EVENT #94/29 to 4/30/98

TEXAS HOLD'EM (Pot Limit) $2,000
The Final Table
How they finished
Live From the 'Shoe
The Play-by-Play

The View from the Rail


In what may have been the softest final table in World Series history, the first raiser was god. This table probably set a record for the least re-raises. They may have set a record that will never be broken.

They were giving each other so much respect you'd think they were in a home game at Don Cordeleone's house.

The only thing these players knew about position was that it was about some missionary.


"I had the dream hand in that situation." Mike Sexton had A A and one caller, in his all-in hand. Unfortunately for Mike, that one caller was Luis Santoni. Luis, famous for putting everybody on A K instead of a pair, called with 6's.

Mike was the "bubble" guy. He needed to win the hand to get into the money. He had it won until the river when a 6 arrived. Mike finished 28th, one out of the money.

Within the last five out of the tournament, and out of the money, were a who's who of poker. Neither Johnny Chan, Donn O'Dea nor Jay Heimowitz were able to hold off elimination, with the short stacks they had.


Dominic Bourke was on fire. When Bill Ingram moved all-in with A K on the flop, Bourke found that he liked the flop also. The flop had come K Q 7. Dominic had Q Q. The turn was an Ace. Only an Ace or a King would have saved Ingram. Like an unrepentant sinner, Bill wasn't saved. He accepted 12th into his heart.

Brian Kneier was the next to test the dominant Dominic. Brian got out-kicked in the teeth for his foolishness. A K beats A Q in these parts, partner. Brian missed out by two.

Stan Schwartz couldn't have known how lucky he was, not to have to come back the next day. Or maybe not, maybe Stan would have livened up the mortician's convention that started the next day at 4 p.m.

Anyway, Schwartz didn't get there, because Daniel Negreanu cracked Stan's Q Q with his A J when an Ace fell on the flop.


The grateful dead take their seats.

Seat 1Lee Markholt$15,000Tacoma WA
Seat 2Pouya Pouyamajd37,000Neu-Isenburg GER
Seat 3John Morgan43,000Wolverhampton ENG
Seat 4Chris "Jesus" Ferguson67,500Pacific Palisades CA
Seat 5Dolph Arnold69,000Houston TX
Seat 6Dan Heimiller27,000Las Vegas
Seat 7Daniel Negreanu73,500Willowdale CAN
Seat 8Myron Rosenbaum37,500Philadelphia PA
Seat 9Dominic Bourke88,500London ENG

Prize Money


In a final table that moved watching cars rust, past tournament poker as a spectator sport, the only early excitement came when Dan Heimiller tried to squeeze a five off the deck.

Dan was second low stack and saw quickly that this wasn't an aggressive group of players. He tried to get aggressive from late position with a pair of 5's, after Pouya Pouyamajd (a great name) had limped with A A in early position. Pouya had a no-brainer calling Heimiller's all-in bet. The board came 8 7 7 Q 7. And Mr. Excitement was gone in 9th. We would learn to miss him.

It seemed like days later when Lee Markholt tried a move. Lee had been all-in a few times and survived. He picked the wrong time to get cute. A raise from early position with 6's found Daniel Negreanu with K's.

The railbirds got one of their few thrills when a six windowed on the flop. Half the audience yelled "Six" the other half yelled "King." They were both right. The flop came 6 K J followed by 4 5. Lee Markholt was 8th.

John Morgan had caught a couple of nasty beats and was all-in for the big blind. His Q 3 got straightened by Chris Ferguson's Q 10. John Morgan was 7th.

It was Pouya's turn to be short. He tried to pick up the blinds with Q 10 off and was called by Dolph Arnold with A 2 off. The board came nothing and Pouya went 6th.

The problem with being too passive is that the blinds continue going up. Eventually you are blinded off. Dolph Arnold finally saw a hand he could raise with, considering his few chips - J 9 of Clubs. Dominic Bourke found an A K in his hand and called. An Ace flopped and Dolph got to go quietly to see Jack for his 5th place money.

Maybe these guys knew what they were doing. Chris "Jesus" Ferguson got aggressive with A Q suited in a battle of the blinds. Dominic Bourke limped with A A, and Jesus raised all-in. Dominic called, and the board was a rainbow nine high, and Jesus aggressively exited the proceedings in 4th.

It had taken four hours to bust six players. Amazing in a game as fraught with traps as Pot Limit Holdem is.

The problem was you couldn't get anyone to call a raise, even if you put a gun to their head.

Finally, in one of the rare three way pots, Myron Rosenbaum went all-in on an up and down straight draw. Since Myron had no money left to speak of, the call was easy by Daniel Negreanu and Dominic Bourke.

Myron had Q 10. The board came A J 9. Dominic and Daniel both checked the turn which was a 6. When a 5 came on the river, Bourke showed his hand rather than checking. Daniel Negreanu said wait a minute and shoved in a stack which caused Dominic Bourke to fold.

Negreanu had rivered the nut straight and wanted to be paid off. No takers. Myron, who'd waited 22 years to play at the final table of a World Series event, and got this one, left with third money.

At this point Daniel Negreanu had a two to one chip lead. Over the next half hour, Dominic Bourke worked his stack closer to even.

It took the last hand to create a little excitement and send the railbirds home happy.

With Bourke on the button in the small blind, he raised. In what must have been a shocking act to Dominic, Daniel Negreanu reraised. Bourke called, to make a $108,000 pot.

The flop came Qc Jh 3c.

