EVENT #84/28 to 4/29/98

The Final Table
How they finished
Live From the 'Shoe
The Play-by-Play

The View from the Rail


In another place, at another time, these might have been fighting words. At the final table of a World Series of Poker Event, with three players left who are battling for over $200,000, offense may have been meant, but none was taken. The pressure was getting to everyone.


Brad Daugherty looked up in shock, as If to say, "This can't be happening to a former World Champion."

Brad had carelessly thrown in his last chips on a hand that Walt Williams won. "It doesn't matter, I still make the money." Brad said. Daugherty was mistaken, he HALF made the money.

The money Brad had already counted as his own was for 27th place. He knew that there was only one other player to eliminate prior to payday. That player was Lorne Parsons, who was all-in on the same hand. Brad knew he would get 27th, because he'd started the hand with more chips than Lorne did. That's how it works. That's how it had always worked.

That's not how it works anymore.

Brad didn't take notice of the announcement that last hand eliminations of two or more players would result in a split of any prize money. Brad made a $1,224 mistake. If he had just mucked his hand, 27th place money would have been all his.

Just missing a payday were Robert Gingras, who's now starting to have not such a great World Series, Tom Watts and Jim Grove.


For the third time in this World Series, Phil Hellmuth Jr lasted long enough to get into the money, but was eliminated prior to the final table. Why should we care what happens to the "Bad Boy of Poker?" No reason, we just like to watch him erupt like Mount St. Helen's when he's knocked out of a tournament. Phil was 14th.

He passed us later just as his name was being mentioned. "Talking about me again?" he smirked in his best "I'm Phil Hellmuth and your not" voice.

Larry Colt who never had any chips, somehow made it to 13th.

Adeeb Harb ran into a very hot Carl Bailey. Carl's three 8's and A 3 sent Adeeb out in 12th.

In a funny exchange, James Richburg was yelling to Jack McClelland that the other table was stalling. "Why can't we go hand for hand?" Jim asked. When told that the tables would go hand for hand when it got down to 10 players, Jim asked Jack "Why can't we play the final table eleven handed?" You might surmise from this exchange that Jim Richburg wasn't rich at all. You would be right. Jim was low stack and the blind was coming.

Finally, he yelled out to the other table that they were conspiring to slow down. Talking to Chau Giang he said, "How many more Vietnamese do you have over there?"

Jim Richburg, it's no surprise, was out on the next hand in 11th.

The last elimination wasn't very fair to J.W. Smith. Walt Williams had tons of chips. In the small blind, Walt didn't call the big blind for $1,500. It would have cost about 3% of his stack. Of course, Walt would have turned the nuts with a flush if he'd played the hand.

David Brody was the beneficiary of Walt's tightness. He won the hand that Walt Williams dropped out of, with Jacks and 7's. A hand that he probably shouldn't have won.

J.W. Smith finally went all-in for the big blind and lost to T.J. Cloutier. The final table was set.


Seating assignments in Omaha

Seat 1Danny Dang$8,500Whittier CA
Seat 2Mike Gamerman21,500Foxboro MA
Seat 3T.J. Cloutier79,500Dallas TX
Seat 4Larry Sniderman35,000Las Vegas
Seat 5Carl Bailey40,000Salina OK
Seat 6Walt Williams61,000Atlanta GA
Seat 7David Brody41,000Las Vegas
Seat 8Brian Nadell38,500Las Vegas
Seat 9Chau Giang83,500Las Vegas

Prize Money


Oddly, just before Jim Richburg asked how many Vietnamese were at the other table, Chau Giang had taken a big pot from Danny Dang (The other Vietnamese over there). So when Danny came to the final table he came nearly alone.

Danny went all-in with 3 3 4 7 against T.J.'s A 2 8 9 . The flop came J 8 6, the turn came J and the river 10. Danny was 9th.

Larry Sniderman may not have won a hand at the final table. He finally threw his last $7,000 into a raised pot between T.J. Cloutier and Brian Nadell. Brian took the high road, T.J. the low. They chopped up Larry, who didn't show his hand. Larry took the out road in 8th.

Walt Williams is another player who barely won at the final table. Coming in at $61,000, an hour later he went all-in with $4,000. Walt was playing high. Carl Bailey scooped him out of the tournament with a baby straight on the river. Walt got 7th place..

Mike Gamerman had held on valiantly with one of the lowest stacks, for over an hour. He must have been all-in four or five times in that period.

Finally, Mike thought he got some chips. When the Queen of Diamonds fell on the river, Mike yelled "Nuts." He threw down the Ace 10 for a Broadway. Brian Nadell calmly laid his J 6 of Diamonds down. Mike had been too hasty. He got the wrong Queen on the river. The diamond gave Brian a flush. Gamerman was flushed out by the river in 6th.

T.J. Cloutier had made his 21st final table in 14 years. An unbelievable record. This time however he tried to bluff the wrong guy. T.J. mucked his hand when Chau showed him the nut low and a pair of 4's. T.J. also couldn't bluff Jack McClelland into giving him anymore than 5th place money.

David Brody hadn't been doing much either. He'd survived all-in after all-in, mostly by splitting the pot and chopping someone else's money up. He'd watched as the other players fell by the wayside, moving him up in prize money.

Now he had to go all-in for the umpteenth time. It was no contest. Chau Giang had Aces, David had ten high. There was no low and Brady was feeling low, but wealthier in 4th place.

As Brody got up, Brian Nadell asked the others if they wanted to deal. They said nothing. "Don't say I didn't warn you." Brian said.

After some hands of back and forth, the fellas went out to talk. When they came back Brian looked unhappy. It seemed that they couldn't find any common ground. Brian was clearly third stack.

This was when the hand of the day occurred.

