EVENT #115/1 to 5/2/98

OMAHA (Pot Limit) $2,500 with Re-buys
The Final Table
How they finished
Live From the 'Shoe
The Play-by-Play

The View from the Rail


They called off the fireworks display at the World Series of Poker this year.

Three of the all-time money winners were going to be at the Final Table. They were supposed to bring the cherry bombs and shooting stars, but the stars weren't shooting.


Listen to the names at the second table, the table that DIDN'T make the Final Table:

Huck Seed
Berry Johnston
Dave Ulliott
Jay Heimowitz
Scotty Nguyen
Surinder Sunar
Steve Zolotow
Allen Cunningham
David Tavernier

The last two tables were as star-studded as could be imagined. But they were only paying nine today. There had only been 84 entries. You had to make the Final Table to get paid. If the second table had played, and the first table sat, we'd have still thought it was a great final. Unfortunately, though, all of the action players were eliminated.

Outside of the Championship final, this shaped up to be the prestige event of the year.


Erik Seidel stopped Allen Cunningham from getting There.

Surinder Sunar couldn't get There. Doyle Brunson flopped the nut straight with a 7 6. Sunar had flopped a straight also, the dumb end with A 2.

Berry Johnston was barred from getting There, but only by quad Aces from Gary Haubelt.

Jay Heimowitz couldn't find "There" when he flopped two pair. Steve Zolotow covered Jay's all-in on the flop, as a big dog. When the board paired the deuces, Jay was counterfeited and lost to Steve's A A.

Scotty Nguyen thought he WAS There, when he went all-in with Q Q as an overpair to the flop. Steve Zolotow said "Don't go There." He caught runner, runner clubs for a flush with his 10 8.

Three were left to be eliminated when Steve Zolotow made a mistake. He'd amassed a huge chip count. Only T.J. Cloutier had more chips at Steve's table - the one player Steve did not want to mess with. What player did he mess with?

Right! Zolotow busted out his giant stack in 12th and couldn't go There. He didn't show his hand when T.J. flipped over K K with the board J 3 2 Q 3.

Huck Seed was playing too tight to get There. He obviously was getting no cards. Finally, he went all-in with A 9. Doyle Brunson said "You're too young to go There" with A 10. A Ten flopped, of course, or Huck Seed wouldn't be in this section. Huck was 11th.

Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott is one of the most feared high stakes players in the world. He's prepared to win or lose hundreds of thousands of dollars a day playing cards. But this is a tournament. The re-buys are over. No one's in this game for much more than $5,000. It's hard to bluff a lot of rich guys who don't have that much invested. Suffice it to say, Dave Ulliott was not There. When two threes flopped, Ulliott went all-in. He had a three. T.J. Cloutier had a three with and Ace. The Devilfish swam one out of the money in 10th.


The stars take their places.

Seat 1Doyle Brunson$74,500Las Vegas
Seat 2Erik Seidel8,500Las Vegas
Seat 3Donn O'Dea30,000London ENG
Seat 4David Mosley44,500London ENG
Seat 5Gary Haubelt20,500Pittsburgh PA
Seat 6Paul Rowe19,000Las Vegas
Seat 7Patrick Bruel17,500Paris FRANCE
Seat 8Matti Kourtti46,000Espoo FINLAND
Seat 9T.J, Cloutier79,500Dallas TX

Prize Money


Donn O'Dea, who won an Event earlier in the World Series, didn't win a pot today. His desperation all-in with K Q found Paul Rowe with A A. The board was eight high and Donn was 9th low.

David Mosley was the second Londoner in a row to leave the proceedings. This time it was Matti Kourtti who had Aces. But it wasn't the Aces that won it. It was Kourtti's A K of Spades. The card that would have won the hand for Mosley, a five, was the wrong five. It was the spade five, and it gave Kourtti the nut flush. Mosley mosied over to Jack McClelland for his 8th place pay.

Gary Haubelt couldn't wait any longer and went all-in when he flopped a straight. Patrick Bruel flopped trips and needed the board to pair. It did. Gary could loosen his belt, he had all that 7th place money to spend.

