EVENT #155/5 to 5/6/98

TEXAS HOLD'EM (Pot Limit) $3,000
The Final Table
How they finished
Live From the 'Shoe
The Play-by-Play

The View from the Rail


It was Bjorn Borg against John McEnroe at Wimbledon. The baseline slugger against the serve and volley specialist. One would dink, drop shot and dive to the net, the other would stay back and bang it cross court.


The names went hard but they went out, out of the money, that is.

Kirk Morrison, an Event winner here, fell to Joe Rutledge on the river. Kirk had A Q, Joe J 10. An Ace and a 10 flopped. Another 10 rivered. Morrison went out the side door in 24th.

Paul Ladanyi didn't show his hand when Taz Kampf showed his K K. Paul left Hungary in 23rd.

Jesse Jones tried K K also, but with disastrous results. Surinder Sunar's one Ace was enough, as an Ace rivered. Jesse may be losing his Jones for poker. 22nd.

Bobby Hoff out kicked Tommy Hufnagle with his A K sending another Event winner to the showers in 21st.

Mike Sexton had few chips left, and threw them in on a K Q. Andre Boyer had a huge stack, so he called with A 2. Neither hand caught anything, so Mike had to leave in 20th.

Peter Vilandos couldn't resist an A A even though there were two shorter stacks in jeopardy. He paid for his gamble with the $3,000 buy-in. Andre Boyer had too many chips to be intimidated, he called.

The flop comes A 7 4. Peter has no worries. He did the right thing. Nope, wrong thing, a six comes on the river to give Boyer's 5 8 a straight. The heartbreak of tournament poker. Peter felt like Abzorba the Greek. Last out of the money.


Huck Seed may be the favorite to win the Championship event, but with few chips, he was a dog to win his last hand. The Huckster went all-in with A K, and the ubiquitous Andre Boyer was there to call with 5's. No Ace or King on board made Huck feel Seedy in 13th.

Derek Baxter tried big slick too, with the same results. Mike Magee's J 10 caught the pair and Derek fell like a domino in 12th.

Surinder Sunar had been today's King of the River. It was a Queen he caught this time with his A Q to put Joe Rutledge's J J in a rut in 11th.

Tommy Nguyen thought a long time before calling all-in. The board read A Q 8. He must have thought he needed chips more than he needed to get to the Final Table. Tommy couldn't put Rydel on an Ace for some reason. Nguyen went all-in with K Q. Steve turned over his Ace, and Nguyen found that he would have some free time the next day in 10th.


Poker, the American game?

Seat 1Mike Magee$70,500Belfast N IRELAND
Seat 2Surinder Sunar73,000Wolverhampton ENG
Seat 3Andre Boyer70,500Las Vegas
Seat 4Tom McCormick29,000Fargo ND
Seat 5Lenny Barshack71,000New York NY
Seat 6Chau Giang44,000Las Vegas
Seat 7Dave Ulliott11,000Hull ENG
Seat 8Steve Rydel118,000Stoke-on-Trent ENG
Seat 9Taz Kampf28,000Yucaipa CA

Prize Money


Taz Kampf sits on a cushion that has a picture of the cartoon figure of Taz the Tasmanian Devil on it. The aggressive figure couldn't help his 10's, however, when he went all-in. Chau Giang's A K caught a King on the turn to send Taz spinning out in 9th place.

Chau Giang had a lot of chips. He also had a lot of stubbornness, which lost those chips for him. When the flop came rags, Chau bet. Steve Rydel raised. Rydel had more chips. For some reason Chau must have thought he picked up a tell. He went all-in. Steve Rydel said fine, let's go. Giang's A K found Rydel's A A. Ciao, Chau! You're 8th.

There are amazingly few real bad beats at the Final Table. Here is one.

Andre Boyer went all-in with A K. Dave Ulliott called with A 10. The flop came K 8 6. The turn a 9, and the river a gut shot 7 for a straight. Boyer headed for the foyer in 7th.

Surinder Sunar had a chance to put out two players on one hand. Tom McCormick, with little more than the blinds, went all-in with K Q. Mike Magee raised all-in, and Sunar called them both.

Magee had J J, Sunar had Q Q. No King came to save McCormick but four diamonds did, the last on the river. Magee was no fibber. He was 6th.

Short on chips, Lenny Barshack went all-in with pocket 10's. Surinder Sunar called the short stack with A 7 off. An Ace and a 7 came on board. Lenny needed another Club to fall on the river to stay alive. He left looking for a Barshack in 5th.

Tom McCormick was all-in for the big blind. He caught top pair on the flop. Steve Rydel had no worries, he already had a mountain of chips and a 9 8. The flop was Q 10 10, the turn a 4 and the river, a straightening Jack. McCormick didn't feel very spicy leaving in 4th.

The meeting of the All-England Club was now called to order. Cheerio, old bean! Strawberries and cream all round, Mr McClelland. There's a good fellow.

Surinder Sunar of the Wolverhampton Sunar's had gotten his chips up to over $100,000 only to see them melt away three handed. He took a big hit when Dave Ulliott flopped up and down, then caught a straight on the turn. Surinder paid him off.

Later, all-in with J 10, Sunar was called by Ulliott with K Q. A Queen flopped and Surinder had to give up in 3rd.

Now it was David Ulliott of the Hull Ulliotts, heads up against Steve Rydel of the Stoke-on-Trent Rydels.

Commoners, the lot, but oh how they could play Pot-Limit Holdem.

This wasn't a Monty Python skit, this was Civil War.

Rydel started with a better than 2-1 chip lead. There was no talk of a deal, no quarter expected, nor none given.

Centre Court at the All-England Club for 206,400 American. Real money even in England.