In a $200,000 pot, Carl Bailey and Chau Giang both had two pair but Carl also had a straight. Chau had Q J 10 2, Carl had Q J 10 9. The board read Q J 10 8.

Carl needed a brick. Chau needed for the board to pair, but he only had three outs - the case Q J and 10. The winner of the hand would be the chip leader. The first time all day for Carl Bailey.

The river brought the case Queen. "You lucky shit." Carl Bailey couldn't help blurting out.

A few more hands went by and Brian Nadell was all-in for the big blind. He survived but was obviously suffering.

Chau Giang was drinking water. Carl Bailey was drinking juice. Brain Nadell looked like he NEEDED a drink.

Soon Carl Bailey put Nadell out of his misery. Brian is all-in with 10 10 3 2 Carl has 8 7 6 4. The flop comes 8 8 4.

Carl flops the top full. Brian need a 10 for high. The turn comes Ace. Brian should split and stay alive. But the river brings a deuce, counterfeiting Nadell and sending him home in 3rd.

With the chips at $245,000 for Chau Giang and $165,000 for Carl Bailey, Chau says, "I'm not greedy."

Carl and Chau took a break and probably made some sort of a money deal.

Things just went to hell for Carl Bailey from this point on. He couldn't win a hand. Within twenty minutes or so, he was all-in with Q 8 7 4. Chau had 10 10 7 4.

Chau only had to sweat the low on the river, which didn't come for Carl Bailey, because Chau Giang had the high. He had flopped quad 10's.

The "lucky shit" had proven himself to be the best player.


$2,000 Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better
204 Entries - $408,000 Prize Pool

1.Chau GiangLas Vegas$150,960
2.Carl BaileySalina OK77,250
3.Brian NadelLas Vegas38,760
4.David BrodyLas Vegas24,480
5.T.J. CloutierDallas TX18,360
6.Mike GamermanFoxboro MA14,280
7.Walt WilliamsAtlanta GA10,200
8.Larry SnidermanLas Vegas8,160
9.Trai "Danny" DangWhittier CA6,528
10.J.W. SmithDalton GA4,896
11.James RichburgCulver City CA4,896
12.Adeeb HarbGulfport MS4,896
13.Larry ColtOviedo FL4,080
14.Phil Hellmuth Jr.Palo Alto CA4,080
15.John HomKentfield CA4,080
16.Kevin SongHacienda Heights CA3,264
17.Marlon SantosLas Vegas3,264
18.Bill GempelLansing MI3,264
19.Gene HowardMiami Beach FL2,448
20.Sooyoung KimKent WA2,448
21.Pat EnosBethesda MD2,448
22.Lonnie HeimowitzMonticello NY2,448
23.Loi TranEl Monte CA2,448
24.Steve LevinFt. Lauderdale FL2,448
25.Michail ShadkinAventura FL2,448
26.Tommy HufnagleFountain Hills AZ2,448
27.Brad DaughertyLas Vegas1,224
27.Lorne PersonsAltoona WI1,224


(Patty Hughes and Rudy Lotief)

The No-Limit Super Satellites start each evening at 8:40 PM in the Satellite area. The Entry Fee is $220 for $200 in Tournament chips and there are unlimited $200 re-buys during the first hour, if you have less than $200 in Tournament chips. You may also make a single or double add-on at the end of the re-buy period. Blinds start at $5/$10 and increase every 20 minutes. Available monies will be converted into non-negotiable, non-transferable, non-refundable seats in the $10,000 World Championship event, with at least $5,000 in cash and $500 Lammers being divided among the final table players.

WSOP SUPER SATELLITE #13 Wednesday 29 April 1998


Last night I asked readers if "anyone" could win a Super Satellite, and got some interesting responses

Tonight we have a case study in the person of Rick Young. Rick says he's played in six Supers including tonight's. For arguments sake lets say he averaged one re buy, which is the average for all players. Six times $420 is $2,520. In order to do this case study properly, I have to reveal a secret. Rick won a Championship entry this evening.

On two previous trips to the final table, he didn't win a seat, but he won $1,800 and $800 in cash. Tonight, besides the seat, he won $340. So by my calculations, if he plays no more Supers, Rick Young is being paid $420 to freeroll the Championship event.

That's pretty sweet.

Tonight, 152 players bought 145 re buys bringing the prize pool to, $59,400.

The following were the rewards for making the final table:

1.A $10,000 entry and $340$10,340
2.A $10,000 entry and $34010,340
3.A $10,000 entry and $34010,340
4.A $10,000 entry and $34010,340
5.A $10,000 entry and $34010,340
6.7 $500 Lammers and $2603,760
7.4 $500 Lammers and $1502,150
8.2 $500 Lammers and $1301,130
9.1 $500 Lammer and $160660

Some of the "names" who competed were:

Jim Boyd
Pat Fleming
T.J. Cloutier
Barbara Enright
Larry Colt
Deane Stonier
Paul Kroh
Humberto Brenes
Tahoe Andrew
Mike Sexton
An Tran
Louis Asmo
Brad Daugherty
Kathy Kohlberg
Marsha Waggoner
Peter Vilandos
Andre Boyer
Brent Carter
Tony Ma
John Bonetti
John Cernuto

None of these esteemed players made the final table.

In 12th, Tony Lantz didn't show his hand when Asher Derei turned over A Q of Clubs. The board was 9 5 7 8 4.

John Inashima waited as long as he could to go all-in. With pocket Kings in the big blind he had every reason to be confident. Rich Klamian had no idea how big a hand John had. Too bad for John. Maybe Rich would have thrown his Q J off away. The flop comes Q Q 10, and just in case John had any hopes left, the turn is a Q . Quad City, baby. John is 11th.

Right after John Saer had his Queens cracked by Rick Young's 9's, when a nine flopped, he came over the top of O'Neil Longson. John, who had plenty of chips before these two hands, had plenty more bad luck. The flop comes K 8 6 of Diamonds.

