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ConJelCo specializes in books and software for the serious gambler. If it's quality material on blackjack, poker, craps, video poker, or general gambling, the chances are excellent that we carry it.

Product Information

The ConJelCo bestseller list.
Those books which we sell the most of.

The ConJelCo Catalog
A complete list of products available from ConJelCo.

Blackjack Trainer
Information about Blackjack Trainer, ConJelCo's highly acclaimed blackjack training software for the Macintosh and Windows.

Ken Elliott's CrapSim
Information about Ken Elliott's CrapSim, a complete craps simulation for the IBM PC and compatibles.

Percentage Hold'em
Information about the program Percentage Hold'em, the Texas Hold'em hand analyzer for the IBM PC and compatibles.

Winning Low Limit Hold'em
Information about our best selling book for Winning Low Limit Hold'em by Lee Jones.

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