It was Bjorn Borg against John McEnroe at Wimbledon. The baseline slugger against the serve and volley specialist. One would dink, drop shot and dive to the net, the other would stay back and bang it cross court.

David Ulliott is known as the "Devilfish." He is as deceptive as they come. You can never know if he's bluffing or slow playing the nuts.

Steve Rydel waits for quality hands, then shoves so many chips at you that it takes your breath away.

Somehow, Rydel was able to read Ulliott, where so many others had failed. The base liner beat the serve and volley specialist from the get-go.

After several shots at an all-in Ulliott, Rydel high carded Ulliott for the title and his first bracelet.

The meeting of the All-England Club was adjourned.


$3,000 Pot Limit Holdem
172 Entries - $516,000 Prize Pool

1.Steve RydelStoke-on-Trent ENG$206,400
2.David "Devil Fish" UlliottHull ENG103,200
3.Surinder SunarWolverhampton ENG51,600
4.Tom McCormickFargo ND30,960
5.Lenny "bigfoot" BarshackNew York, NY23,220
6.Mike MageeBelfast N. IRELAND18,060
7.Andre BoyerLas Vegas12,900
8.Chau GiangLas Vegas10,320
9.Taz KampfYucaipa CA8,256
10.Tommy NguyenSan Jose CA6,192
11.Joe RutledgePasadena TX6,192
12.Derek BaxterBirmingham ENG6,192
13.Huck SeedLas Vegas5,676
14.Daniel BarnettCorona Del Mar CA5,676
15.Alex KongChester ENG5,676
16.Bobby HoffCerritos CA5,160
17.Erik SeidelLas Vegas5,160
18.Jack WardAnchorage AK5,160


(Patty Hughes and Rudy Lotief)

The No-Limit Super Satellites start each evening at 8:40 PM in the Satellite area. The Entry Fee is $220 for $200 in Tournament chips and there are unlimited $200 re-buys during the first hour, if you have less than $200 in Tournament chips. You may also make a single or double add-on at the end of the re-buy period. Blinds start at $5/$10 and increase every 20 minutes. Available monies will be converted into non-negotiable, non-transferable, non-refundable seats in the $10,000 World Championship event, with at least $5,000 in cash and $500 Lammers being divided among the final table players.

WSOP SUPER SATELLITE #20 Wednesday 6 May 1998


There's pre-Final Table strategy and Final Table strategy. When they are giving six seats away, it doesn't matter if you have one chip left or one hundred. All surviving stacks are worth exactly the same.

But you've got to survive. Tonight, 194 players bought 149 rebuys bringing the prize pool to, $68,600.

The following were the rewards for making the final table:

1stA $10,000 Seat and $360$10,360
2ndA $10,000 Seat and $36010,360
3rdA $10,000 Seat and $36010,360
4thA $10,000 Seat and $36010,360
5thA $10,000 Seat and $36010,360
6thA $10,000 Seat and $36010,360
7th6 Lammers and $4403,440
8th3 Lammers and $4701,970
9th2 Lammers and $301,030

Some of the "names" who competed were:

Catherine Brown
Danny Newman
Marsha Waggoner
John Juanda
Dewey Weum
Mike Laing
Don Barton
Brent Carter
Chris Ferguson
Mel Judah
Dan Heimiller
Kathy Kohlberg
Louis Asmo
Randy Holland
Brad Daugherty
Jesse Jones
Lucy Rokach
Hal Kant
Tahoe Andrew
Barbara Enright
Pat Fleming
Sue Byrd
An Tran
Bruce Van Horn
Kathy Liebert
Bill Gazes

None of these esteemed players made the final table.

Greg Benson was in the big blind and all-in. He didn't show his hand as Dave Roepke flipped over A Q and an Ace flopped. Benson may be lying in the Hedges about now. He was 12th.

Tom Franjesh survived one all-in, and then thought he had a chance with Q Q. The dealer found a 4 5 on the flop a 2 on the turn and a gut shot 3 on the river to deny Tom any chips. Paul Martin had an Ace for the straight. Franjesh finished 11th.

Dwayne Pierce got a good luck kiss from his friend Mallie, then went all-in with his one chip in the big blind. His Q 2 wasn't enough to overcome Jim Walterburg's A 7 when an Ace flopped. Pierce arrowed 10th, one out of the money.

The Final Table:

Seat 1O'Neil Longson$8,000Salt Lake City UT
Seat 2Paul McKenney3,500Kingsport TN
Seat 3Jim Walterburg13,000Rochester WA
Seat 4Randell Skaggs3,500Upton KY
Seat 5David Roepke5,000Temple TX
Seat 6Paul Martin12,500San Diego CA
Seat 7Richard Tatalovich8,500Scottsdale AZ
Seat 8Bob Walker4,500Las Vegas
Seat 9Earl Key10,500Indianapolis IN

Every night we see players make the mistake of looking at their cards at the Final Table. It's excusable for a first time finalist. But four times?

Bob Walker is known as a world class No-Limit player. He's not only won a seat in a Super, he was fifth in last year's Championship Event. But even stars need chips. Bob didn't have very many. Bob went all-in from middle position with Q 10 of Hearts. O'Neil Longson found A Q of Spades in his big blind hand. Bob was a Walker in 9th.

I've given you plenty of clues. Who didn't get a seat tonight and why?

Right. The beknighted Jim Walterburg for the fourth time made the Final Table and for the fourth time left without an entry into the Big Dance. He now holds the futility record for this year's WSOP Super Satellites.

Jim Walterburg had $13,000 in chips coming to the Final Table. The speedy play that got him those chips was correct, until he arrived here. With only three players to eliminate, and the blinds going up, if he hadn't looked at his cards, he would have been all right.