John has A J off. the turn is an 8 and the river is a 4. O'Neil isn't moving, so John thinks he won the pot. Finally, saying he hadn't looked at his cards, O'Neil turns over Q 9 of Diamonds for a flush. John Saer was a furious 10th, one out of the money.

The final table:

Seat 1Rich Klamian$2,000Las Vegas
Seat 2Charlie Watkins11,000Yale OK
Seat 3Paul Ladyani4,000Budapest Hungary
Seat 4Rick Young3,000Henderson NV
Seat 5O'Neil Longson10,000Salt Lake City UT
Seat 6Al Stonum5,000San Bruno CA
Seat 7Paul Honas5,500Phoenix AZ
Seat 8Asher Derei15,500Eilat Israel
Seat 9David Chiu3,500Lakewood CO

Paul Ladyani went all-in with 10's. For some unknown reason, David Chiu called him with K 10 of Clubs. David flopped no King, no Clubs and no Seat. He flopped in 9th

Al Stonum thought he saw a good hand in a pair of Jacks. Rick Young was feeling lucky, so he called with A 9 off. Bang! No Waiting. An Ace flops. Al Stonum could stone 'em he was so disgusted. Al took 8th.

Rich Klamian was poor. No chips. He went all-in with 2's. Asher Derei was rich with many chips, he called with 8's. Asher got richer, Rich got 7th.

At this point Charlie Watkins is saying to the other players that he doesn't want a seat because he won't be here to play it. Nobody bites. O'Neil Longson who already has a seat is not allowed to negotiate a deal for a seat. That's the rule. He's told about another rule. If a winner can't play, he can rollover his seat to the next year.

Charlie says that maybe that would work out. He then promptly crushes O'Neil Longson with a pair of Queens. See ya next year, Charlie. You're in the Big Dance.

The winners for Super Satellite #13 were:

Charlie Watkins
Paul Ladyani
Paul Honas
Asher Derei
and after six tries and three final tables--Rick Young


(Becky Kerber, Barbara Lotief and Terry Vanderlip)

Single Table Satellites are run continuously 21 hours every day (8:00 AM until 5:00 AM) and usually last around 90 minutes. There are featured Satellites each day for the next day's event, as well as other Satellites depending on demand. Single Table Satellites for the $10,000 Main event and for the next no-limit Holdem event are spread frequently. Binion's charges $10 per player in a Satellite.

For the $220 buy-in No Limit Holdem Satellites, ten Players start with $800 each in chips. The blinds start at $10/$25, increase every 15 minutes, and the winner gets four $500 Lammers plus $100 in cash.

For the $1,010 buy-in Single Table $10,000 Satellites, ten players start with $4,000 each in chips. The blinds start at $25/50 and increase every 20 minutes. The winner gets a non-transferrable seat in the Championship Event.

Eric Seidel won one of the $10,000 Single Table Satellites today.


The Temperature sign atop Binion's Horseshoe read 80 degrees at 3:00 PM on Wednesday. Hardly any wind. It was sunny, with low lying clouds on the horizon.


$2000 Holdem5:322:36
$1500 Razz4:374:02
$1500 Omaha3:003:59
$1500 Stud3:582:39
$1500 PL Omaha3:415:06
$1500 Stud Hi/Lo 83:083:51
$2000 NL Holdem3:221:59
$2000 Omaha Hi/Lo 83:283:49


First 8 Events: $3,941,000 (1998) vs $3,909,500 (1997)


$2000 HoldemDeal unlikely
$1500 RazzDeal unlikely
$1500 OmahaDeal probable
$1500 7 StudDeal probable
$1500 PL OmahaDeal probable
$1500 Stud Hi/LO 8Deal probable
$2000 NL HoldemDeal unlikely
$2000 Omaha Hi/Lo 8Deal probable

Danny Dang was the low stack at today's Omaha 8 (Event #8) Final Table, and at the same time was playing in the $2000 PL Holdem (Event #9). He devoted most of his attention to the Final Table.
T.J. Cloutier was the victim of his "unlucky dealer" at today's Omaha 8 Final Table. His "unlucky dealer" who T.J. says hasn't dealt him a winning hand in 12 years, except for one's he won by bluffing, was there to deal his exit hand today.
A spectator approached Carl Bailey, at the Final Table just before heads up play began, and asked Carl a question. Carl answered, and then Carl asked the spectator if he was having any fun? The spectator said that he was, and Carl said "Not as much as I am."

Carl was very animated in expressing his relief and thanks to the other players and/or the Poker God, every time that he won a key hand.


Any player abusing employees or other players, either verbally or physically (swearing, throwing cards, etc.) or disrupting the tournament will be penalized. The following will be the MINIMUM penalty imposed:

FIRST OFFENSE - 20 minutes away from the table. (Blinds and/or antes to be forfeited)
SECOND OFFENSE - 40 minutes away from the table.
THIRD OFFENSE - Disqualification

The WSOP Floorpeople will be strictly enforcing the rules, with zero tolerance. Every player starts each Event with a clean slate as far as penalties are concerned.


Unknown20 Minutes
Barry Shulman20 Minutes
Ray Dehkharghani20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes
Phil Tanner20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes


Jack McClelland is assisted by Steve Morrow and Jeff Vanderlip as Assistant Tournament Coordinators.

The 1998 WSOP continues the two-day format that was inaugurated last year, for most of the tournaments. Also, all two-day events start one level lower than in past years, and each level at the Final Table has been lengthened from 60 minutes to 80 minutes. Limit Holdem and Omaha events have two new levels of betting. First day play continues until the field is reduced to the Final Table, and Final Table play begins at 4:00 PM on the second day.