Daniel had A Q of Hearts and bet the pot. Bourke raised $47,000 more all-in, and Negreanu called.

Dominic had Jc 10c, with second pair and a flush draw.

Bourke needed a J, a 10, or any club. The turn was the 6s and the 5s was the river card.

Daniel Negreanu's tightness had put a stranglehold on the Pot Limit Hold 'em bracelet and $169,460. Over four hours of tedium was ended by an exciting finish.


$2,000 Pot Limit Holdem 229 Entries - $458,000 Prize Pool

1.Daniel NegreanuWillowdale CAN$169,460
2.Dominic BourkeLondon ENG87,020
3.Myron RosenbaumPhiladelphia PA43,510
4.Chris "Jesus" FergusonPacific Palisades CA27,480
5.Dolph ArnoldHouston TX20,610
6.Pouya PouyamajdNeu-Isenburg GER16,030
7.John MorganWolverhampton ENG11,450
8.Lee MarkholtTacoma WA9,160
9.Dan HeimillerLas Vegas7,328
10.Stan SchwartzPalos Verdes Est CA5,496
11.Brian KneierAlpine CA5,496
12.Bill IngramPalestine TX5,496
13.Danny NewmanBirmingham ENG4,580
14.Berry JohnstonLas Vegas4,580
15.Chris TrubyOxford ENG4,580
16.Barry GreensteinSan Jose CA3,664
17.Luis SantoniPembroke Pines FL3,664
18.Tormod RorenVikesund NORWAY3,206
18.Bill GazesBerkeley CA3,206
20.Bill ArgyrosMelbourne AUSTRALIA2,748
21.John OgrenReno NV2,748
22.Gherardo CrespiMilan ITALY2,748
23.Patrick BruelParis FRANCE2,748
24.Robert GingrasOttawa CAN2,748
25.Allen CunninghamBloomington CA2,748
26.T.R. FlanikenAustin TX2,748
27.James Maglid Sr.Memphis TN2,748


(Patty Hughes and Rudy Lotief)

The No-Limit Super Satellites start each evening at 8:40 PM in the Satellite area. The Entry Fee is $220 for $200 in Tournament chips and there are unlimited $200 re-buys during the first hour, if you have less than $200 in Tournament chips. You may also make a single or double add-on at the end of the re-buy period. Blinds start at $5/$10 and increase every 20 minutes. Available monies will be converted into non-negotiable, non-transferable, non-refundable seats in the $10,000 World Championship event, with at least $5,000 in cash and $500 Lammers being divided among the final table players.

WSOP SUPER SATELLITE #14 Thursday 30 April 1998


I can't root for players to beat other players. I'm a reporter. But Bill Gazes did me a big favor last night and I'm grateful to him for it. Bill won an entry, fair and square. Now, I can't give him one he hasn't earned, or take one away that he has earned.

Bill Gazes is in the Big Dance. Whew!!!

Tonight, 152 players bought 152 rebuys bringing the prize pool to, $60,800.

The following were the rewards for making the final table:

1.A $10,000 Seat and $390$10,390
2.A $10,000 Seat and $39010,390
3.A $10,000 Seat and $39010,390
4.A $10,000 Seat and $39010,390
5.A $10,000 Seat and $39010,390
6.8 $500 Lammers and $3204,320
7.4 $500 Lammers and $4802,480
8.2 $500 Lammers and $3001,300
9.1 $500 Lammer and $250750

Some of the "names" who competed were:

TJ Cloutier
An Tran
Louis Asmo
Brad Daugherty
Tony Ma
Kathy Liebert
Don Barton
Mel Judah
Tom McEvoy
O'Neil Longson
Layne Flack
Dan Heimiller
Men Nguyen

None of these esteemed players made the final table.

Last night Tony Lantz was twelfth. tonight he put out the 12th. Lantzed him actually (moan). Short stacked Ken Lennard went all-in with KQ of Diamonds, Tony had an A 10 off. That's what happened. What happened? An A 10 came off the deck onto the board.

Paul Honas, who won a seat last night had visions of cash. His vision was blurred. After taking a few beats, he was all-in for two chips. He didn't show his hand, as Bob Loar showed trip 3's. Paul was 11th.

Loar wasn't done. That's why they call him Loar, he's a legend. Chris Sontun was in the small blind and felt his A 2 should be worth something. Loar in the big said "Naw." Bob's K J turned Kings and Jacks. Chris can work on his suntan. He was 10th, one out of the money.

The final table:

Seat 1Tony Lantz$5,500Scobey MT
Seat 2Bill Gazes6,500Berkeley CA
Seat 3Don Pittman4,000Sapula OK
Seat 4Sed Day4,500Henderson NV
Seat 5Frank Schend2,000Great Falls MT
Seat 6Chris Syrpes5,500Denver CO
Seat 7Bob Loar9,500Rowlett TX
Seat 8Jim Karambinis18,500Chicago IL
Seat 9Brian Kruger5,000Phoenix AZ

Frank Schend made the fatal error we see players make every night. He didn't bring enough chips with him when he came to the final table. he had to try something. He went all-in with A 10 off. Bill Gazes had K K. No Ace, no seat.

Don Pittman was next on the short list. He hoped a Q J would hold up. The same guy as last time Gazes at his cards and finds A J. 8th is the Pitts, Man.

It wasn't Sed's Day. He went all-in with Q J not having learned from Don Pittman. Jim Karambinis had an A 10. It may be Thursday, but to Fry Day, Jim K waited until the river to get his Ace. Bye Day. You're 7th.