Patrick Bruel is a French movie star. Looks kind of like Jean - Paul Belmundo, actually. He thought he was seeing a bad movie when Erik Seidel flopped a straight on him to crack his two pair.

Weakened, Bruel was forced into his close-up with T.J. Cloutier. This time Patrick turned a straight with his K 9. The board was J Q 2 10 Q. T.J. sent Patrick home to rehearse, with a higher straight on his A K. Patrick got only a co-starring role in this event, 6th billing.

Paul Rowe thought he was in the perfect spot. He'd caught T.J. trying to buy a pot. Paul came over the top of T.J.'s big bet, all-in. Paul had waited for Aces and now he had them.

Well, the trapper got snapped off in his own trap as T.J.'s Q J 9 3 had the 9 3 of diamonds. The flop comes 5 4 2 with two diamonds and then an 8 also of diamonds. Just to be insulting the river was an Ace ... of diamonds. Paul Rowe'd his boat over to Jack for 5th place money.

Matti Kourtti had seen a once sizeable stack shrink to a point that he thought that Q Q 4 4 looked like a winner. T.J. was going for the trifecta, three eliminations in a row. T.J. called with A K J 10.

Matti was right for a while. The flop was J 8 6, the turn a 6. T.J. needed an Ace or a King, to collect his trifecta bet. When you're hot, your're hot. A King fell on the river. Matti Finnish'ed 4th.

"No matter what happens, I can't complain about my luck today." Erik Seidel had come to the final table with $8,500. By far the smallest stack.

With luck and guts, like Phyllis Kessler the day before, he'd managed to pass five other players on the prize ladder. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. Erik ran out of time. He went all-in with K Q 7 3. Doyle Brunson had A K 2 4. Two Aces came on the flop and Erik's idyll was over in third.

T.J. wanted to deal. "We could go on chip count, Doyle." T.J. had $196,000, Brunson had $144,000. Chip count would have given Brunson another $25,000 over the $78,000 he was guaranteed. Doyle said "Let's Play."

Before the final hand, Jack McClelland said, "If T.J. wins, he will pass John Bonetti on the money list and be the highest money winner never to have won the big one."

T.J. cringed visibly.

Doyle drew about even, and then it was over quickly when both champions flopped top two pair. They put all of their chips in the pot, and T.J., who had been King of the River for two days, was so again. An Ace fell on the river to give T.J. a higher two pair, and the title. He had Aces and Queens, Doyle had Queens and Fives. Cloutier, who came back from an all-in at the Final Table, knocked out the last five players to win his fourth bracelet.

The Final Table that fizzled, ended with a bang.


$2,500 Pot Limit Omaha (with Re-buys)
82 Entries - 54 Re-buys
$340,000 Prize Pool

1.T.J. CloutierDallas TX$136,000
2.Doyle BrunsonLas Vegas78,200
3.Erik SeidelLas Vegas40,800
4.Matti KuorttiEspoo FINLAND23,800
5.Paul RoweLas Vegas18,700
6.Patrick BruelParis FRANCE15,300
7.Gary HaubeltPittsburgh PA11,900
8.David MosleyLondon ENG8,500
9.Donn O'DeaLondon ENG6,800


(Patty Hughes and Rudy Lotief)

The No-Limit Super Satellites start each evening at 8:40 PM in the Satellite area. The Entry Fee is $220 for $200 in Tournament chips and there are unlimited $200 re-buys during the first hour, if you have less than $200 in Tournament chips. You may also make a single or double add-on at the end of the re-buy period. Blinds start at $5/$10 and increase every 20 minutes. Available monies will be converted into non-negotiable, non-transferable, non-refundable seats in the $10,000 World Championship event, with at least $5,000 in cash and $500 Lammers being divided among the final table players.

WSOP SUPER SATELLITE #16 Saturday 2 May 1998


This was wild. This was fun. I wish you could have been here.

After 15 previous satellites, we finally had one end in a deal. It was a chaotic scene right out of a Marx Brothers movie. Everybody, including a huge crowd of railbirds, was yelling at the same time.

Tonight, 173 players bought 168 re-buys bringing the prize pool to, $68,200.