In addition to the money and a gold bracelet, each winner of a 1998 WSOP Event will get free rooms at next year's WSOP. If you win more than one Event, you can roll subsequent hotel accommodations over to later years.


Shift Supervisors Jimmy Stefan, John Buchanan, Tony Shelton and Cathy Wood run the Poker room where the lower limit games are played.

A recent check showed the following games being spread:

2 - 1/4/8 Holdem1 - 10/20 Omaha8
2 - 4/8 Holdem4 - 15/30 Holdem
2 - 4/8 Omaha Hi1 - 20/40 Holdem
1 - 1/5 7Stud1 - 20/40 Omaha8
1 - 4/8 Omaha81 - 30/60 Holdem
3 - 10/20 Holdem1 - 20/40 Razz/Omaha8/7Stud8


Shift Supervisors John "Scoff" Sheffield, Kathy Hudson and Marshall Kassoff run the higher limit games on the south end of the Tournament Pavilion.

A recent check showed the following games were being spread:

1 - 5/5/10 PL Omaha/PL Holdem1 - 50/100 7Stud8
1 - 25/25 PL Holdem1 - 75/150 Holdem
1 - 25/50 PL Holdem1 - 75/150 7Stud8
1 - 25/50 PL Omaha1 - 150/300 Razz
1 - 50/100 7Stud1 - 200/400 HORSE
1 - 50/100 Holdem1 - 100/200/400 2 to 7
2 - 50/100 Omaha81 - 150/300 ROE


Updated through Wednesday Noon 29 April 1998

1.Brent Carter
2.Randy Holland
3.Gary Lent
4.Hieu Ma
5.Milt Meyers
6.Marsha Waggoner
7.Michael Pancer
8.Bob Walker
9.David Tagg
10.Barbara Enright
11.Steve Rydel
12.Joe Baumgartner
13.R. London
14.Paul Hoenke
15.Allen Cunningham
16.John Bonetti
17.Frank Hernandez
18.Men Nguyen
19.Casey Kastle
20.J.C. Pearson
21.John Morgan
22.Peter Vilandos
23.Bill Lester
24.Cliff Davis
25.Debbie Burkhead
26.Jim Brown
27.Jack Green
28.Peter Brehm
29.Don Barton
30.John Richman
31.Luis Santoni
32.O'Neil Longson
33.Chris "Jesus" Ferguson
34.Flan "Irish Mike" Pilkington
35.Jack Fox
36.Thor Hansen
37.Frank Landen
38.Greg Turk
39.John Gledhill
40.Ralph Hoots
41.David Rubin
42.John Juanda
43.Super Mario Esquerra
44.Jim Payton
45.Doug Segers
46.John Spadaveccia
47.Greg Alston
48.Jan Lundberg
49."Miami" John Cernuto
50.John Gordon
51.Kent Hori
52.Azima Fariborz
53.Hans "Tuna" Lund


Greg Alston
Don Barton
Joe Baumgartner
John Bonetti
Peter Brehm
Jim Brown
Debbie Burkhead
Brent Carter
"Miami" John Cernuto
Allen Cunningham
Cliff Davis
Barbara Enright
Super Mario Esquerra
Azima Fariborz
Chris "Jesus" Ferguson
Jack Fox
John Gledhill
John Gordon
Jack Green
Thor Hansen
Frank Hernandez
Paul Hoenke
Randy Holland
Ralph Hoots
Kent Hori
Casey Kastle
John Juanda
Frank Landen
Gary Lent
Bill Lester
R. London
O'Neil Longson
Hans "Tuna" Lund
Jan Lundberg
Hieu Ma
Milt Meyers
John Morgan
Men Nguyen
Michael Pancer
Jim Payton
J.C. Pearson
Flan "Irish Mike" Pilkington
John Richman
David Rubin
Steve Rydel
Luis Santoni
Doug Segers
John Spadaveccia
David Tagg
Greg Turk
Peter Vilandos
Marsha Waggoner
Bob Walker

The WSOP Report

Chau Giang, a Vietnamese-born poker professional and tournament star, vanquished 203 opponents vying for the $2,000 Omaha High-Low Split title, winning his second World Series gold bracelet. First prize of $150,960, his l4th finish in the money in seven years at the World Series, pushed Giang's total earnings past $400,000.

"It's a big thrill. I feel very good," said Giang, 42, who worked in a Chinese restaurant after coming to the U.S. in 1979 and has played poker for a living for the past 13 years. In fact, the soft-spoken competitor noted, "Before the tournament started, I predicted I'd win it (WSOP Coordinator Jack McClelland heard the prediction) - This is my best and favorite game and I've been playing well."

Giang, who wore his 1993 Ace-to-Five with Joker gold bracelet, said, "I felt very comfortable at the final table. I lost the chip lead several times, but every time I caught a big hand to get it back."

He began heads-up play against Carl Bailey with a $245,000 to $165,000 chip advantage which quickly soared to $380,000 to $30,000 when he made a flush to beat Bailey's straight for a monster scooper. A few moments later, Bailey was all in with Q-8-7-4, crushed when Giang, with 10-10-7-4, flopped quads to the roars of the spectators. The final board was 10-5-10/7-Q.

"I'm very proud - who wouldn't be," said Bailey, 35, a former salesman who has played professional poker for three years. "I'm sorry I got caught up in that flush-straight hand and burned up all my chips," he said. "Earlier I was very lucky: in two chip runoffs I had only one odd chip and both times I got the ace of spades. So, I knew I'd do good." Of his poker career, Bailey said, "Six months ago I was so broke I sold an expensive pool cue. From there on, everything's been running in the right direction."