First Jim saw Jacks, and went all-in from early position!!! Richard Tatalovich said thank you, I needed that, and called all-in with Kings. That took about $8,000 from Walterburg. Next he threw a few more chips in to try and eliminate an all-in David Roepke. More wasted chips. Jim's Q J off couldn't cover Roepke's A 6 of Hearts.

Now for the most bizarre hand of several nights.

Everyone can see that Paul McKenney and Jim Walterburg have three chips, $1,500. David Roepke had the eight chip big blind. Earl Key calls, O'Neil Longson calls. Paul McKenney throws in his three chips.

Jim Walterburg asks Patti Hughes what happens if he calls and loses. She says he would split the combined places with whomever else is eliminated. Walterburg calls with A Q of Clubs. Five way action.

Roepke and Key make obvious raps pre-flop. They have no intention of betting.

The flop comes Js 4s 2c. All check in collusion ... I mean unison.

The turn is the 6 of Spades. Roepke and Key rap the table hard. O'Neil Longson bets. David Roepke whoops. "O'Neil's got it. He wouldn't have bet if he didn't have it." Obviously, David doesn't know our O'Neil as well as we do, does he?

The river is a blank. O'Neil turns over a less than nutty 9 8 of Spades. It's enough, and we have five new seat holders. None of whom bear the name Jim Walterburg.

The winners for Super Satellite #20 were:

Randell Skaggs
David Roepke
Paul Martin
Richard Tatalovich
Earl Key
And O'Neil Longson for the third time


(Becky Kerber, Barbara Lotief and Terry Vanderlip)

Single Table Satellites are run continuously 21 hours every day (8:00 AM until 5:00 AM) and usually last around 90 minutes. There are featured Satellites each day for the next day's event, as well as other Satellites depending on demand. Single Table Satellites for the $10,000 Main event and for the next no-limit Holdem event are spread frequently. Binion's charges $10 per player in a Satellite.

For the $320 buy-in No Limit Holdem Satellites, ten Players start with $1,200 each in chips. The blinds start at $10/$25, increase every 15 minutes, and the winner gets six $500 Lammers plus $100 in cash.

For the $1,010 buy-in Single Table $10,000 Satellites, ten players start with $4,000 each in chips. The blinds start at $25/50 and increase every 20 minutes. The winner gets a non-transferrable seat in the Championship Event.


The Temperature sign atop Binion's Horseshoe read 71 degrees at 3:00 PM on Wednesday afternoon. The sky was partly cloudy, sunny, blue and clear. The wind was out of the SW at 15mph, gusting to 25mph most of the day.

Taz Kampf went all-in on each of the first two hands at the Final Table.

On the first hand, his pocket nines lost to David Ulliott's pocket Jacks, and on the second hand his pocket ten's beat Steve Rydel's A Q. A ten on the turn more than offset a Queen on the flop.


As David Ulliott was taking some time to decide if he should go all-in to call Steve Rydel's bet, Jack said "If Devil Fish calls, he'll be all-in, or all-out."

Devil Fish did call, and he won the hand.


19981997CUM DIFF
Event #1$2000 Holdem5:322:36+ 2:56
Event #2$1500 Razz4:374:023:31
Event #3$1500 Omaha3:003:592:32
Event #4$1500 Stud2:393:581:13
Event #5$1500 PL Omaha5:063:412:38
Event #6$1500 Stud Hi/Lo 83:513:083:21
Event #7$2000 NL Holdem1:593:221:58
Event #8$2000 Omaha Hi/Lo 83:493:282:19
Event #9$2000 PL Holdem4:123:113:20
Event #10$2500 Stud3:124:104:18
Event #11$2500 PL Omaha3:213:453:55
Event #12$2500 Stud Hi/Lo 85:314:125:14
Event #13$3000 Holdem5:084:265:56
Event #14$3000 Omaha Hi/Lo 83:084:264:38
Event #15$3000 PL Holdem3:562:236:11


First 15 Events: $6,781,000 (1998) vs $7,028,000 (1997)


It is not likely that a Deal was made in today's $3000 PL Holdem Event.

Event #1$2000 HoldemDeal Unlikely
Event #2$1500 RazzDeal Unlikely
Event #3$1500 OmahaDeal Probable
Event #4$1500 7 StudDeal Probable
Event #5$1500 PL OmahaDeal Probable
Event #6$1500 Stud Hi/LO 8Deal Probable
Event #7$2000 NL HoldemDeal Unlikely
Event #8$2000 Omaha Hi/Lo 8Deal Probable
Event #9$2000 PL HoldemDeal Unlikely
Event #10$2500 7 StudDeal Probable
Event #11$2500 PL OmahaDeal Unlikely
Event #12$2500 Stud Hi/Lo 8Deal Probable
Event #13$3000 Limit HoldemDeal Unlikely
Event #14$3000 Omaha Hi/Lo *Deal Probable
Event #15$3000 PL HoldemDeal Unlikely

Formal, official Deals at the WSOP are done in private, under the supervision and guidance of Jack McClelland, WSOP Tournament Co-ordinator. Deals represent a reallocation, or split of the announced remaining prize pool, that is agreeable to all remaining players. All remaining players do not have to participate in an official Deal, as long as all remaining players give their consent.

All pay outs by Binion's, and the tax reporting will reflect the Deal allocation, but press releases and official WSOP earnings reflect the scheduled, announced pay outs.

Jack McClelland tries to immediately squelch any "Deal talking" in the Final Table area, and will stop the playing clock and allow a "Deal break" at any time.

A normal Deal will probably allocate the bulk of the remaining prize pool equally (or unequally, relative to chip count, perceived ability, bargaining skills etc.) between the remaining participants, with a small portion (perhaps 10 % or so) and the Title going to the eventual winner. Some deals may earmark some of the un allocated portion to the eventual second or third place finisher, in addition to the allocation for the first place money.