The following were the rewards for making the final table:

1stA $10,000 Seat and $340$10,340
2ndA $10,000 Seat and $34010,340
3rdA $10,000 Seat and $34010,340
4thA $10,000 Seat and $34010,340
5thA $10,000 Seat and $34010,340
6thA $10,000 Seat and $34010,340
7th6 $500 Lammers and $2803,280
8th3 $500 Lammer and $3901,890
9th1 $500 Lammer and $490990

Some of the "names" who competed were:

Amarillo Slim
Daniel Negreanu
Jesse Jones
Ray Rumler
Al Krux
Rod Peate
Walter Threadgill
Paul Rowe
Oklahoma Johnny Hale
Louis Asmo
Mel Judah
Frank Henderson
Hal Kant
Kathy Kohlberg
Brent Carter
O'Neil Longson
Men Nguyen
Ken Buntjer

None of these esteemed players made the final table.

I promised not to tell you who finished in 13th. But she's beautiful, her initials are K.K. and she ran into A A in the big blind. :-(

In twelfth, Ted Casper was all-in on the big blind. He had nothing and got nothing. Nhut Tran put him out.

Walter Threadgill was under the gun and needed chips. He went all-in with K Q off. Just to get his hopes up, everyone folded to the big blind. Kevin Song couldn't fold, he had Q Q. Walter is having a tough WSOP. He finished 11th.

Richie Wong tried to buy his way into the final table with A 7 off. Peter Vilandos had 10's. The table was set as Richie didn't do the right thing in 10th.

The final table:

Seat 1Nhut Tran$9,000Norwalk CA
Seat 2Bruce Yamron8,000Naples FL
Seat 3Kevin Song9,500Hacienda Hts CA
Seat 4David Herbst3,500Las Vegas
Seat 5Peter Vilandos13,500Las Vegas
Seat 6Scott Gray5,000Dublin Ireland
Seat 7Tony Ma2,500South El Monte CA
Seat 8Deane Stonier1,000Jacksonville Beach FL
Seat 9Lucy Rokach16,500Stoke-on-Trent UK

David Herbst had waited patiently for a hand he could go all-in on. It never came. With his case chips in the big blind, his 6 8 off lost to Kevin Song's 4 5 in the small blind when a 4 and a 5 landed. David needed herbs after finishing in 9th.

In a fair world, Bruce Yamron would have a seat, Scott Gray would not. Bruce went all-in with K K. Scott Gray called all-in with Q Q. In proof that life isn't fair, a Queen flops. The two chips Bruce had left were lost on the next hand. It had him Yamron to himself in 8th.

We are now down to seven players with six seats in the Championship to be given out.

Now it gets crazy. The inmates are running the asylum.

Deane Stonier kicks off the chaos by saying, "I can't play this game. I don't want to have to hang around for the final. If someone will buy me out, I'll quit playing."

That's all the other six players needed to hear. Everyone starts talking at once. Then, since no one can hear anyone, they start yelling at once. That helped!

After determining how much Deane was due for 7th place ($3,280) they had to find out how much he would take. He decided he wanted $3,000 more to lay down his chips. That would be $600 per player. More ranting and raving.

After more hilarious histrionics, all the guys agreed they would give up $600 each to Deane.

Finally, Patti Hughes, who was overwhelmed in her attempt to keep order, shouted for quiet. She wanted to hear what Lucy Rokach thought about the deal.

Like Mother Theresa in a media crush, Lucy had been sitting calmly in the nine seat, not saying anything. She had plenty of chips. She, and everyone else, knew no one would be able to take a seat from her. She didn't have to give up anything to get one.

When she spoke, there was quiet for the first time. "$500 is my absolute limit," she said. "That's all I'm giving up."

What a bummer, it looked for a minute like we were going to have to play on.

Suddenly, Kevin Song sings out. "Deane, we will all give you $600 and Lucy will give you $500. Will you take that?

He would and did.

It was just enough to get him unstuck for all the Supers he's played in the last two weeks.