Another poker pro, Brian Nadell, took third place, his best of five money finishes at the WSOP. The 41 year-old former travel and sales industry executive said, "I'm very disappointed. I promised my baby daughter a bracelet, but it didn't work out. It was a very interesting final table, more like hold'em than eight-or-better." Nadell was eliminated when he was all-in with 10-10-3-2 against Bailey's 8-7-6-4. The flop came 8-8-4, giving Bailey a full house. An ace on the turn gave Nadell the nut low, but a river deuce counterfeited him and he was beaten both ways.

David Brody, an investor and "casual poker player," finished fourth having played very few hands at the final table. "That's because they don't give me any hands," he quipped, acknowledging that he was "very pleased" with his finish. He was all in with 10-8-4-3 against Giang's A-A-8-5, losing with the board Q-9-5/5-4.

Fifth place went to one of the poker world's premier tournament players, T.J. Cloutier, who has now finished in the money at every World Series since 1987, amassing $1,119,886. With this result Cloutier, a 58 year-old former professional football player, advanced to 14th place on the Top Money Winners list. He has three gold bracelets. "It was a fine tournament," he said. "Everyone at the final table played well. I'm very disappointed." Cloutier was knocked out in a large pot when he could not beat Giang's flopped three fours.

Mike Gamerman, a 49 year-old auto dealer, finished sixth, his first WSOP money finish, and said, "It was very exciting and challenging, a great experience." All-in, he made a straight on the river but lost to Nadell's flush.

Seventh place went to Walt Williams, 53, an insurance agent and "occasional poker player," who lamented, "I played super the whole time yesterday but bad at the final table." His all-in kings lost to Bailey's rivered straight.

Larry Sniderman, a 50 year-old businessman playing his second-ever poker tournament, took eighth when he couldn't beat Cloutier or Nadell in a three-way pot. "It was tough but I enjoyed myself. I did as well as I could."

The final-table short stack, Vietnamese-born pro Danny Dang, was quickly eliminated in ninth place. Dang, 37, has now cashed 13 times at the WSOP, his earnings totaling $209,322.

Play by Play

The Final Table
Card by Card and Bet by Bet
1998 WSOP Event #8: $2,000 Omaha High/Low 8 0r better
204 Entries, $408,000 Total Prize Pool and chips in play

Seat 1Danny Dang8,500[DD]
Seat 2Mike Gamerman21,500[MG]
Seat 3T.J. Cloutier79,500[TJ]
Seat 4Larry Sniderman35,000[LS]
Seat 5Carl Bailey40,000[CB]
Seat 6Walt Williams61,000[WW]
Seat 7David Brody41,000[DB]
Seat 8Brian Nadell38,500[BN]
Seat 9Chau Giang83,500[CG]


d = dealer
F: = Flop
T: = Turn
R: = River

First action reported in a betting round, normally means the first player that put money into the pot in that betting round. A check is usually not reported as the first action in a betting round. Folds are not always reported. If there are four players at the beginning of a betting round, and it's reported that one player bets and is called by one other player, then the remaining two players folded.

    *** 4:02 PM Wednesday 28 April 1998

    *** Just starting a new level with 2,000/4,000 Blinds - 4,000/8,000 Limits. Chau Giang wins 2,000 in the 500 chip race-off.

  1. d CG - BN and DD limp and MG checks. F: Kh Ad 8d. BN bets with Ac 7c 3h Tc, DD raises all-in with Ah 9h 4d 7h, MG folds and BN calls. T: 6s. R: 3c. Split pot.
  2. d DD - LS raises and all fold.
  3. d MG - DB raises and LS calls. F: 3s Jd 5c. Both check. T: 3c. DB bets and LS folds.
  4. d TJ - CG raises with Th Jh Tc Qc and MG calls with Ac 9c 2h Qs. F: 4d 8s Qh. MG bets and CG calls. T: 3h. MG bets 3,000 all-in and CG calls. R: 2c. MG scoops.
  5. d LS - TJ raises and WW calls. F: 9c Kc Ts. TJ bets and WW folds. TJ shows Qc Jc.
  6. d CB - CG and DB limp. F: 9c 7h 2c. CG bets and WW folds.
  7. d WW - MG, TJ and BN limp. F: 2h 4c As. BN bets and all fold.
  8. d DB - Folded to CG in the big blind.
  9. d BN - TJ raises with As 8s 2d 9d and DD calls with 3s 7s 3d 4h. F: 6d Jh 8c. DD bets 2,000 all-in and TJ calls. T: Jd. R: Tc. TJ scoops.