Binion's attempts to prevent private Deals, which are unenforceable and may present tax complications, by the participants. Binion's probably would prefer a Deal free environment all together, but recognizes that a top heavy pay out structure is conducive to Deals, and has arrived at the current procedure as the best solution.


Any player abusing employees or other players, either verbally or physically (swearing, throwing cards, etc.) or disrupting the tournament will be penalized. The following will be the MINIMUM penalty imposed:

FIRST OFFENSE - 20 minutes away from the table. (Blinds and/or antes to be forfeited)
SECOND OFFENSE - 40 minutes away from the table.
THIRD OFFENSE - Disqualification

The WSOP Floorpeople will be strictly enforcing the rules, with zero tolerance. Every player starts each Event with a clean slate as far as penalties are concerned.


Unknown20 Minutes
Barry Shulman20 Minutes
Ray Dehkharghani20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes
Phil Tanner20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes
Thi Thi Tran20 Minutes
Phil Tanner20 Minutes


Jack McClelland is assisted by Steve Morrow and Jeff Vanderlip as Assistant Tournament Coordinators.

The 1998 WSOP continues the two-day format that was inaugurated last year, for most of the tournaments. Also, all two-day events start one level lower than in past years, and each level at the Final Table has been lengthened from 60 minutes to 80 minutes. Limit Holdem and Omaha events have two new levels of betting. First day play continues until the field is reduced to the Final Table, and Final Table play begins at 4:00 PM on the second day.

In addition to the money and a gold bracelet, each winner of a 1998 WSOP Event will get free rooms at next year's WSOP. If you win more than one Event, you can roll subsequent hotel accommodations over to later years.

The extra betting levels added to this year's WSOP Events, and the longer duration of levels at the Final Table, "promised increased playability and a higher expected return for the skilled player."

If "skilled player" equates to well known "world class player", then the the higher expected return for the skilled player has not been happening.

Except for a few scattered exceptions, the 1998 WSOP has been dominated by lesser lights and relatively unknown players.


Shift Supervisors Jimmy Stefan, John Buchanan, Tony Shelton and Cathy Wood run the Poker room where the lower limit games are played.

Games being spread on 30 April:

2 - 1/4/8 Holdem2 - 10/20 Omaha 8
2 - 4/8 Holdem2 - 15/30 Holdem
1 - 4/8 Omaha Hi2 - 20/40 Holdem
1 - 1/5 7Stud1 - 20/40 Omaha 8
1 - 4/8 Omaha 82 - 30/60 Holdem
2 - 10/20 Holdem1 - 20/40 ROE
1 - 10/20 Omaha Hi


Shift Supervisors John "Scoff" Sheffield, Kathy Hudson and Marshall Kassoff run the higher limit games on the south end of the Tournament Pavilion.

Games being spread on 30 April:

1 - 5/5/10 PL Omaha/PL Holdem2 - 50/100 7Stud 8
3 - 5/5/10 PL Holdem1 - 10/25 PL OmahaPL
1 - 25/25 PL Holdem1 - 75/150 Holdem
1 - 25/50 PL Holdem1 - 75/150 7Stud 8
1 - 25/50 PL Omaha1 - 50/100 Razz
1 - 50/100 7Stud1 - 200/400 HORSE
1 - 50/100 Holdem1 - 100/200/400 2 to 7
1 - 100/200 Omaha1 - 150/300
2 - 50/100 Omaha 81 - 150/300 ROE
1 - 10/10 NL Holdem1 - 600/1200 HOE


Updated Through 8:00 PM Wednesday 6 MAY 1988

1.Brent Carter
2.Randy Holland
3.Gary Lent
4.Hieu Ma
5.Milt Meyers
6.Marsha Waggoner
7.Michael Pancer
8.Bob Walker
9.David Tagg
10.Steve Kaufman
11.Barbara Enright
12.Steve Rydel
13.Joe Baumgartner
14.R. London
15.Paul Hoenke
16.Allen Cunningham
17.John Bonetti
18.Frank Hernandez
19.R.W. Miller
20.Men "The Master" Nguyen
21.Casey Kastle
22.J.C. Pearson
23.John Morgan
24.Jim Bechtel
25.Peter Vilandos
26.Bill Lester
27.Cliff Davis
28.Debbie Burkhead
29.James Brown
30.Jack Green
31.Peter Brehm
32.Don Barton
33.John Richman
34.Luis Santoni
35.Jack Fox
36.Flan "Irish Mike" Pilkington
37.Chris "Jesus" Ferguson
38.O'Neil Longson
39.Thor Hansen
40.Frank Landen
41.Greg Turk
42.John Gledhill
43.Ralph Hoots
44.David Rubin
45.Justin Westmoreland
46.John Juanda
47."Super" Mario Esquerra
48.Jim Bayton
49.Doug Segers
50.John Spadaveccia
51.Greg Alston
52.Jan Lundberg
53."Miami" John Cernuto
54.John Heaney
55.Don Holt
56.John Gordon
57.Kent Hori
58.Fariborz Azima
59.Hans "Tuna" Lund
60.Bob Karp
61.Erik Seidel
62.David Welch
63.Rick Young
64.Asher Derei
65.Charles Watkins
66.Paul Honas
67.Paul Ladanyi
68.Blair Rodman
69.Huck Seed
70.LA Hung
71.Frank Wong
72.Bill Gazes
73.Tony Lantz
74.Brian Kruger
75.Bob Loar
76.Jim Karambinis
77.Howard Lederer
78.Robert Perry
79.Larry Satterwhite
80.Andy Lin
81.Chris Tsiprailidis
82.Louis Asmo
83.Lucy Rokach
84.Scott Gray
85.Kevin Song
86.Nhut Tran
87.Lee Watkinson
88.Roy Flowerday
89."Amazon" Erik Alps
90.William Strother
91.H.R. Smith
92.Mark Rose
93.Mark Napolitano
94.Amarillo "Slim" Preston
95."Q" Knopow
96.Richard Harroch
97.Gary Haubelt
98.Bruce Yamron
99.Gus Echeverri
100.Susie Isaacs
101.Matt Lefkowitz
102.Michael Konik
103.Dana Ronaco
104.Pete Haygan