The winners for Super Satellite #16 were:

Nhut Tran
Scott Gray
Lucy Rokach
Kevin Song
Peter Vilandos and Tony Ma for the second time each


(Becky Kerber, Barbara Lotief and Terry Vanderlip)

Single Table Satellites are run continuously 21 hours every day (8:00 AM until 5:00 AM) and usually last around 90 minutes. There are featured Satellites each day for the next day's event, as well as other Satellites depending on demand. Single Table Satellites for the $10,000 Main event and for the next no-limit Holdem event are spread frequently. Binion's charges $10 per player in a Satellite.

For the $320 buy-in No Limit Holdem Satellites, ten Players start with $1,200 each in chips. The blinds start at $10/$25, increase every 15 minutes, and the winner gets six $500 Lammers plus $100 in cash.

For the $1,010 buy-in Single Table $10,000 Satellites, ten players start with $4,000 each in chips. The blinds start at $25/50 and increase every 20 minutes. The winner gets a non-transferrable seat in the Championship Event.


The Temperature sign atop Binion's Horseshoe read 84 degrees at 3:00 PM on Saturday. The wind returned today. 15/25 mph with higher gusts this morning, and not quite as strong this afternoon. Sunny, with a blue, hazy sky, and not a cloud in sight.

The temperature in the Final Table Area goes through regular Hot and Cold cycles about every hour. It's almost like there is a demarcation on the thermostat at some point, above which hot air is released and below which you get cold air.

Today was especially bad, and the Final Table players requested early receipt of their Final Table jackets during one especially cool period, and then peeled them off a few minutes later when it turned hot, and then repeated this cycle several times.

Patrick Bruel, French actor and singer, who had a featured role in the movie SABRINA was at today's $2500 PL Omaha Final Table.

After Patrick made a large bet in a Heads up pot with Doyle Brunson on a flop that showed two diamonds, Doyle asked, "What are you going to do if a diamond doesn't come?" Patrick didn't answer, so Doyle repeated the question. Then someone at the table said "He doesn't speak English." Doyle did not call the bet.

Turns out later that Patrick does understand and speak English fairly well.

Doyle Brunson reported that as he was leaving the Horseshoe last night, an announcement was made that "Doyle Brunson is leaving for home, and he doesn't have any cash or chips with him."
This was the second Heads up meeting between Doyle Brunson and T.J. Cloutier in a Major Tournament. Doyle had won the first encounter.
T.J. Cloutier told a Doyle Brunson story during the Final Table today. He said that several years ago during an Amarillo Slim Tournament at Caesar's Tahoe, they had just returned from a dinner break at the Final Table. Doyle had played high limit poker during the break and when they started play again, Doyle leaned back in his chair, and said "If I can win the $51,000 first prize, I'll only be down $14,000 for the day.

1st.Dan CrottyKGST Fresno CA$5,000
2nd.Allison WestWIVK Knoxville TN1,000
3rd.Dana CaroleKGEE Odessa TX500

All prize money is provided by Binion's Horseshoe, and is donated to the winner's favorite charity.


19981997CUM DIFF
$2000 Holdem5:322:36+ 2:56
$1500 Razz4:374:023:31
$1500 Omaha3:003:592:32
$1500 Stud2:393:581:13
$1500 PL Omaha5:063:412:38
$1500 Stud Hi/Lo 83:513:083:21
$2000 NL Holdem1:593:221:58
$2000 Omaha Hi/Lo 83:493:282:19
$2000 PL Holdem4:123:113:20
$2500 Stud3:124:104:18
$1500 PL Omaha3:213:453:55


First 10 Events: $5,119,000 (1998) vs $5,283,500 (1997)


$2000 HoldemDeal unlikely
$1500 RazzDeal unlikely
$1500 OmahaDeal probable
$1500 7 StudDeal probable
$1500 PL OmahaDeal probable
$1500 Stud Hi/LO 8Deal probable
$2000 NL HoldemDeal unlikely
$2000 Omaha Hi/Lo 8Deal probable
$2000 PL HoldemDeal unlikely
$2500 7 StudDeal probable
$2500 PL OmahaDeal unlikely

Formal, official Deals at the WSOP are done in private, under the supervision and guidance of Jack McClelland, WSOP Tournament Co-ordinator. Deals represent a reallocation, or split of the announced remaining prize pool, that is agreeable to all remaining players. All remaining players do not have to participate in an official Deal, as long as all remaining players give their consent.