    *** Danny Dang finishes 9th at 4:21 PM.

  10. d CG - DB raises and is called by CG and MG. F: Jd Th Ac. CG bets and MG calls. T: Kc. MG bets and CG folds.
  11. d CG - CB raises and is called by DB and MG. F: 3h 9s Tc. CB bets and all fold.
  12. d MG - CB raises with Td Js Kh Jh and WW calls with Ac 2c 3d 7s. F: 6c Jc As. CB bets and WW calls. T: Th. CB bets and WW calls. R: 2h. WW bets and CB calls. Split pot.
  13. d TJ - BN raises, CB re-raises and BN calls. F: 6h 5h Qh. BN bets and CB folds. CB shows A A.
  14. d LS - CG raises and WW calls. F: 3h Ac 8d. CG bets and WW folds.
  15. d CB - MG raises and is called by CB and DB. F: Jd 6c 5c. MG bets and all call. T: 5h. All check. R: 2s. DB bets and CB calls. DB shows Ah Jh 3d 6s and CB mucks.
  16. d WW - MG raises and all fold.
  17. d DB - MG limps, WW raises and MG calls. F: Td 2c Ks. MG bets and WW calls. T: 3h. Both check. R: Jc. Both check. MG shows Ad 3d Qc 7s and WW mucks.
  18. d BN - BN raises and is called by CG and MG. F: 7h Qs 4c. MG bets and all call. T: 6s. BN bets and all fold. BN showed Ad 2h 5d 6d.
  19. d CG - DB raises and TJ calls. F: As 9c Jh. TJ bets and DB folds.
  20. d MG - WW raises with Ah Ad 6s 7s and MG calls with Qs Qc Ac 8h. F: 8c Qh 6d. WW bets, MG raises and WW calls. T: Qd. MG bets and WW calls. R: 2d. MG bets and WW calls all-in. Split Pot.
  21. d TJ - WW raises with 2s 4h 3h 8d and CB calls with 2d 6d 4s Ks. F: 3s Ac 6c. CB bets and WW calls. T: 5c. CB bets, WW raises and CB calls 3,000 all-in. R: Js. Split Pot.
  22. d LS - CB and WW limp. F: 2s Ad Ah. CB bets and WW folds.
  23. d CB - BN raises and all fold.
  24. d WW - CG raises with Ah 8h 5c Qc and MG calls with As 5s Qs 5h. F: Td 3c 4c. CG bets and MG calls. T: 6d. Both check. R: 2h. CG bets and MG calls. Split Pot.
  25. d DB - MG, CB, DB and CG limp. F: 3h Kd 9c. MG bets and all fold.
  26. d BN - CB, CG and MG limp. F: Jd 5s 5h. MG bets and CG calls. T: 8h. MG bets, CG raises and MG calls. R: Tc. CG bets and MG calls. CG scoops with Jc Jh Qc 4s. MG shows A 5.
  27. d CG - LS raises and all fold.
  28. d MG - CB raises and all fold.
  29. d TJ - CG raises and all fold.
  30. d LS - LS raises, CB re-raises and LS calls. CB bets the Flop in the dark. F: 8h Jc 9s. LS folds.
  31. d CB - BN raises, TJ calls and LS calls 7,000 all-in. F: 9s 8h 3d. BN bets and TJ calls. T: 5s. BN bets and TJ calls. R: 5c. BN bets and TJ calls. BN has As 2c 8c Kc, TJ shows Jc Js Qc Kd and LS mucks. BN and TJ split the Pot.

    *** Larry Sniderman finishes 8th at 5:01 PM.

  32. d WW - CG raises and CB calls. F: 3s Tc Js. CB bets and CG folds.
  33. d DB - BN and CG limp. F: 9s 9d 6h. Both check. T: 3c. BN bets and CG folds.
  34. d BN - WW raises and all fold.
  35. d CG - CG raises with Ac 8c Td 4s and TJ calls with Ah 2h 8s 7h. They check down a Board of 3s Qh Qd Kd 5s and CG scoops.
  36. d MG - TJ raises and all fold.
  37. d TJ - BN raises and all fold.
  38. d CB - WW and DB limp. F: Jh Th 4c. DB bets and WW folds.
  39. d WW - CG limps, CB raises and CG calls. F: 8h 9h 2s. CB bets and CG calls. T: Jh. CB bets and CG folds. CB shows 7h Th.
  40. d DB - MG, TJ, CB, BN and CG limp. F: Qc 4d Kh. BN bets and CB calls. T: 2s. BN bets and CB calls. R: Jc. Both check. BN scoops with Ks Kd Jd Ts. CB shows a Q and mucks.
  41. d BN - CB raises with Qd Qc 5d 5s, WW calls with Ac 5c Qh 4h, MG re-raises with Ad Ah 2h Th, and CB and WW call. F: Td 3d 8h. MG bets, CB raises, WW calls MG calls 2,000 all-in. T: 7h. Both check. R: 8c. CB bets and WW calls 2,000 all-in. CB and WW split the side Pot and MG scoops the main Pot.
  42. d CG - CB raises and all fold.
  43. d MG - DB raises with 6s 8s Ac 4c and CB calls with Ad 3d 7c 3c. F: 7s Qh 3s. CB bets and DB calls. T: Qd. CB bets and DB calls. R: As. CB bets and DB calls. Split Pot.
  44. d TJ - WW is all-in in the big blind with Kd 9d Jd Js and is called by CB with 6d 8c 4d 7d. Board: 2c Ks Ac 5c 3h. CB scoops.

    *** Walt Williams finishes 7th at 5:22 PM.

  45. d CB - TJ raises and all fold.
  46. d CB - TJ raises and all fold.
  47. d DB - BN limps, CG raises and BN calls. F: 9d Kd Jh. CG bets and BN folds.
  48. d BN - CG limps, MG raises and CG calls. F: Jh Kd 9d. MG bets and CG calls. T: 2c. CG bets and MG folds.

    *** Break from 5:28 PM until 5:39 PM. Limits increase to 6,000/12,000 with 3,000/6,000 blinds.

    Chip Count

    CG 110,000
    BN 100,000
    TJ 90,000
    CB 40,000
    MG 35,000
    DB 33,000

  49. d CG - MG raises and TJ calls. F: 9s 6s Th. MG bets and TJ calls. T: Tc. MG bets, TJ raises and MG folds. MG shows A A 9 3.
  50. d MG - CG raises and all fold.
  51. d TJ - CG raises and all fold.
  52. d CB - CG raises and TJ calls. F: 7h Ad 3s. CG bets and TJ calls. T: 7s. CG bets and TJ calls. R: 7d. CG bets and TJ folds.
  53. d DB - MG, TJ, BN and CG limp. F: 5s 3d Qd. All check. T: KS. All check. R: JD. MG bets 6,000 all-in with Ac 2c Th Js and BN calls with 5d 6d 7h 9c. BN scoops.