"Amazon" Erik Alps
Greg Alston
Derei Asher
Louis Asmo
Don Barton
Joe Baumgartner
Jim Bayton
Jim Bechtel
John Bonetti
Peter Brehm
Jim Brown
Debbie Burkhead
Brent Carter
"Miami" John Cernuto
Allen Cunningham
Cliff Davis
Gus Echeverri
Barbara Enright
Super Mario Esquerra
Azima Fariborz
Chris "Jesus" Ferguson
Roy Flowerday
Jack Fox
Bill Gazes
John Gledhill
John Gordon
Scott Gray
Jack Green
Thor Hansen
Richard Harroch
Gary Haubelt
Pete Haugan
John Heaney
Frank Hernandez
Paul Hoenke
Randy Holland
Don Holt
Paul Honas
Ralph Hoots
Kent Hori
LA Hung
Susie Isaacs
Casey Kastle
Steve Kaufman
"Q" Knopow
John Juanda
Jim Karambinis
Bob Karp
Michael Konik
Brian Kruger
Paul Ladanyi
Frank Landen
Tony Lantz
Howard Lederer
Matt Lefkowitz
Gary Lent
Bill Lester
Andy Lin
Bob Loar
R. London
O'Neil Longson
Hans "Tuna" Lund
Jan Lundberg
Hieu Ma
Milt Meyers
R.W. Miller
John Morgan
Mark Napolitano
Men Nguyen
Michael Pancer
J.C. Pearson
Robert Perry
Flan "Irish Mike" Pilkington
Amarillo "Slim" Preston
John Richman
Blair Rodman
Lucy Rokach
Dana Ronaco
Mark Rose
David Rubin
Steve Rydel
Luis Santoni
Larry Satterwhite
Huck Seed
Erik Seidel
Doug Segers
H.R. Smith
Kevin Song
John Spadaveccia
William Strother
David Tagg
Nhut Tran
Chris Tsiprailidis
Greg Turk
Peter Vilandos
Marsha Waggoner
Bob Walker
Charles Watkins
Lee Watkinson
David Welch
Justin Westmoreland
Frank Wong
Bruce Yamron
Rick Young

The WSOP Report

Britain's Steve Rydel, a soft-spoken former jeweler and an icy-cool competitor, trounced a World Series record field to capture the $3,000 Pot Limit Hold'em title and a custom-designed gold winner's bracelet. Making his first trip to the WSOP, Rydel, 50, has now earned $223,8l5, having placed fifth in the $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha event. He began playing poker some 25 years ago in a local casino in Britain, always pot limit as the game is played throughout the U.K.

"I'm absolutely over the moon," Rydel said of his biggest-ever tournament win. "I noticed how many final-table chip leaders have lost, and I didn't want to be one of them. I think I kept the chip lead throughout the final table, which for me was a world class table. I was catching cards and had good runs." Rydel said that with his prize money, "I think I'm going to buy some property in Las Vegas so I'll have some place to stay and not have to live out of a suitcase."

Rydel was finally heads-up for just 33 minutes against another British poker-playing jeweler, David Ulliott, last year's $2,000 Pot Limit Hold'em titleist. Rydel's commanding two-to-one chip lead was never in jeopardy. He took the title with an undramatic high-card Q-9 against Ulliott's J-6 with a board of A-K-3/K-A.

Ulliott, 44, who has been a poker tournament regular for less than three years while maintaining his jewelry business, said dejectedly, "I feel sick. But it was a good tournament. Steve played well. The World Series is definitely the place to come for players." Ulliott, with four cashes, has now won $292,220 in two years at the WSOP.

Still another British player, Surinder Sunar, finished third - his 12th WSOP cash and his seventh final table since 1990. The Indian-born Sunar, 39, is still looking for his first bracelet. "I felt good at the start of final-table play," he said. "But I never had a premium pair. Another dream down the drain." His World Series earnings now total $270,943. Sunar was eliminated with J-l0 against Ulliott's K-Q when the board came Q-8-7/5-2.

Fourth place went to Tom McCormick, 48, "a professional engineer and for five years a poker professional," his seventh money finish which raised his WSOP earnings to $189,135. "I'm not upset, and reasonably pleased," he said. He noted that having read of a previous final-table player's lucky 1977 penny card spanner, he picked up a penny from the elevator floor and found that it, too, was 1977. "So I used it all through the tournament," McCormick said. To the gasps of the large audience, McCormick was knocked out with Q-6 with a flop of Q-l0-4 against Rydel's 9-8. The turn and river came 10 and a killing Jack.

Two minutes earlier, Lenny Barshack, 39, owner of the Bigfoot Internet company which hosts the European Poker Players Association website, had left in fifth place. He was crippled in a pot with a flop of 9-9-9 when he bet $39,000 into slow-playing Sunar who called all-in with Q-9. "It was an honor to play against the world's best players," Barshack said.

Taking sixth was another U.K. player, Mike Magee, a 52 year-old design consultant and the 1996 Dutch No Limit Hold'em Champion. He said his first cash at the WSOP was "exciting, but I'm very disappointed." Magee was eliminated with pocket jacks when McCormick made a diamond flush.

Canadian-born Andre Boyer, 55, a tournament regular, finished seventh, his 6th WSOP cash and his second final table this year. He lost with A-K with a flop of K-8-6 against Ulliott who held A-l0 and made a straight with 9-7 on turn and river. Graciously philosophical, Boyer said, "I did it to some players during the tournament, so...Tomorrow it's back to the drawing board."