All pay outs by Binion's, and the tax reporting will reflect the Deal allocation, but press releases and official WSOP earnings reflect the scheduled, announced pay outs.

Jack McClelland tries to immediately squelch any "Deal talking" in the Final Table area, and will stop the playing clock and allow a "Deal break" at any time.

A normal Deal will probably allocate the bulk of the remaining prize pool equally (or unequally, relative to chip count, perceived ability, bargaining skills etc.) between the remaining participants, with a small portion (perhaps 10 % or so) and the Title going to the eventual winner. Some deals may earmark some of the un allocated portion to the eventual second or third place finisher, in addition to the allocation for the first place money.

Binion's attempts to prevent private Deals, which are unenforceable and may present tax complications, by the participants. Binion's probably would prefer a Deal free environment all together, but recognizes that a top heavy pay out structure is conducive to Deals, and has arrived at the current procedure as the best solution.


Any player abusing employees or other players, either verbally or physically (swearing, throwing cards, etc.) or disrupting the tournament will be penalized. The following will be the MINIMUM penalty imposed:

FIRST OFFENSE - 20 minutes away from the table. (Blinds and/or antes to be forfeited)
SECOND OFFENSE - 40 minutes away from the table.
THIRD OFFENSE - Disqualification

The WSOP Floorpeople will be strictly enforcing the rules, with zero tolerance. Every player starts each Event with a clean slate as far as penalties are concerned.


Unknown20 Minutes
Barry Shulman20 Minutes
Ray Dehkharghani20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes
Phil Tanner20 Minutes
Unknown20 Minutes


Jack McClelland is assisted by Steve Morrow and Jeff Vanderlip as Assistant Tournament Coordinators.

The 1998 WSOP continues the two-day format that was inaugurated last year, for most of the tournaments. Also, all two-day events start one level lower than in past years, and each level at the Final Table has been lengthened from 60 minutes to 80 minutes. Limit Holdem and Omaha events have two new levels of betting. First day play continues until the field is reduced to the Final Table, and Final Table play begins at 4:00 PM on the second day.

In addition to the money and a gold bracelet, each winner of a 1998 WSOP Event will get free rooms at next year's WSOP. If you win more than one Event, you can roll subsequent hotel accommodations over to later years.


Shift Supervisors Jimmy Stefan, John Buchanan, Tony Shelton and Cathy Wood run the Poker room where the lower limit games are played.

Games being spread on 30 April:

2 - 1/4/8 Holdem2 - 10/20 Omaha 8
2 - 4/8 Holdem2 - 15/30 Holdem
1 - 4/8 Omaha Hi2 - 20/40 Holdem
1 - 1/5 7Stud1 - 20/40 Omaha 8
1 - 4/8 Omaha 82 - 30/60 Holdem
2 - 10/20 Holdem1 - 20/40 ROE
1 - 10/20 Omaha Hi


Shift Supervisors John "Scoff" Sheffield, Kathy Hudson and Marshall Kassoff run the higher limit games on the south end of the Tournament Pavilion.

Games being spread on 30 April:

1 - 5/5/10 PL Omaha/PL Holdem2 - 50/100 7Stud 8
3 - 5/5/10 PL Holdem1 - 10/25 PL OmahaPL
1 - 25/25 PL Holdem1 - 75/150 Holdem
1 - 25/50 PL Holdem1 - 75/150 7Stud 8
1 - 25/50 PL Omaha1 - 50/100 Razz
1 - 50/100 7Stud1 - 200/400 HORSE
1 - 50/100 Holdem1 - 100/200/400 2 to 7
1 - 100/200 Omaha1 - 150/300
2 - 50/100 Omaha 81 - 150/300 ROE
1 - 10/10 NL Holdem1 - 600/1200 HOE


