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Useful poker links.

Author: Michael Maurer
Last updated: May 2004
Copyright © 2004 Michael Maurer
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Ways to access
Usenet access to
Google access to
RecPoker — web gateway to
Live ActionPoker — web gateway to

Web sites - r.g.p related: — home of the FAQ
Conjelco — longtime bookstore for r.g.p. readers and hoster of this FAQ
BARGE — Big Annual Rec.Gambling Excursion (details)
World Rec.Gambling Poker Tournament — the famous annual email poker tournament
IRC Poker Database — over 10 million hands recorded on the IRC poker server

Web sites - maintained by r.g.p individuals:
Poker Portal — an amazing collection of poker links
Dan Kimberg's Poker Page
Ken Churilla's Poker Page
Jazbo's Poker Page
Abdul's Pos. E.V. Poker Page
NEW Izmet Fekali's Playing With the Fish
Jim Geary's Poker Page
Steve Badger's PlayWinningPoker
Andy Bloch's WPT Fan Site
NEW JohnnyD Poker
Lou Krieger Online
Daniel Negreanu's Full Contact Poker
Wolf's Poker Page
David Zanetti's Mississippi Stud Page

Non-r.g.p poker forums:
Two Plus Two Forums
United Poker Forum
The Poker Forum
NEW Internet Texas Holdem
Poker In Europe Forums
See Poker Portal for more

Web sites - about online poker:
Online Poker FAQ — 55-page online guide to online poker (our sponsor)
PokerPulse — traffic rankings for online poker sites
The Poker Project — reviews of online poker sites
Poker Listings — reviews of online poker sites
Which Poker UK — reviews of online poker sites, especially in UK
See Poker Portal for many more

Web sites - other commercial:
Poker Pages — lots of good tournament info, articles and forums
Poker School Online — a learning community
Card Player Magazine — articles by top poker columnists
Home Poker — fun variations to spice up your home game
Home Poker Games — where to play in your neighborhood
NEW Learn Tournament Poker — poker tutoring services — articles plus a directory of real-life cardrooms
Poker Search — includes guide to US cardrooms
See Poker Portal for many more

Poker references:
Mike Caro University Library
Caro and Cooke's Rules of Real Poker
Bob Ciaffone's "Robert's Rules of Poker"
NEW Tournament Directors Association (TDA) Rules
NEW 2004 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Rules
NEW Tex's TEARS — poker tournament structure sheets