Every night it happens. It's heart wrenching. It's agonizing. It's not happening to us! Someone has to be last out, before the Championship seats are passed out.

Tonight, it was Chris Syrpes who was surplus. He didn't show his hand when Bob "the Legend" Loar flopped an Ace, then showed one in his hand.

The winners for Super Satellite #14 were:

Tony Lantz
Bob Loar
Jim Karambinis
Brian Kruger
and Bill Gazes (For Really and Truly)


(Becky Kerber, Barbara Lotief and Terry Vanderlip)

Single Table Satellites are run continuously 21 hours every day (8:00 AM until 5:00 AM) and usually last around 90 minutes. There are featured Satellites each day for the next day's event, as well as other Satellites depending on demand. Single Table Satellites for the $10,000 Main event and for the next no-limit Holdem event are spread frequently. Binion's charges $10 per player in a Satellite.

For the $220 buy-in No Limit Holdem Satellites, ten Players start with $800 each in chips. The blinds start at $10/$25, increase every 15 minutes, and the winner gets four $500 Lammers plus $100 in cash.

For the $1,010 buy-in Single Table $10,000 Satellites, ten players start with $4,000 each in chips. The blinds start at $25/50 and increase every 20 minutes. The winner gets a non-transferrable seat in the Championship Event.


A little warmer today. The Temperature sign atop Binion's Horseshoe read 85 degrees at 3:00 PM on Wednesday. Hardly any wind. It was sunny, with some white, pillowy clouds around.


About two hours into today's tight and deliberate PL Holdem Final Table, Jack said "OK Guys, if this isn't over by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, we'll have to start upping the limits a little faster."

Jack fights a continuing battle to keep the Final Table area clear, and to keep spectators in their seat, in the bleachers. Periodically he will say "If you are in the Final Table area, and are on your feet, you are in the wrong place."


19981997CUM DIFF
$2000 Holdem5:322:36+ 2:56
$1500 Razz4:374:023:31
$1500 Omaha3:003:592:32
$1500 Stud2:393:581:13
$1500 PL Omaha5:063:412:38
$1500 Stud Hi/Lo 83:513:083:21
$2000 NL Holdem1:593:221:58
$2000 Omaha Hi/Lo 83:493:282:19
$2000 PL Holdem4:123:113:20


First 8 Events: $4,399,000 (1998) vs $4,403,500 (1997)


$2000 HoldemDeal unlikely
$1500 RazzDeal unlikely
$1500 OmahaDeal probable
$1500 7 StudDeal probable
$1500 PL OmahaDeal probable
$1500 Stud Hi/LO 8Deal probable
$2000 NL HoldemDeal unlikely
$2000 Omaha Hi/Lo 8Deal probable
$2000 PL HoldemDeal unlikely

Formal, official Deals at the WSOP are done in private, under the supervision and guidance of Jack McClelland, WSOP Tournament Co-ordinator. Deals represent a reallocation, or split of the announced remaining prize pool, that is agreeable to all remaining players. All remaining players do not have to participate in an official Deal, as long as all remaining players give their consent.

All pay outs by Binion's, and the tax reporting will reflect the Deal allocation, but press releases and official WSOP earnings reflect the scheduled, announced pay outs.

Jack McClelland tries to immediately squelch any "Deal talking" in the Final Table area, and will stop the playing clock and allow a "Deal break" at any time.

A normal Deal will probably allocate the bulk of the remaining prize pool equally (or unequally, relative to chip count, perceived ability, bargaining skills etc.) between the remaining participants, with a small portion (perhaps 10 % or so) and the Title going to the eventual winner. Some deals may earmark some of the un allocated portion to the eventual second or third place finisher, in addition to the allocation for the first place money.

Binion's attempts to prevent private Deals, which are unenforceable and may present tax complications, by the participants. Binion's probably would prefer a Deal free environment all together, but recognizes that a top heavy pay out structure is conducive to Deals, and has arrived at the current procedure as the best solution.


Any player abusing employees or other players, either verbally or physically (swearing, throwing cards, etc.) or disrupting the tournament will be penalized. The following will be the MINIMUM penalty imposed:

FIRST OFFENSE - 20 minutes away from the table. (Blinds and/or antes to be forfeited)
SECOND OFFENSE - 40 minutes away from the table.
THIRD OFFENSE - Disqualification

The WSOP Floorpeople will be strictly enforcing the rules, with zero tolerance. Every player starts each Event with a clean slate as far as penalties are concerned.


Unknown20 Minutes
Barry Shulman20 Minutes
Ray Dehkharghani20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes
Phil Tanner20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes


Jack McClelland is assisted by Steve Morrow and Jeff Vanderlip as Assistant Tournament Coordinators.

The 1998 WSOP continues the two-day format that was inaugurated last year, for most of the tournaments. Also, all two-day events start one level lower than in past years, and each level at the Final Table has been lengthened from 60 minutes to 80 minutes. Limit Holdem and Omaha events have two new levels of betting. First day play continues until the field is reduced to the Final Table, and Final Table play begins at 4:00 PM on the second day.

In addition to the money and a gold bracelet, each winner of a 1998 WSOP Event will get free rooms at next year's WSOP. If you win more than one Event, you can roll subsequent hotel accommodations over to later years.


Shift Supervisors Jimmy Stefan, John Buchanan, Tony Shelton and Cathy Wood run the Poker room where the lower limit games are played.