1.Brent Carter
2.Randy Holland
3.Gary Lent
4.Hieu Ma
5.Milt Meyers
6.Marsha Waggoner
7.Michael Pancer
8.Bob Walker
9.David Tagg
10.Steve Kaufman
11.Barbara Enright
12.Steve Rydel
13.Joe Baumgartner
14.R. London
15.Paul Hoenke
16.Allen Cunningham
17.John Bonetti
18.Frank Hernandez
19.R.W. Miller
20.Men "The Master" Nguyen
21.Casey Kastle
22.J.C. Pearson
23.John Morgan
24.Jim Bechtel
25.Peter Vilandos
26.Bill Lester
27.Cliff Davis
28.Debbie Burkhead
29.James Brown
30.Jack Green
31.Peter Brehm
32.Don Barton
33.John Richman
34.Luis Santoni
35.Jack Fox
36.Flan "Irish Mike" Pilkington
37.Chris "Jesus" Ferguson
38.O'Neil Longson
39.Thor Hansen
40.Frank Landen
41.Greg Turk
42.John Gledhill
43.Ralph Hoots
44.David Rubin
45.Justin Westmoreland
46.John Juanda
47."Super" Mario Esquerra
48.Jim Bayton
49.Doug Segers
50.John Spadaveccia
51.Greg Alston
52.Jan Lundberg
53."Miami" John Cernuto
54.John Heaney
55.Don Holt
56.John Gordon
57.Kent Hori
58.Fariborz Azima
59.Hans "Tuna" Lund
60.Bob Karp
61.Erik Seidel
62.David Welch
63.Rick Young
64.Asher Derei
65.Charles Watkins
66.Paul Honas
67.Paul Ladanyi
68.Blair Rodman
69.Huck Seed
70.LA Hung
71.Frank Wong
72.Bill Gazes
73.Tony Lantz
74.Brian Kruger
75.Bob Loar
76.Jim Karambinis
77.Howard Lederer
78.Robert Perry
79.Larry Satterwhite
80.Bruno Micchiardi
81.Chris Tsipralidis


Greg Alston
Derei Asher
Don Barton
Joe Baumgartner
Jim Bayton
Jim Bechtel
John Bonetti
Peter Brehm
Jim Brown
Debbie Burkhead
Brent Carter
"Miami" John Cernuto
Allen Cunningham
Cliff Davis
Barbara Enright
Super Mario Esquerra
Azima Fariborz
Chris "Jesus" Ferguson
Jack Fox
Bill Gazes
John Gledhill
John Gordon
Jack Green
Thor Hansen
John Heaney
Frank Hernandez
Paul Hoenke
Randy Holland
Don Holt
Paul Honas
Ralph Hoots
Kent Hori
LA Hung
Casey Kastle
Steve Kaufman
John Juanda
Jim Karambinis
Bob Karp
Brian Kruger
Paul Ladanyi
Frank Landen
Tony Lantz
Howard Lederer
Gary Lent
Bill Lester
Bob Loar
R. London
O'Neil Longson
Hans "Tuna" Lund
Jan Lundberg
Hieu Ma
Milt Meyers
Bruno Micchiardi
R.W. Miller
John Morgan
Men Nguyen
Michael Pancer
J.C. Pearson
Robert Perry
Flan "Irish Mike" Pilkington
John Richman
Blair Rodman
David Rubin
Steve Rydel
Luis Santoni
Larry Satterwhite
Huck Seed
Erik Seidel
Doug Segers
John Spadaveccia
David Tagg
Chris Tsipralidis
Greg Turk
Peter Vilandos
Marsha Waggoner
Bob Walker
Charles Watkins
David Welch
Justin Westmoreland
Frank Wong
Rick Young

The WSOP Report

In a brief battle of two poker titans, T.J. Cloutier caught a river ace to capture the $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha title from two-time World Champion Doyle Brunson. It was the fourth gold WSOP winner's bracelet for the 58 year-old Cloutier, the victory moving him past four players into 10th place on the Top Money Winners list with total earnings of $1,255,886.

"This is my 49th major tournament win," he said. "Any win at the World Series is fabulous, because this is THE tournament. It was a good final table, with everbody playing well. Doyle is always tough. He and I have played heads-up for a tournament twice; last time he beat me, this time I won."

Cloutier, a former professional football player, has now cashed every year at the World Series since 1987.

