[Hall of Fame]1995 Hall of Fame Poker Classic

As we did for the 1995 World Series of Poker, ConJelCo is pleased to provide the Internet community with information and results from the 1995 Hall of Fame Poker Classic being held at Binion's Horseshoe Hotel.

The results of each tournament event will be available here as quickly after the event concludes as possible. Check the Schedule of Events for additional information. Click here for the most recent results available.

The 1995 inductee has been named.

Binion's Horseshoe Hotel and Casino will host the 1995 Hall of Fame Poker Classic from December 11 through December 21. More than 1,000 entrants, representing a dozen countries from around the world, are expected to participate in this year's event, and the total money distributed is anticipated to be in excess of $2 million.

The 1995 Hall of Fame Poker Classic will included 11 different competitions in limit, pot-limit, and no-limit variations of such popular games a Seven-Card Stud, Texas Hold'em, Omaha High-Low Split Eight-or-Better, and Duece-to-Seven Lowball. Also featured in this year's tournament are two Chinese Poker events, a $1,500 buy-in contest on December 11 and a $5,000 buy-in competition on December 15. The final two days of the tournament will be devoted to the $5,000 buy-in No-Limit Texas Hold'em event, which will determine the new Hall of Fame Champion.

The championship competition is slated to begin December 20 and will end the following day, concluding the 1995 Hall of Fame Poker Classic. Among the more than 200 entrants expected to compete in the final event is 1994 Hall of Fame Champion, Dr. Barry Schwartz of Huntingtion Beach, California, who defeated 91 opponents to win $184,000.

In conjunction with this year's tournament, the 1995 nominee to the Poker Hall of Fame will be formally inducted December 20 at noon. Selection for this honor is based on five major points of consideration:

  1. The selectee must have played against acknowledged top competition.
  2. He or she must have played for high stakes.
  3. The selectee must have consistently played well.
  4. He or she must command the respect of peers.
  5. The committees' choice must have passed the test of time, maintaining a high standard of excellence over the years.
Induction into the Poker Hall of Fame may be considered without regard to this criteria for those who have, through other means, had an extraordinary impact on the game of poker.

The 1995 Hall of Fame inductee will be the 23rd player to receive this honor and will join the ranks of such poker luminaries as "Wild Bill" Hickock, "Nick the Greek" Dondolos, Johnny Moss, Bill Boyd, Benny Binion, Puggy Pearson, Doyle Brunson, Jack Strauss, Sarge Ferris, Chip Reese, "Amarillo Slim" Preseton, and 1993 inductee Jack Keller.

Also in December, Binion's Horseshoe will release a commemorative chip for the new Poker Hall of Fame inductee.

Schedule of Events

Click on the event name for the results of that event when they become available.

Event Date            Event                           Buy-in

Dec 11, Mon, 5 pm     Chinese Poker                   $1500+60
Dec 12, Tue, Noon     Texas Hold'em (Limit)           $1000+50
Dec 13, Wed, Noon     Seven Card Stud (Limit)         $1500+60                 
Dec 14, Thu, Noon     Seven Card Stud High-Low Split  $1500+60                 
                      Eight or Better (Limit)
Dec 14, Thu, 5 pm     Deuce to Seven Draw (No Limit)  $3000+60
                      (Rebuys First Three Levels)
Dec 15, Fri, Noon     Omaha High-Low Split            $1500+60
                      Eight or Better (Limit)
Dec 15, Fri, 5 pm     Chinese Poker                   $5000+80
                      (Rebuys First Three Levels)
Dec 16, Sat, Noon     Texas Hold'em (Limit)           $1500+60
Dec 17, Sun, Noon     Texas Hold'em (No-Limit)        $1500+60
Dec 17, Sun, 5 pm     Ladies' Texas Hold'em (Limit)   $500+30
Dec 18, Mon, Noon     Omaha (Pot Limit)               $1500+60
                      (Rebuys First Three Levels)
Dec 19, Tue, Noon     Texas Hold'em (Pot Limit)       $1500+60

Dec 20, Wed, Noon     Hall of Fame Championship       $5000+80
                      Texas Hold'em (No Limit)
Dec 21, Thu, Noon     The Final Table

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