    *** Mike Gamerman finishes 6th at 5:48 PM.

  54. d BN - CG limps, TJ raises and CG calls. F: 4h Qd Td. TJ bets and CG folds. TJ shows Kd Kh.
  55. d CG - CG limps, TJ raises, CB re-raises, TJ calls. F: Jc Qs Ts. CB bets and TJ calls. T: Jd. CB bets 8,000 all-in and TJ calls. CB has Ac Ah Kh 4c and TJ has As 8s 2d 8d. R: 9d. CB scoops.
  56. d TJ - BN raises and all fold.
  57. d CB - TJ raises and BN calls. F: 4c 5c 3h. TJ bets and BN calls. T: 3d. Both check. R: 5s. BN bets and TJ folds.
  58. d DB - CB raises and all fold.
  59. d BN - BN raises and TJ calls. F: Th 9c Ah. BN bets and TJ calls. T: Kh. BN bets and TJ calls. R: 5d. TJ has 13,000 left and bets. BN folds and TJ shows Ac Kc 3c Qd.
  60. d CG - TJ and CB limp. F: 7h 7c 8c. Both check. T: Qh. CB bets and TJ folds. CB shows 7h 8h 3s 4s.
  61. d TJ - CG raises and all fold.
  62. d CB - CG raises with Ah 3h Td Ks and CB calls with Ad 9d 2h 9s. F: 7c As 7h. CB bets and CG calls. T: 5h. Both check. R: 3d. Both check. Split Pot.
  63. d DB - CB raises and CG calls. F: 4c Ad 7c. CB bets and CG calls. T: 3h. CG bets and CB folds.
  64. d BN - CB raises, BN and TJ call. F: Qc Kd 6s. BN bets and CB calls. T: 5d. BN bets and CB calls. R: 8d. CB bets and BN calls. BN shows Kh Qh Ts Js and CB scoops with Ad 9d Ah 4h.

    *** Chip Count

    CG 140,000
    CB 120,000
    BN 75,000
    TJ 65,000
    DB 8,000

  65. d CG - TJ and CB limp. F: 8c 7c 5h. TJ bets and CB folds. TJ shows T J 4 2 with a club draw.
  66. d TJ - TJ, CB and DB limp. F: Qd Jh 5s. CB bets with Kh 5h 9d Ac and DB calls 1,000 all-in with 9h Th 6d Js. T: 6c. R:8s. DB scoops.
  67. d CB - TJ raises, DB and BN call. F: Td 5c 8c. All check. T: Qd. DB bets 8,000 all-in, BN and TJ call. R: Th. All check. TJ has Ad Qs 9s 4s, DB has Ac Qc 5s 2c and BN mucks. Split Pot.
  68. d DB - BN raises and all fold.
  69. d BN - CG and TJ limp. F: 7h 6h Qc. Both check. T: 4d. CG bets and TJ folds. TJ shows 9h Jh Jc.
  70. d CG - TJ raises and CB calls. F: 7c 7s 4c. TJ bets and CB calls. T: 6c. CB bets and TJ calls. R: 2s. Both check. CB shows Ac Jc Td 9s and TJ mucks.
  71. d TJ - CB and DB limp. F: Ac 7d Tc. CB bets and DB calls. T: Qs. CB bets and DB folds.
  72. d CB - CG raises, TJ, DB and BN call. F: 4c 4d Qs. CG bets and TJ calls. T: 8h. CG bets and TJ calls. R: Td. CG bets and TJ calls 2,000 all-in. CG shows As 4s 2c 9c and TJ mucks. TJ says he had A A K K.

    *** T.J. Cloutier finishes 5th at 6:22 PM.

  73. d DB - Folded to CG in the big blind.
  74. d BN - CG and CB limp. F: 8c Kh Jh. CG bets and CB calls. T: 5d. Both check. R: Js. CG bets and CB folds.
  75. d CG - CG raises with As Ah 5d 8c. and DB is all-in for the 6,000 blind with 3c 4c Tc 8d. Board: Qh 9h 5h 5c 4s. CG scoops.

    *** David Brody finishes 4th at 6:27 PM.

  76. d CB - CG limps, BN raises and CG calls. F: 4h 2s Qd. BN bets and CG calls. T: 8s. BN bets and CG calls. BN bets in the dark, all-in. R: 9s. CG calls. BN shows Ac Kc 3s 5s and CG mucks.
  77. d BN - CG and CB limp. F: 3s Qd 2d. CB bets and CG calls. T: 7c. CG bets and CB calls. R: Kc. CG bets and CB calls. CB has Qs Qh 8h 5d and CG has 6s As 4c 6d. Split Pot.
  78. d CG - CG raises and CB calls. F: 8h 2d 7d. CG bets and CB folds.

    *** Chip Count

    CG 230,000
    CB 120,000
    BN 58,000

  79. d CB - BN raises and CG calls. F: 2c 9s Jh. CG bets and BN calls. T: Qh. Both check. R: Kc. Both check. BN shows Ah Ks 3h 9c and CG scoops with Ad 3d Kd Qc.
  80. d BN - CG limps, CB raises and CG calls. F: Kd Js 6s. CB bets and CG folds.
  81. d CG - CG raises and all fold.
  82. d CB - CB raises and all fold.
  83. d BN - Folded to CB in the big blind.
  84. d CG - CB raises and BN calls. F: 5c 8d 3c. BN bets and CB folds.
  85. d CB - BN raises and CG calls. F: Ks 8h 7c. BN bets and CG calls. T: 5c. BN bets and CG folds.
  86. d BN - CG and CB limp. F: Qd 8s 6s. CB bets and CG folds.
  87. d CG - CG raises and BN calls. F: 2d Kc 5c. CG bets and calls. T: Jh. Both check. R: 4h. CG bets and BN folds.
  88. d CB - All fold to CG in the big blind.
  89. d BN - All fold to CB in the big blind.
  90. d CG - CG raises and all fold.
  91. d CB - BN and CG limp. F: Fs Kd Th. Both check. T: 5h. BN bets and CG folds. BN shows Kh 5d.
  92. d BN - CG limps, CB raises and CG calls. F: 4s 7c Qh. CB bets and CG calls. T: 2d. CB bets and CG calls. R: Ad. CB bets and CG calls. CB shows As 3s 7s 6d and CG mucks.
  93. d CG - CG raises and is called by CB and BN. F: 9s 2c Tc. CB bets, BN raises and CB calls. T: 3c. BN bets and CB folds. CB shows Q J.
  94. d CB - CB raises and all fold.
  95. d BN - CG and CB limp. F: 5s 5h 2h. Both check. T: 6h. CG bets and CB folds.
  96. d CG - CB raises and BN calls. F: 5h 6s 2d. CB bets and BN calls. T: 9d. BN bets and CB folds.