Games being spread on 30 April:

2 - 1/4/8 Holdem2 - 10/20 Omaha 8
2 - 4/8 Holdem2 - 15/30 Holdem
1 - 4/8 Omaha Hi2 - 20/40 Holdem
1 - 1/5 7Stud1 - 20/40 Omaha 8
1 - 4/8 Omaha 82 - 30/60 Holdem
2 - 10/20 Holdem1 - 20/40 ROE
1 - 10/20 Omaha Hi


Shift Supervisors John "Scoff" Sheffield, Kathy Hudson and Marshall Kassoff run the higher limit games on the south end of the Tournament Pavilion.

Games being spread on 30 April:

1 - 5/5/10 PL Omaha/PL Holdem2 - 50/100 7Stud 8
3 - 5/5/10 PL Holdem1 - 10/25 PL OmahaPL
1 - 25/25 PL Holdem1 - 75/150 Holdem
1 - 25/50 PL Holdem1 - 75/150 7Stud 8
1 - 25/50 PL Omaha1 - 50/100 Razz
1 - 50/100 7Stud1 - 200/400 HORSE
1 - 50/100 Holdem1 - 100/200/400 2 to 7
1 - 100/200 Omaha1 - 150/300
2 - 50/100 Omaha 81 - 150/300 ROE
1 - 10/10 NL Holdem1 - 600/1200 HOE



Updated through Thursday Noon 30 April 1998

1.Brent Carter
2.Randy Holland
3.Gary Lent
4.Hieu Ma
5.Milt Meyers
6.Marsha Waggoner
7.Michael Pancer
8.Bob Walker
9.David Tagg
10.Barbara Enright
11.Steve Rydel
12.Joe Baumgartner
13.R. London
14.Paul Hoenke
15.Allen Cunningham
16.John Bonetti
17.Frank Hernandez
18.Men Nguyen
19.Casey Kastle
20.J.C. Pearson
21.John Morgan
22.Peter Vilandos
23.Bill Lester
24.Cliff Davis
25.Debbie Burkhead
26.Jim Brown
27.Jack Green
28.Peter Brehm
29.Don Barton
30.John Richman
31.Luis Santoni
32.O'Neil Longson
33.Chris "Jesus" Ferguson
34.Flan "Irish Mike" Pilkington
35.Jack Fox
36.Thor Hansen
37.Frank Landen
38.Greg Turk
39.John Gledhill
40.Ralph Hoots
41.David Rubin
42.John Juanda
43.Super Mario Esquerra
44.Jim Payton
45.Doug Segers
46.John Spadaveccia
47.Greg Alston
48.Jan Lundberg
49."Miami" John Cernuto
50.John Gordon
51.Kent Hori
52.Azima Fariborz
53.Hans "Tuna" Lund
56.Bob Karp
57.Erik Seidel
58.Rick Young
59.Derei Asher
60.Charles Watkins
61.Paul Honas
62.Paul Ladanyi
63.Steve Kaufman
64.R.W. Miller
65.Jim Bechtel
66.Justin Westmoreland
77.Howard Lederer


Greg Alston
Derei Asher
Don Barton
Joe Baumgartner
Jim Bechtel
John Bonetti
Peter Brehm
Jim Brown
Debbie Burkhead
Brent Carter
"Miami" John Cernuto
Allen Cunningham
Cliff Davis
Barbara Enright
Super Mario Esquerra
Azima Fariborz
Chris "Jesus" Ferguson
Jack Fox
John Gledhill
John Gordon
Jack Green
Thor Hansen
Frank Hernandez
Paul Hoenke
Randy Holland
Paul Honas
Ralph Hoots
Kent Hori
Casey Kastle
Steve Kaufman
John Juanda
Bob Karp
Paul Ladanyi
Frank Landen
Howard Lederer
Gary Lent
Bill Lester
R. London
O'Neil Longson
Hans "Tuna" Lund
Jan Lundberg
Hieu Ma
Milt Meyers
R.W. Miller
John Morgan
Men Nguyen
Michael Pancer
Jim Payton
J.C. Pearson
Flan "Irish Mike" Pilkington
John Richman
David Rubin
Steve Rydel
Luis Santoni
Erik Seidel
Doug Segers
John Spadaveccia
David Tagg
Greg Turk
Peter Vilandos
Marsha Waggoner
Bob Walker
Charles Watkins
Justin Westmoreland
Rick Young

The WSOP Report

Daniel Negreanu, a 23 year-old Canadian, captured the $2,000 Pot Limit Hold'em title, collecting $169,460 and a gold winner's bracelet and becoming the youngest World Series tournament champion in memory.

"I was so excited I almost fainted when that river card didn't beat me," he said. "It was the first World Series event I've ever played in, and I won a satellite to get in." Negreanu has played poker for a living since he was 16. "In the last three years I worked very hard, improving my game by playing with the best players. I feel like I've finally been rewarded for all the effort," he said.

"At the final table, I looked around and decided I didn't want to play heads-up against Dominic, because he was the trickiest," Negreanu said.

But it was Dominic Bourke, a 28 year-old Briton, who outlasted the others and began heads-up play with $163,000 in chips against Negreanu's $295,000. For 35 minutes they punched and counter-punched, Bourke managing to draw exactly even.

Seven minutes later Bourke on the button raised $12,000, Negreanu re-raised $36,000 and Bourke called. It was a classic hold'em hand: The flop came Jh-Qc-3c, giving Negreanu with Ah-Qh top pair. Bourke, with Jc-l0c, had second pair and a flush draw. Negreanu bet $108,000, the size of the pot, and Bourke went all in, making it a $424,000 pot.