Vietnamese-born Chau Giang, this year's $2,000 Omaha High-Low Split titleist, took eighth place which brought his WSOP earnings to $417,033. He has cashed 16 times since 1992. Giang, 42, exited when his all-in A-K ran into Rydel's pocket aces.

Ninth place went to Taz Kampf, 54, an attorney making his second final table in a week, who said, "I'm happy to be competing against the best in the world. But I'm disappointed because if I'd won that pot I'd have gone to third or fourth chip position." His pocket tens were beaten by Giang's A-K when the board came 9-5-9/K-8.

Play by Play

The Final Table
Card by Card and Bet by Bet
1998 WSOP Event #15: $3,000 Pot Limit Holdem
172 Entries, $516,000 Total Prize Pool and chips in play

Seat 1Mike Magee70,500[MM]
Seat 2Surinder Sunar73,000[SS]
Seat 3Andre Boyer70,500[AB]
Seat 4Tom McCormick29,000[TM]
Seat 5Lenny Barshack71,000[LB]
Seat 6Chau Giang44,000[CG]
Seat 7Dave Ulliott11,000[DU]
Seat 8Steve Rydel118,000[SR]
Seat 9Taz Kampf28,000[TK]


d = dealer
F: = Flop
T: = Turn
R: = River

First action reported in a betting round, normally means the first player that put money into the pot in that betting round. A check is usually not reported as the first action in a betting round. Folds are not always reported. If there are four players at the beginning of a betting round, and it's reported that one player bets and is called by one other player, then the remaining two players folded.

    *** 4:09 PM Wednesday 6 May 1998

    *** 52 minutes remaining at 1,500/3,000 Blind level.

  1. d AB - DU raises 7,500 with Js Jd, TK re-raises the pot with 9h 9d and DU calls 500 all-in. Board: 2h Jc Th Qd 2d. DU wins.
  2. d TM - SR raises 7,000 with Ah Qs, TK raises 7,000 more all-in with Th Tc and SR calls. Board: 5h Qc 3c Td 3d. TK wins.
  3. d LB - SR, AB and DU limp. F: 4d 5s Ah. SR bets 10,000 and all fold. SR shows an A.
  4. d CG - TM raises 5,000 and all fold.
  5. d DU - SR and TK limp. F: Ah Ad 2s. TK bets 6,000 and SR folds.
  6. d SR - AB limps, DU raises 10,500 and all fold.
  7. d TK - MM raises 3,000 and SS calls. F: Td 7c 2d. Both check. T: Qs. MM bets 6,000 and SS calls. R: 9s. Both check. SS shows 7h 5d and MM mucks after showing an A.
  8. d MM - LB raises 7,000 and AB calls. F: Ks 4h 6s. LB bets 21,000 and AB folds.
  9. d SS - CG raises 7,500 and all fold.
  10. d AB - SS raises 4,000 and all fold.
  11. d TM - MM raises 7,000 and CG calls. F: 4s Qs Jh. Both check. T: 9d. CG bets the Pot and MM folds.
  12. d LB - SS raises 6,000 and all fold.
  13. d CG - LB raises 7,000 and SR calls. F: 4s 3d 7h. LB bets 20,000, SR raises 65,000 and LB folds.
  14. d DU - CG raises 7,500 and all fold.
  15. d SR - SR raises 7,000 and all fold. MM shows 8d 3c.
  16. d TK - CG raises 7,500 with Ac Kd, TK re-raises 25,000 more with Ts Td all-in and CG calls. Board: 9c 5c 9d Ks 8d. CG wins.

    *** Taz Kampf finishes 9th at 4:38 PM.

  17. d MM - MM raises 7,500 and all fold.
  18. d SS - LB, SS, AB and TM limp. F: 7s Th 8h. LB bets 12,000, SS raises 13,000, LB re-raises 15,500 all-in and SS calls. T: 5d. R: Qc. SS has As Td and LB wins with 7d 8d.
  19. d AB - SS raises 6,000 and all fold.
  20. d TM - MM raises 7,000 and all fold.
  21. d LB - AB raises 7,000 and all fold.
  22. d CG - Folded to SR in the big blind.
  23. d DU - CG raises 7,500 and all fold.
  24. d SR - TM, MM and SS limp. F: Ah 3s 8c. All check. T: Ts. MM bets 9,000 and all fold.
  25. d MM - LB raises 3,000 and all fold.
  26. d SS - CG raises 7,500, SR re-raises 25,000 more and all fold.
  27. d AB - SS raises 4,000 and all fold.
  28. d TM - Folded to CG in the big blind.
  29. d LB - SS raises 6,000 and all fold.

    *** 10 minute break at 5:01 PM. $500 chips are raced off and Blinds increase to 2,000/4,000.

  30. d CG - AB raises 8,000 with Qh Jd, DU re-raises 9,000 more all-in with Ac Jc and AB calls. Board: 6s Tc 3c Td 4d. DU wins.
  31. d DU - SR raises 8,000 and all fold.
  32. d SR - MM and SS limp. F: Kh Qc 5s. Both check. T: 3c. SS bets 5,000 and MM calls. R: 2s. SS bets 12,000 and MM folds.
  33. d MM - CG raises 11,000 with As Ks, SR re-raises 20,000 more with Ac Ah, CG re-raises 53,000 more all-in and SR calls. Board: 5d 4d 4h Js. SR wins.

    *** Chau Giang finishes 8th at 5:22 PM.

  34. d SS - LB raises 4,000, DU re-raises 10,000 more with As Th, AB re-raises 8,000 more with Ac Kh all-in, LB folds and DU calls. Board: Kd 8h 6c 9c 7d. DU wins.

