - ck P - fl Th As Qh - ck P - b20000 T - c P - t Ts - both ck - rv 9d - b60000 P - c T - P shows Td Ks - T shows Ad 8s - w P
  94. sb P - c P - r20000 T all in - f P - w T
  95. sb T - r10000 T - r20000 P - c20000 T all in - T shows 8d 8h - P shows 5s 5d - board Kd Th Ad Jh Tc - w T
  96. sb P - c P - ck T - fl 5h 2d 7d - both ck - t 3h - b20000 T - f P shows A K - w T shows 5d Th
  97. sb T - c T - ck P - fl 6s 7s 7c - b20000 P - r60000 T all in - c P - T shows 4s 3s - P shows Jd 6d - t Kc - rv Ad - w P

    Tom McEvoy finishes 2nd and Phil Helmuth, Jr. wins the $3,000 Pot Limit Holdem WSOP Championship at 6:31 PM.

Final Table Chip Standings - Seat Positions

Missing Picture
In a World Series rarity, 1989 World Champion Phil Hellmuth, Jr. defeated 1983 World Champion Tom McEvoy heads-up to take the $3,000 buy in Pot Limit Hold'em event. This was the sixth gold winner's bracelet for Hellmuth, who collected $204,000 and moved significantly closer to the number one spot on the WSOP Top Money Winners list long held by Johnny Chan.

Hellmuth's earnings now total $1,984,825, just $164,619 less than two-time World Champion Chan's. This was the 16th final table in 18 in-the-money finishes for Hellmuth, 32, who said, "I feel great. This is very special -- I've not won a tournament at the World Series since 1993, and I was determined to do it this year. I believe I'll win at least one more this year" (five events remain).

Hellmuth said he wanted to dedicate this victory to Barb Mickel Sanborn, his brother-in-law's wife, who died this past New Year's eve. "We were very close," he said. "I'd told her that if she died, she'd be with me in spirit at the World Series. Yesterday in the shower I suddenly thought of her and felt she was here to help me. I'll give this bracelet to her husband, John Sanborn, my brother-in-law."

Having outlasted another record field, the two champions were heads-up for only 12 minutes, with Hellmuth enjoying an initial chip lead of $360,000 to $150,000. The critical pot came quickly when McEvoy flopped a pair of aces and Hellmuth a pair of tens, which became three tens on the turn. McEvoy survived the next hand all in with pocket eights, which stood up against Hellmuth's pocket fives with a board of A-K-10/J-10. Moments later, McEvoy was all in again, holding 4s-3s, on the flop of 7-7s-6s, having called Hellmuth whose Jd-6d made two pair. A king and an ace followed, neither a spade, and the $180,000 pot and the title went to Hellmuth.

"I loved this final table," McEvoy said as he collected $102,000 which moved him from 16th to 12th on the WSOP Top Money Winner's list with earnings of $1,147,397. "I have to admit that from the opening gun I was hoping it would get down to Phil and me. If I had to lose, he's the one I'd want to lose to. We're longtime friendly rivals."

McEvoy, 52, has four gold bracelets and 16 final tables including three already this year in 21 times in the money. He noted that "the last time I went broke at a final table, last week, it was also on a busted straight flush draw."

The poker author and columnist attributed much of his success at this WSOP to strategy and technique he learned from tournament regular T.J. Cloutier, his collaborator on a newly completed book on no limit and pot limit play.

Third place went to another World Series veteran, Perry Green, whose prize money of $51,000 brought his total winnings to $511,470. Green, 61, a businessman active in civic causes, was the 1996 Alaskan of the Year. He first came to the World Series in 1976 and has three gold bracelets and 12 final table finishes including a runner-up and a fifth in championship events. "I'm a true amateur who loves to play with the professionals," he said. "I'm not intimidated-- I've played with both Phil and Tom. Considering that I started the final table with only $25,000 and blinded away $12,000 before playing my first hand, I'm not displeased with third place."

Green noted that in the hand in which McEvoy eliminated him, "I raised it up with the best hand. I felt he wasn't there, but when you put $15,000 in the pot you can't get away from the hand." Green held K-Q against McEvoy's 9-8, the board showing J-9-7/2-9.

Jamie Ligator, 55, a Russian-born casino manager in Costa Rica, collected $33,150 for fourth place, the same finish he achieved in the final event of the U.S.Poker Championship in Atlantic City last November. Although he started the final table as chip leader, Ligator said, "Actually I'm very happy to get this far against such super good players. The World Series is a wonderful tournament, especially how professionally it's run." He was knocked out going all in with Q-8 against Hellmuth who had pocket aces.

Fifth place went to Barry Shulman, a day short of his 51st birthday, who is a real estate developer and a serious poker player in Las Vegas. Asked how he felt, he replied, "Not great. I got all in with the best hand, and he got lucky." Shulman held pocket nines against Helmuth's K-Q which won with a board of Q-J-8/5-4.

Korean-born Yong Pak took sixth place, his second time in the money at this World Series. He was knocked out with pocket queens against Hellmuth's A-6 when the board showed 8-7-3/A-10. His winnings total $20,814.

Jeff Lisandro, a resident of Italy who plays on the international tournament circuit, finished seventh when he went all in before the flop with A-Q against McEvoy's Q-J. The flop came J-9-4, an ace on the turn gave Lisandro the lead, but another jack on the river gave McEvoy the $70,000 pot. It was Lisandro's second finish in the money here so far this year.

Eighth place went to Thomas Sparks, runner-up in last week's $2,000 No Limit Hold'em event who also had finished in the money in the $2,000 Pot Limit Hold'em. His WSOP earnings now total $157,330. His A-5 offsuit lost to Hellmuth's A-7 of diamonds with a board of K-J-10 7-5.

Dr. Willard Noyes, another two-time final table contestant this year, finished ninth which brought his total winnings to $52,125. He was all in with Ah-4h against Shulman's A-J, losing to the better kicker when the board came K-7-5/Q-A.

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