With the onlookers hugely excited, the dealer put out a five and six of spades on the turn and river, and the title was Negreanu's.

"I'm very, very happy," said Bourke, a financial trader in London who has played poker for only three years. "I thought Dan played excellently throughout the final table. I was early chip leader and wanted to dominate play, but for a long while I didn't get the hands. Then when I wanted to make some moves, Dan and Myron Rosenbaum, both sitting to my right, pre-empted me. It was a tough table. Nobody gave their chips away."

Rosenbaum, 67, a retired school teacher and poker devotee, finished third. "I feel very good," he said. "I've played in every World Series since 1977 and I've never reached a final table before. It's a pleasure. Timing is one of the biggest things in hold'em which is a game of opportunity."

Rosenbaum, who has cashed twice before at the WSOP, was eliminated in a three-way pot when Negreanu caught a river straight.

Fourth place went to Chris Ferguson, 35, his sixth final-table finish in eight cashes at the WSOP since 1995. "I feel okay, I didn't come in with expectations today," said Ferguson, who has played tournaments reglarly for four years while being a "perpetual student" of computer sciences now nearing his PhD. Ferguson exited when he was all-in with A-Q but ran into Bourke's pocket aces and a board of rags.

Dolph Arnold, 58, Regional Marketing Executive in Houston for the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, took fifth, his sixth WSOP money finish which brought his total earnings to just under $100,000. "They were gambling," he said, "but unlike yesterday, I wasn't catching cards." He was knocked out with J-9 of clubs by Bourke's A-K which made top pair.

Sixth place went to Pouya Pouyamajd, an Iranian-born resident of Germany who is a "semi-pro" poker player and works in an import-export firm. "It was very exciting, my first U.S. tournament and the highest-level event I've ever entered," said Pouyamajd, 32, who has had considerable success on the European tournament circuit.

Finishing seventh was John Morgan, a 49 year-old British retail businessman and the 1996 $1,500 No Limit Hold'em titleist. "It's obviously disappointing - I'd hoped to make the top three - but it's always magic here at the World Series. There's nowhere like it," Morgan said. He was crippled with pocket jacks when Negreanu flopped four queens and was eliminated all-in the next hand.

Lee Markholt, a 34 year-old former rodeo bull rider and a poker pro for the past five years, took eighth place, his first WSOP money finish. He was knocked out in an odd hand: holding pocket sixes, he flopped a set, as did Negreanu who had pocket kings. No six fell; a river jack gave Markholt a losing full house.

Dan Heimiller, 35, finished 9th, his pocket fives running into Pouyamajd's pocket aces. Heimiller's only comment was, "Oops!"

Play by Play

The Final Table
Card by Card and Bet by Bet
1998 WSOP Event #9: $2,000 Pot Limit Holdem
229 Entries, $458,000 Total Prize Pool and chips in play

Seat 1Lee Markholt15,000[LM]
Seat 2Pouya Pouyamajd37,000[PP]
Seat 3John Morgan43,000[JM]
Seat 4Chris "Jesus" Ferguson67,500[CF]
Seat 5Dolph Arnold69,000[DA]
Seat 6Dan Heimiller27,000[DH]
Seat 7Daniel Negreanu73,500[DN]
Seat 8Myron Rosenbaum37,500[MR]
Seat 9Dominic Bourke88,500[DB]


d = dealer
F: = Flop
T: = Turn
R: = River

First action reported in a betting round, normally means the first player that put money into the pot in that betting round. A check is usually not reported as the first action in a betting round. Folds are not always reported. If there are four players at the beginning of a betting round, and it's reported that one player bets and is called by one other player, then the remaining two players folded.

    *** 4:10 PM Thursday 30 April 1998

    *** 2 minutes remaining at the 1,000/2,000 Blind level.

  1. d LM - DH raises 3,000 and JM calls. F: 7d 5h 8c. JM bets 5,000 and DH folds.
  2. d PP - DB raises 5,000, JM re-raises 10,000 more, DB re-raises 30,000 more and JM folds.

    *** Blinds increase to 1,500/3,000 at 4:12 PM.

  3. d JM - JM raises 7,500 and all fold.
  4. d CF - LM raises 7,500 and all fold.
  5. d DA - DA raises 5,000 and all fold.
  6. d DH - CF raises 4,000 and all fold.
  7. d DN - DH raises 6,000 and all fold.
  8. d MR - DA raises 5,000, MR re-raises 20,500 more and all fold.
  9. d DB - Folded to PP in the big blind.
  10. d LM - PP raises 6,000 and JM calls. F: Kd Th Jd. JM bets 15,000 and PP folds.
  11. d PP - JM raises 3,500 and all fold.
  12. d JM - JM raises 4,000, CF re-raises 17,000 more and all fold.
  13. d CF - CF raises 5,000 and all fold.
  14. d DA - Folded to DN in the big blind.
  15. d DH - PP, DH and MR limp. F: 8c 7d 6s. DH bets 10,500 and all fold.
  16. d DN - MR limps, DB raises 5,000 and MR folds.
  17. d MR - DB raises 6,000 and all fold.
  18. d DB - Folded to PP in the big blind.
  19. d LM - LM raises 7,500 and all fold.
  20. d PP - JM and CF limp. F: 5c Qs 4c. CF bets 3,000 and JM folds.
  21. d JM - CF raises 6,000 and all fold.
  22. d CF - DA raises 6,000 and all fold.
  23. d DA - DH raises 6,000 and all fold.
  24. d DH - PP limps with Ah Ac, DH raises 7,500 5h 5c, PP re-raises 12,000 all-in and DH calls 11,500 all-in. Board: 8s 7s 7c Qc 7d. PP wins.