    *** Andre Boyer finishes 7th at 5:25 PM.

  35. d SS - SR raises 10,000 and all fold.
  36. d TM - LB raises 6,000 and all fold.
  37. d LB - Folded to SR in the big blind.
  38. d DU - TM raises 6,000 all-in with Kd 8s, SR re-raises 15,000 more with Qs Qd, MM re-raises 31,000 more all-in with Jc Jh and SR calls. Board: 2h 7d 2d 8d 4d. SR wins the side pot and TM wins the main pot.

    *** Mike Magee finishes 6th at 5:32 PM.

  39. d SR - Folded to SS in the big blimd.
  40. d SR - SR raises 10,000 and all fold.
  41. d SS - SS raises 6,000, LB re-raises 6,000 and SS calls. F: 9c 9h 9s. Both check. T: Kc. LB bets 5,000 and SS calls. R: Th. LB checks, SS bets 10,000 and LB calls. LB shows 6c Kh and SS wins with Qh 9d.
  42. d TM - SS raises 5,000, DU re-raises 22,000 more and SS folds.
  43. d LB - Folded to SR in the big blind.
  44. d DU - Folded to SS in the big blind.
  45. d SR - SR raises 10,000 and all fold.

    *** Approximate Chip count

    SR 290,000
    SS 110,000
    DU 80,000
    LB 20,000
    TM 15,000

  46. d SS - SS raises 8,000 and all fold.
  47. d TM - SS raises 8,000 and all fold. SS shows 7s 7h.
  48. d LB - SS raises 8,000 and SR calls. F: 3h Ah 8d. SS bets 14,000, SR raises 50,000 and SS folds.
  49. d DU - SR raises 6,000 and all fold.
  50. d SR - LB raises 8,000 all-in and all fold. LB shows 8 8.
  51. d SS - SS raises 10,000 and all fold.
  52. d TM - SS raises 10,000 and all fold.
  53. d LB - DU and SR limp. F: Qh Th Jh. DU bets 5,000 and SR folds.
  54. d DU - LB raises 8,000 all-in with Td Th and SS calls with Ah 7s. Board: 8c Qc 7c Ac 4h. SS wins.

    *** Lenny Barshack finishes 5th at 5:58 PM.

  55. d SR - SR raises 5,000 with 9s 8h and TM calls 5,000 all-in with 6h Qc. Board: Ts Qd 4c Td Jd. SR wins.

    *** Tom McCormick finishes 4th at 5:59 PM.

  56. d SR - SR raises 8,000 with Ad 3c and SS calls with Ah Td. F: 9c As 4c. Both check. T: 2d. Both check. R: 3d. SR bets 25,000 and SS calls. SR wins.
  57. d SS - DU limps, SR raises 8,000 and DU calls. F: Ks 4s Tc. DU bets 25,000 and SR folds.
  58. d DU - SR raises 6,000 and SS folds.
  59. d SR - SS and DU limp. F: Kd Qd 6h. Both check. T: Jd. SS bets 4,000 and DU folds. DU shows 8c 3s.
  60. d SS - SS and SR limp. F: 9h 5s 9s. Both check. T: 4d. SR bets 10,000 and SS folds.
  61. d DU - SR and SS limp. F: 8h 8d Kh. Both check. T: 6d. SR bets 8,000 and SS folds.
  62. d SR - SR raises 12,000 and DU calls. F: 4h 8s 3s. SR bets 15,000 and DU folds.
  63. d SS - DU and SR limp. F: 3d 5s Kc. SR bets 6,000 and DU calls. T: 5d. Both check. R: Ts. DU bets 20,000 and SR folds. DU shows 2 4.
  64. d DU - Folded to SS in the big blind.
  65. d SR - All limp. F: 2c 6c 8d. DU bets 6,000 and all fold.
  66. d SS - Folded to SR in the big blind.
  67. d DU - All limp. F: 4s 5c 2d. All check. T: 8h. All check. R: Js. SS bets 7,000 and all fold.
  68. d SR - SR raises 10,000 and DU calls. F: 4s 6h 4c. SR bets 20,000 and DU folds.
  69. d SS - All limp. F: 5c 2s 3s. DU bets 6,000 and all fold.
  70. d DU - SR and SS limp. F: 3d Qd 7h. Both check. T: Js. SR bets 5,000 and SS folds.
  71. d SR - SS and DU limp. F: 8h 4d 7c. Both check. T: Ah. DU bets 7,000 and SS raises the Pot. DU folds.
  72. d SS - SS raises 6,000 and is called by DU and SR. F: Kc 4h 5s. All check. T: 2d. DU bets 20,000 and all fold. DU shows 5d 6d.
  73. d DU - DU raises 8,000 and all fold.
  74. d SR - SR raises 10,000 and all fold.
  75. d SS - SS raises 6,000 and SR calls. They check down a Board of Kc 4s 4d 8c Qd. SR shows Qs 7s and SS mucks.
  76. d DU - SR raises 8,000 and SS calls. F: 4c Ts Qh. SR bets 15,000, SS re-raises 23,000 more all-in and SR folds.

