Ken Elliott's CrapSim
A Casino Craps Simulator


This is a description of Ken Elliott's CrapSim 2.0 a complete simulator for casino craps which was released in February 1995.

In honor of its greatly enhanced simulation capabilities, CrapSim has been renamed CrapSim Professional. CrapSim Pro now consists of two major interactive craps game (to be available separately by March 31, 1995) and a craps system simulator...both of which are unique among the current crop of casino software products.

The interactive game teaches you the intricacies of casino craps, depicting in improved VGA graphics a casino craps layout and allowing you to place all bets just as they are made in a casino. This includes buy and lay bets, place bets to win or lose, hop bets, and all odds bets. CrapSim keeps extensive statistics for you to study, such as bankroll fluctuations (which you can graphically display), points made/points missed ratio, and the length of streaks. It supplies a tutoring function, a macro facility for quick bet placement, extensive on-line help, and a comprehensive manual that explains the game of craps as well as how to use the program.

The system simulator program is used to perform high-speed simulations of practically any system you can devise for playing craps. You can create your own systems, or use one of over 20 pre-set systems (such as Martingale, Oscar, D'Alembert, etc.) supplied with the program. The simulator will play the system repeatedly, and report statistical information (average, standard deviation, etc.) of such things as bet handle, bankroll, and average number of rolls per "session" in both graphical and tabular format. You can also export the data in a format readable by most spreadsheet and database programs for further analysis. CrapSim Pro requires DOS 3.0 or higher, VGA or higher graphics, and a mouse.

"[CrapSim is] an attractive program at a nice price."--Stanford Wong.

" couldn't ask for a more comprehensive teaching aid [than CrapSim]."--Arnold Snyder, Blackjack Forum..

"...definitely the craps sim for serious gamblers."--Computer Gaming World.


CrapSim Professional retails for $79.95. If you already own CrapSim 1.0, the upgrade price is $39.95. You must be a registered owner to receive this price. If you purchased CrapSim 1.0 on or after November 1, 1994, and have a receipt to prove it, the upgrade price is $19.95. All prices are plus $3.50 shipping and handling.

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