    *** Dan Heimiller finishes 9th at 4:48 PM.

  25. d DN - PP and DB limp. F: Qd 9c Jc. Both check. T: 2s. PP bets 6,000, DB raises 20,000 and PP folds.
  26. d MR - CF raises 3,000, MR re-raises 15,000 more and all fold.
  27. d DB - MR raises 3,000 and all fold.
  28. d LM - PP raises 6,000 and all fold.
  29. d PP - LM raises 7,500 all-in and all fold. CF pondered his hand for a long time and folded after showing 8d 3s.
  30. d JM - DN raises 5,000, MR re-raises 20,000 more and all fold.
  31. d CF - JM raises 5,000 and all fold.
  32. d DA - CF raises 4,000 and all fold.
  33. d DN - JM raises 5,000, DN re-raises 16,000 more and JM calls. Both check down a Board of 3s As Ad 6h Qh. JM shows 9c 9h and DN mucks.
  34. d MR - Folded to LM in the big blind. LM shows T T.
  35. d DB - Folded to PP in the big blind.
  36. d LM - DB raises 7,500 and all fold.
  37. d PP - LM raises 7,000 and all fold.
  38. d JM - PP raises 7,500 and all fold.
  39. d CF - CF raises 4,000 and all fold.
  40. d DA - DA raises 5,000, DN re-raises about 17,000 more all-in and all fold.
  41. d DN - DA raises 5,000, DN re-raises 20,500 more and all fold.
  42. d MR - DA raises 5,000 and all fold.
  43. d DB - CF raises 4,000, DA re-raises 15,000 more and all fold.
  44. d LM - DN raises 5,000, JM re-raises 15,000 more and all fold.
  45. d PP - DN raises 5,000, MR re-raises 25,000 more and all fold.
  46. d JM - JM raises 5,000 and all fold.
  47. d CF - CF raises 4,000 and DA calls. F: Jh 3c Jd. Both check. T: 2h. DA bets 7,000 and CF folds.
  48. d DA - LM raises 7,500 and all fold.
  49. d DN - DN raises 5,000 with Kc Ks, DB re-raises 17,000 more with Kh 8h, DN re-raises 3,000 more all-in and DB calls. Board: Ad Ts Jd 6c 9h. DN wins.
  50. d MR - PP, DN, MR and DB limp, and LM raises 15,000. All fold. LM had 1,500 left after his raise.
  51. d DB - DN raises 5,000, PP re-raises 16,000 more, DN re-raises 30,500 more all-in and PP folds.
  52. d LM - DN, PP and JM all limp. F: 6c 4d Jd. All check. T: 8c. JM bets 4,000, DN calls, PP raises 12,000 more and all fold.
  53. d PP - JM and CF limp. F: Ad 9s Td. Both check. T: Js. CF bets 4,000 and LM calls. R: 7c. CF bets 13,000 and JM calls. CF has 5s 8s and JM has 4d 8d. Split Pot.
  54. d JM - PP raises 4,000 and all fold.

    *** Break from 5:32 PM until 5:47 PM. Blinds increase to 2,000/4,000 and MR won the $500 chip race off.

  55. d CF - MR raises 10,000 and all fold.

    *** Approximate Chip Count

    DB 90,000
    DN 70,000
    MR 65,000
    JM 65,000
    DA 60,000
    CF 60,000
    PP 30,000
    LM 30,000

  56. d DA - Folded to MR in the big blind.
  57. d DN - DA raises 6,000 and all fold.
  58. d MR - DN raises 8,000 and all fold.
  59. d DB - JM raises 6,000 and all fold.
  60. d LM - Folded to JM in the big blind.
  61. d PP - LM raises 10,000 and all fold.
  62. d JM - PP raises 4,000 and DA calls. F: 3h 8s Ah. Both check. T: 4c. PP bets 4,000 and DA folds. PP shows A A.
  63. d CF - PP raises 10,000 and DN calls. F: 2d 9d 9s. DN bets 30,000 and PP folds.
  64. d DA - JM raises 6,000 with Qc Ts and DN calls with Ah Td. They check down a Board of Jc 6d 9c 9d 2h. DN wins.
  65. d DN - PP, DA, MR and DB all limp. F: 9h 3s 7s. MR bets 10,000 and DA calls. T: 7d. MR bets 20,000 and DA folds.
  66. d MR - PP raises 10,000 and all fold.
  67. d DB - DA raises 6,000, MR re-raises 26,000 more and all fold.
  68. d LM - All fold to JM in the big blind.
  69. d PP - DN raises 10,000 and all fold.
  70. d JM - JM raises 6,000 and all fold.
  71. d CF - LM raises 10,000 with 6d 6h, DN re-raises 10,000 more with Kd Kc and LM calls 10,000 all-in. Board: 6s Ks Jd 4h Jc. DN wins.