    *** Deal break at 6:54 PM.

    Chip Count

    CG 163,000
    CB 140,000
    BN 105,000

    Cards back in the air at 7:08 PM. Deal unlikely.

  97. d CB - BN raises and CG calls. F: Ts 5s 6s. BN bets and CG calls. T: TD. BN bets and CG folds.

    *** Players are still talking about a deal, and Jack McClelland admonishes them that all deal discussions must be in private.

  98. d BN - CG and CB limp. F: 2c As Ks. CG bets and CB calls. T: 5s. CG bets and CB calls. R: Qh. CG bets and CB calls. CG has 9s 4s 8c Tc and CB has 3c 5c 6c Kc. Split Pot.
  99. d CG - CB raises and BN folds.
  100. d CB - CB and CG limp. F: Ks 6h Kc. CB bets and CG folds.

    *** CG wins 1,000 chip race off and limits increase at 7:13 PM. Blinds go to 5,000/10,000 with 10,000/20,000 limits.

  101. d BN - CG and CB limp. F: 9s 7c 9h. CB bets, CG raises and CB calls. T: Js. CG bets and CB folds.
  102. d CG - CG raises and all fold.

    *** Still talking deal. Re-admonished.

  103. d CB - CB raises and BN calls. F: 4s 6d 4d. BN bets and CB folds.
  104. d BN - Folded to CB in the big blind.
  105. d CG - CG raises and all fold.
  106. d CB - Folded to CG in the big blind.
  107. d BN - CG raises and CB calls. F: Qc 2c Th. CG bets and CB calls. T: 4d. CB bets and CG folds.
  108. d CG - All limp. F: 2d 7h 7c. All check. T: 8h. CB bets and all fold.
  109. d CB - CB raises and CG calls. F: 7h 3s 2s. CB bets, CG raises and and CB calls. T: Js. CG bets and CB calls. R: 6d. CG bets and CB calls. CG has 6s 4d 8s Ad and CB has 9h 5h 3h As. CG scoops.
  110. d BN - CG and CB limp. F: 5s Ac 6c. CG bets and CB folds.
  111. d CG - All fold to BN in the big blind.
  112. d CB - All limp. F: 8c Td Qh. CG bets, CB raises and CG calls. Js. CG bets, CB raises 5,000 all-in and CG calls. CG has Qs Th 4h Jh and CB has Qc Ts 9h Jd. R: Qd. Split Pot.
  113. d BN - BN raises and all fold.
  114. d CG - CG raises and all fold.
  115. d CB - BN raises and all fold.
  116. d BN - BN raises with Ks 2s Kh 7h and CB calls with 3c 8c 5c 4s. F: 9d As 6s. CB bets and BN calls. T: 7d. CB bets 15,000 all-in and BN calls. R: Ah. CB scoops.
  117. d CG - Folded to BN in the big blind.
  118. d CB - BN and CG limp. F: 4d Jh Th. BN bets and CG calls. T: 6s. Both check. R: Tc. Both check. CG shows 3d 3c 5c 9h and BN mucks.
  119. d BN - BN raises and CB calls. F: Jc Qc As. CB bets, BN raises and CB calls. BN has two chips left. T: 9d. Both check. R: 5c. Both check. CB shows Ts Ah 3d 3c and BN mucks.
  120. d CG - BN is all-in in the big blind. CG and CB both limp and check down a Board of Jh 9s Tc 2d 9h. BN shows 3s 4h 8s Qs. CG and CB both muck.
  121. d CB - CB raises with 8d 4h 6h 7d and BN calls with Td Th 3h 2c. F: 8h 8s 4c. CB bets and BN calls all-in. T: Ac. R: 2h. CB scoops.

    *** Brian Nadell finishes 3rd at 7:40 PM.

    Chip Count

    CG 245,000
    CB 165,000

    Deal break. Deal probable. Cards back in air at 7:48 PM.

  122. d CG - CG limps, CB raises and CG folds.
  123. d CB - Both limp. F: 6s 6c Kc. CB bets and CG calls. T: Qd. CB bets, CG raises and CB folds.
  124. d CG - CG raises and CB folds.
  125. d CB - CB limps, CG raises and CB calls. F: 3c 3d Kc. CG bets and CB folds.
  126. d CG - Both limp. F: Th 8h 4s. CB bets, CG raises and CB calls. T: Jh. CG bets and CB calls. R: Qh. CB bets and CG calls. CB has 9s Jd 2c 5d and CG scoops with 5h 9h 4d 6c.

    *** Chip Count

    CG 380,000
    CB 30,000

  127. d CB - Both limp. F: 9h 4s 9s. CB bets and CG folds.
  128. d CG - CG limps with Tc Th 7c 4c and CB limps with Qd 4d 8h 7s. F: Ts 5c Td. Both check. T: 7d. CB bets, CG raises and CB calls 15,000 all-in. R: Qh. CG scoops.

    *** Carl Bailey finishes second and Chau Giang wins the $2,000 Limit Omaha High/Low 8 or Better Championship at 7:56 PM.

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