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When can I meet and play poker with fellow r.g.pers? What are BARGE, FARGO, etc?

Author: Michael Maurer
Last updated: May 2004
Copyright © 2004 Michael Maurer
The official and up-to-date version of this answer is here.


Big Annual Rec.Gambling Excursion
Las Vegas, NV
Beginning of August [July 27 -- August 1, 2004]
Organizers: Chuck Weinstock <>, Peter Secor <>
Web page:
To subscribe to the BARGE mailing list, send email to:
Information last updated May 2004.


Foxwoods Annual Rec.Gambling Outing
Foxwoods, CT
Late September or October [in 2003, was September 18--21]
Organizer: Don Perry <>
Web page: and
Mailing list:
Information last updated Jan 2004.


Mississippi ARGE
Biloxi, MS
November [in 2003, was November 6--8 at Grand Casino Biloxi]
Organizer: Randy "Mitch" Collack <>, Steve Jewett
Web page:
Mailing list:
Information last updated Jan 2004.


Southern ARGE
Tunica, MS
Late February or early March [February 26--28, 2004 at the Horseshoe]
Organizer: Steve Jewett <>, Randy "Mitch" Collack <>
Web page:
Mailing list:
Information last updated Jan 2004.


Experimental Southern California Annual Rec Gambling Outing and Tournament
Los Angeles, CA
Near MLK Weekend [in 2004, was January 15--18 at the Bicycle Casino]
Organizers: Russ Fox, Lou Krieger, Marc Gilutin, Jerrod Ankenman, Steve Nissman, Chris Straghalis
Web page:
Information last updated Jan 2004.


ATLantic City ARGE
Atlantic City, NJ
March [March 4--7, 2004 at the the Taj Mahal]
Organizer: Stevan Goldman <>
Web page:
Mailing list:
Previous Years' Web page:
Information last updated Jan 2004.


The Annual Rec.Gambling Entry Tournament
Las Vegas, NV
First held in 1994. Usually occurs during the first week of WSOP (April).
Organizer: Ken Kubey <>
To join the mailing list, send email to Ken.
Information last updated Nov 2002.