    *** Lee Markholt finishes 8th at 6:12 PM.

  72. d DA - DA raises 6,000 and all fold.
  73. d DN - JM raises 6,000, DN re-raises 20,000 more and JM calls. F: Qh Qs Tc. JM bets 11,000 and DN calls. T: 9c. Both check. R: 9h. JM bets 10,000, DN raises all-in and JM folds. DN shows Qc Qd.
  74. d MR - JM raises 6,000 and all fold.
  75. d DB - PP raises about 10,000 all-in and all fold.
  76. d PP - DB raises 10,000 and all fold.
  77. d JM - JM raises 10,000 with Qc 3h, CF re-raises all-in with Qd Tc, JM calls 6,000 all-in. Board: Js Qh Ah 6d Kc. CF wins.

    *** John Morgan finishes 7th at 6:21 PM.

  78. d CF - All fold to DN in the big blind.
  79. d DA - DA raises 10,000 and all fold.
  80. d DN - All fold to DB in the big blind.
  81. d MR - CF raises 6,000 and all fold.
  82. d DB - MR raises 10,000 and all fold.
  83. d PP - PP raises 9,000 all-in with Qs Td and DA calls with Ad 2h. Board: Jh 4s 5d 8d 5s. DA wins.

    *** Pouya Pouyamajd finishes 6th at 6:28 PM.

  84. d CF - MR raises 6,000, DA re-raises 19,000 more and all fold.
  85. d DA - DB raises 10,000 and all fold.
  86. d DN - CF raises 6,000 and all fold.
  87. d MR - DN raises 4,000 and CF calls. F: 6d Ah Qs. Both check. T: Js. Both check. R: Jc. DN bets and CF calls. DN shows Jh Ks and CF mucks.
  88. d DB - DB raises 10,000 and all fold.
  89. d CF - All fold to DN in the big blind.
  90. d DA - All fold to MR in the big blind.
  91. d DN - DA raises 6,000, DB re-raises 22,000 more and all fold.
  92. d MR - DA raises 9,000 and all fold.

    *** Approximate Chip Count

    DN 200,000
    MR 80,000
    DB 80,000
    CF 50,000
    DA, 45,000

  93. d DB - DN raises 10,000, CF re-raises 28,000 and all fold. CF shows TT and DN says he had 8 8.

  94. d CF - CF raises 7,000 and DN calls. F: 8c Kh 2c. CF bets 10,000 and DN calls. T: Ah. Both check. R: 2s. DN bets 30,000 and CF folds.
  95. d DA - DA raises 10,000 and all fold.
  96. d DN - DA raises 8,000 and all fold.
  97. d MR - DA raises 8,000, DN re-raises 10,000 more and all fold.
  98. d DB - DB raises 8,000 and all fold.
  99. d CF - DB raises 10,000, DA re-raises 21,000 all-in and all fold.
  100. d DA - CF raises 6,000 and all fold.
  101. d DN - MR raises 8,000, DB re-raises 24,000 more, MR re-raises 28,000 more all-in and DB folds.
  102. d MR - MR raises 10,000 and all fold.
  103. d DB - CF raises 8,000 and all fold.
  104. d CF - DA raises 8,000 and DN calls. F: Ts 8c Qc. DN bets 12,000 and DA folds. DN shows Qd Td.
  105. d DA - CF raises 6,000 and all fold.
  106. d DN - DA raises 7,000 with Kd Qs, DB re-raises 22,000 all-in with 9h 8s and DA calls. DA has 4,000 left. Board: Js 5h 8d Td Qc. DB wins.
  107. d MR - DN raises 8,000, DB re-raises 28,000 more and all fold. DB shows Qs Qc.
  108. d DB - DB and CF limp and DA is all-in for 4,000. DB and CF check down a Board of Ah 3c 5h 6c 3d. DA wins with Ad 9c. CF shows Qc 7h and DB mucks.

    *** Break from 7:05 PM until 7:15 PM. Blinds increase to 3,000/6,000.

    *** Approximate Chip Count

    DN 220,000
    MR 110,000
    DB 70,000
    CF 45,000
    DA 12,000

  109. d CF - MR raises 6,000 and all fold.
  110. d DA - All fold to MR in the big blind.
  111. d DN - All fold to DB in the big blind.
  112. d MR - DA raises 3,000 all-in and is called by DN, DB and CF who all check down a Board of 2s Ad 8s Qd 9d. DN wins with Ac Kd. CF shows As 4d and DA shows 9c Jc.

    *** Dolph Arnold finishes 5th at 7:20 PM.

  113. d DB - CF raises 6,000 and all fold.
  114. d CF - DN raises 9,000 and MR calls. F: Kh Kd Qh. DN bets 15,000 and MR folds.
  115. d DN - DN raises 9,000 and all fold.
  116. d MR - DB limps with Ah Ad, CF raises 35,000 all-in with As Qc and DB calls. Board: 3h 2h 9s 7s 5s. DB wins.

    *** Chris "Jesus" Ferguson finishes 4th at 7:25 PM.

  117. d DB - DN raises 12,000 and MR calls. F: Ad 9s Ac. MR bets 30,000, DN raises all-in and MR folds.
  118. d DB - DN and MR both limp. F: 3h As 2s. Both check. T: 6h. MR bets 12,000 and DN folds.
  119. d DN - DN and MR limp, DB raises 18,000 and DN calls. F: Ac Js Td. Both check. T: 9h. DB bets 20,000 and DN calls. R: 8s. Both check. DB shows As 8h and DN mucks.
  120. d MR - Folded to DN in the big blind.
  121. d DB - Folded to MR in the big blind.
  122. d DN - Folded to DB in the big blind.
  123. d MR - Folded to DN in the big blind.
  124. d DB - DB raises 15,000 and all fold.
  125. d DN - Folded to DB in the big blind.
  126. d MR - Folded to DN in the big blind.
  127. d DB - DN raises 12,000 and all fold.
  128. d DN - MR raises 12,000 and all fold.
  129. d MR - Folded to DN in the big blind.
  130. d DB - DN raises 12,000 and all fold.
  131. d DN - DN raises 12,000 and all fold.
  132. d MR - Folded to DN in the big blind.
  133. d DB - Folded to MR in the big blind.
  134. d DN - Folded to DB in the big blind.
  135. d MR - MR raises 15,000 and all call. F: Js 9h Ad. MR bets 4,000 all-in and all call. T: 6h. All check. R: 5c. DN bets 40,000 and DB folds. DN wins with 7s 8s and MR shows Q T.