    *** Break from 6:37 PM until 6:50 PM. Blinds increase to 3,000/6,000.

    Approximate Chip count

    SR 365,000
    SS 80,000
    DU 70,000

  77. d SR - SR raises 14,000 and all fold.
  78. d SS - DU and SR limp. F: 6s Ad Ah. Both check. T: Kc. DU bets 8,000, SR raises 17,000 and DU folds.
  79. d DU - DU raises 15,000 and SS calls. F: 3s Kd 8h. SS bets 24,000 and DU folds.
  80. d SR - SR raises 14,000 and all fold.
  81. d SS - DU raises 12,000 and SR folds. SR shows 5s 7d.
  82. d DU - SR and SS limp. F: 2c Jh 3c. Both check. T: Td. Both check. R: 6h. SS bets 9,000 and SR folds.
  83. d SR - SS raises 12,000 and DU folds.
  84. d SS - DU raises 12,000 and SR folds.
  85. d DU - DU limps, SR raises 18,000 and all fold.
  86. d SR - SS raises 12,000 and DU folds.
  87. d SS - DU raises 12,000 with Qs Ts, SR re-raises 4,000 more with 6s Jh and DU calls 4,000 all-in. Board: 3c Th Kh 4d Kd. DU wins.
  88. d DU - DU raises 15,000 with Ad Kc and SR calls with Qc Tc. F: 9c 4s 7c. SR bets the Pot and DU calls all-in. T: Ks. R: 9h. DU wins.
  89. d SR - SS and DU limp. F: Tc 4s 9h. Both check. T: 8c. DU bets 12,000 and SS calls. R: 4c. DU bets 20,000 and SS calls. DU shows Qd Jc and SS mucks.
  90. d SS - DU raises 12,000 and SR calls. F: Ts Jc Ks. Both check. T: 8c. DU bets 15,000, SR raises 50,000 and DU folds.
  91. d DU - SR and SS limp. F: 3s Qh Ac. Both check. T: 5h. Both check. R: 5c. SR bets 10,000 and SS folds.
  92. d SR - SR raises 14,000 and all fold.
  93. d SS - Folded to SR in the big blind.
  94. d DU - All limp. F: 2d 9d 4h. SR bets 15,000, DU raises 48,000 and SR folds. DU shows 9c.
  95. d SR - Folded to DU in the big blind. SR shows Qs 2s and SS shows 4s 5s.
  96. d SS - SS raises 6,000, DU re-raises 30,000 more and all fold.
  97. d DU - SR and SS limp. F: Qd 4h 8h. Both check. T: Jd. SR bets 10,000 and SS folds.
  98. d SR - SR raises 14,000 and all fold.
  99. d SS - SS raises 15,000 with Jd Tc, DU re-raises 3,000 with Kc Qh, and SS calls 3,000 all-in. Board: Qc 8h 7s 5s 2c. DU wins.

    *** Surinder Sunar finishes 3rd at &:27 PM.

    Chip count

    SR 361,000
    DU 155,000

    5 minute bathroom break.

  100. d SR - SR raises 12,000 and DU folds.
  101. d DU - Both limp and check down a Board of 5s 6c 3h As Jh. SR shows Qd 7c and DU wins with 6h 9s.
  102. d SR - SR limps, DU raises 12,000 and SR calls. F: 4h Qh 3s. Both check. T: 2d. SR bets 25,000 and DU folds.
  103. d DU - Both limp. F: 7h Jh 6h. SR bets 10,000 and DU folds.
  104. d SR - SR raises 12,000 and DU folds.
  105. d DU - Both limp. F: 4s 8s 5h. DU beys 10,000 and SR folds.
  106. d SR - SR raises 12,000 and DU folds.
  107. d DU - Both limp. F: 5s 8d 3h. Both check. T: 2s. SR bets 10,000 and DU folds.
  108. d SR - SR raises 12,000 and DU folds.
  109. d DU - DU folds.
  110. d SR - SR limps, DU raises 12,000 and SR calls. F: Qd Tc Jc. SR bets 20,000 and DU folds. DU shows Ah 6s.
  111. d DU - DU folds.
  112. d SR - Both limp. F: Kh Ac As. SR bets 10,000, DU raises 20,000 more, SR re-raises the pot and DU folds. DU shows 3c 7h.
  113. d DU - DU folds.
  114. d SR - SR limps, DU raises 12,000 and SR folds.
  115. d DU - DU limps, SR raises 12,000 and DU calls. F: 8d Jd 7d. SR bets 25,000 and DU folds.

    Approximate Chip count

    SR 476,000
    DU 40,000

  116. d SR - SR raises 12,000 and DU folds. DU shows Ts 3h.
  117. d DU - DU shows 4s 2d and folds.
  118. d SR - SR raises 12,000 and DU folds.
  119. d DU - DU raises 12,000 and SR folds.
  120. d SR - SR raises 12,000 with 4s 5s, DU re-raises 18,000 all-in with Kh Kc. Board: 7h 9c Qc 6h 5d. DU wins.
  121. d DU - DU limps, SR raises 12,000 and DU folds.
  122. d SR - Both limp. F: 2d 2s 5h. Both check. T: Td. SR bets 10,000 and DU calls. R: 3c. DU bets 20,000 and SR calls. DU mucks his hand and then SR shows Ts 8d.
  123. d DU - DU folds.
  124. d SR - SR raises 12,000 and DU calls. F: Ac 8h Ks. DU bets about 12,000 all-in and SR folds. DU shows Jc 8c.
  125. d DU - DU limps, SR raises 12,000 and DU calls. F: Jd 8c 8h. Both check. T: Ts. Both check. R: 4s. SR bets 20,000 and DU folds. DU shows 5c 6c.
  126. d SR - SR raises 12,000 and DU folds.
  127. d DU - DU raises 9,000 and SR folds.
  128. d SR - SR limps, DU raises 12,000 and SR folds.
  129. d DU - DU limps, SR raises 12,000 and DU folds.
  130. d SR - SR raises and DU folds.
  131. d DU - DU folds.
  132. d SR - SR raises 12,000 with Qc 9d, DU re-raises 3,000 more all-in with Jd 6c and SR calls. Board: Kc 3s As Kd Ah. SR wins.

    *** Dave Ulliott finishes second and Steve Rydel wins the $3,000 Pot Limit Holdem Championship at 8:05 PM.

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