[Poker] Winning Low-Limit Hold'em

ConJelCo is pleased to announce that the second edition of Lee Jones's book Winning Low-Limit Hold'em is available for immediate shipment.

From the catalog:

This is the book for hold'em novices and low-limit veterans alike. It doesn't overwhelm you with tables or statistics, and doesn't spend a lot of time on sophisticated plays. It simply gives you good solid strategies and tactics that will consistently beat low-limit hold'em games anywhere in the world. 199p (paper), #p14, $24.95.

Shipping via Priority Mail is $3.50 to US addresses, and $4.50 to Canadian addresses. Others can send a message to orders@conjelco.com for a shipping quote. Pennsylvania residents please add 7% sales tax.

(The following applies to the first edition of this book.)

You may be interested in reading an independent reviews of Winning Low-Limit Hold'em there have been two so far, the first written by rec.gambler Andy Latto and the second by rec.gambler Bruce Schechter. Also, Anthony Holden, author of Big Deal graciously provided the foreword to the book.

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