    *** Myron Rosenbaum finishes 3rd at 7:40 PM.

    Chip Count

    DN 295,000
    DB 163,000

  136. d DN - DN folds.
  137. d DB - DB raises 12,000 and DN calls. F: 9c 5c 3c. Both check. T: 7d. DN bets 20,000 and DB folds.
  138. d DN - DN folds.
  139. d DB - DB raises 12,000 and DN folds.
  140. d DN - DN folds.
  141. d DB - DB folds.
  142. d DN - Both limp. F: 5s Qc Qs. DN bets 6,000 and DB folds.
  143. d DB - Both limp. F: 5c 7c 4d. DB starts to bet and DN folds.
  144. d DN - DN limps, DB raises 12,000 and DN calls. F: 3c 8s 5d. DB bets 30,000 and DN calls. T: 9h. DB bets the Pot and DN folds.
  145. d DB - DB folds.
  146. d DN - Both limp. F: Jd 3d Ad. Both check. T: 6d. DB bets 10,000 and DN calls. R: 3c. DB bets 10,000 and DN calls. DB wins with 9d Js. DN shows 8d.
  147. d DB - DB raises 12,000 and DN calls. F: 8s 6h 7d. Both check. T: Ks. DB bets 30,000, DN raises 50,000 and DB calls. R: 3s. DB moves all-in and DN folds.
  148. d DN - Both limp and check down a Board of Td Ts 9h Ks Js. DN shows Ah 6s and DB mucks.
  149. d DB - DB raises 12,000, DN re-raises 36,000 more and DB folds.
  150. d DN - Both limp. F: 9h 3s 7d. DN bets 12,000 and DB folds.
  151. d DB - DB raises 12,000 and DN calls. F: Qs 8h 9s. DB bets 20,000 and DN folds.
  152. d DN - Both limp and check down a Board of Jh 9d 2h 3h Kd. DN shows Ad 7s and DB mucks.
  153. d DB - DB raises 12,000 and DN calls. F: 9d 6h Jh. Both check. T: Tc. DB bets 20,000 and DN folds.
  154. d DN - DN folds.
  155. d DB - DB folds.
  156. d DN - DN folds.
  157. d DB - DB limps, DN raises 12,000 and DB calls. F: 9s 4s Qh. DN bets 12,000, DB raises 50,000 and DN re-raises about 60,000 all-in. DB folds.
  158. d DN - Both limp. F: 9c 9d Ac. DN bets 12,000 and DB folds.
  159. d DB - DB folds.
  160. d DN - DN folds.
  161. d DB - Both limp. F: 3h Ac 4d. DB bets 12,000 and DN folds.
  162. d DN - DN folds.
  163. d DB - DB folds.
  164. d DN - DN folds.
  165. d DB - DB folds.
  166. d DN - Both limp. F: 6d Jh 4h. Both check. T: Jc. DB bets 12,000 and DN folds.
  167. d DB - DB limps, DN raises 12,000 and DB calls. F: 6s Js 2h. DN bets 36,000 and DB folds.

    Chip Count

    DB 233,000
    DN 225,000

  168. d DN - Both limp. F: Qc Ac 9c. DN bets 6,000 and DB folds.
  169. d DB - DB limps, DN raises 12,000 and DB calls. F: 6d 2c 5d. DB bets 36,000 and DN folds.
  170. d DN - DN limps, DB raises 12,000 and DN folds.
  171. d DB - DB folds.
  172. d DN - DN folds.
  173. d DB - DB folds.
  174. d DN - DN folds.
  175. d DB - DB folds.
  176. d DN - DN folds.
  177. d DB - DB folds.
  178. d DN - Both limp. F: Jh 4d 3s. DN bets 12,000 and DB folds.
  179. d DB - DB folds.
  180. d DN - DN raises 12,000 and DB folds.

    *** Chip Count

    DB 229,000
    DN 229,000

  181. d DB - DB raises 12,000 and DN folds.
  182. d DN - DN folds.
  183. d DB - DB folds.
  184. d DN - Both limp. F: Qd 9c 3c. DB bets 12,000 and DN folds.
  185. d DB - Both limp. F: Qh 2h 2c. DB bets 12,000 and DN calls. T: 3d. Both check. R: 4s. Both check. DN shows 4c Td and DB mucks.
  186. d DN - DN folds.
  187. d DB - DB raises 12,000 with Jc Tc, DN re-raises 36,000 with Ah Qh and DB calls. F: Jh Qc 3c. DN bets 108,000, DB raises 47,000 all-in and DN calls. T: 5s. R: 6s. DN wins.

    *** Dominic Bourke finishes second and Daniel Negreanu wins the $2,000 Pot Limit Holdem Championship at 8:22 PM.

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