During the 16-minute heads-up contest, Cloutier never lost the chip advantage. In an early hand, both he and Brunson were effectively all-in on the river, only to find they both had made sevens full of tens. On the final hand, Brunson with K-Q-10-5 bet $24,000 on a flop of Q-5-4. Cloutier, holding A-Q-6-5, raised $72,000 and Brunson re-raised $60,000 all-in. They turned their hands over to discover that each had the top two pair. After an eight on the turn, an ace fell on the river giving Cloutier the title.

Brunson, 64, who had won the $1,500 Razz title and cashed in the $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha event in the first week of this WSOP, remained in fifth place on the Top Money Winner's list behind Berry Johnston. "Any time you get second, you can't complain," he said. "But I just wanted to win it, badly, to pass Berry. Anyway, it was fun." Brunson was also seeking his ninth World Series title; he is tied at eight with the late Johnny Moss at the top of that distinguished roster. His total earnings are now $1,699,959.

Still another World Series millionaire, Erik Seidel, staged an admirable tightrope performance to finish third, starting with the least money and clinging tenaciously to a never-impressive stack of chips. "Obviously, it was one of those tough final tables where you have to be lucky, and I was," said the 38 year-old poker professional and investor. With this finish, Seidel moved into 16th on the Top Money Winners list with earnings of $1,110,676. All-in with K-Q-7-3, Seidel was eliminated when Brunson with A-K-4-2 flopped three aces.

Finland's Matti Kuortti, a 42 year-old risk management consultant ("which is very appropriate for poker"), took fourth, his second money finish at the WSOP. "I'm happy but I always want to be first," he said. "I enjoyed playing against so many good players in the whole tournament." He was knocked out with Q-Q-4-4 with a board of 6-J-6/8-K by Cloutier who had A-K-J-10.

Fifth place went to Paul Rowe, 53, a longtime marriage and family counselor and a regular in the Horseshoe cardroom for many years. He recalled that he had led the Championship event in 1984, only to wind up in 10th place, one out of the money in those days. Rowe exited after raising before the flop with A-A-8-3 and going all-in to call a re-raise by Cloutier who held Q-J-9d-6d. The board came 5-4d-2d/8d-Ad.

Patrick Bruel, a 35 year-old French movie actor, singer, chess expert and lifetime poker devotee, finished sixth after providing the only bits of excitement and color to an otherwise grimly serious final table. "I'm happy because I've played against some of the best players, particularly Doyle Brunson who has been my poker idol," Bruel said. "When I was able to check-raise him successfully, I felt happy as a kid." This was his third WSOP money finish. Bruell was eliminated with a king-high straight by Cloutier's ace-high straight.

Gary Haubelt, 5l, an accountant, finished seventh and said, "I played as good as I could." He was knocked out when he flopped a straight but Bruel, who flopped a set, turned a full house.

British poker professional David Mosley,42, the 1990 Hall of Fame Champion, took eighth, beaten by Kuortti who caught a spade flush.

Donn O'Dea of Ireland, who took the Pot Limit Omaha title last week, finished 9th, bringing his total WSOP earnings to $354,051 since 1983."I just never got going, never won a pot," the 49 year-old former Olympic swimmer said.

Play by Play

The Final Table
Card by Card and Bet by Bet
1998 WSOP Event #11: $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha
82 Entries - 54 Re-buys
$340,000 Total Prize Pool and chips in play

Seat 1Doyle Brunson74,500[DB]
Seat 2Erik Seidel8,500[ES]
Seat 3Donn O'Dea30,000[DO]
Seat 4David Mosley44,500[DM]
Seat 5Gary Haubelt20,500[GH]
Seat 6Paul Rowe19,000[PR]
Seat 7Patrick Bruel17,500[PB]
Seat 8Matti Kourtti46,000[MK]
Seat 9T.J. Cloutier79,500[TJ]


d = dealer
F: = Flop
T: = Turn
R: = River

First action reported in a betting round, normally means the first player that put money into the pot in that betting round. A check is usually not reported as the first action in a betting round. Folds are not always reported. If there are four players at the beginning of a betting round, and it's reported that one player bets and is called by one other player, then the remaining two players folded.

    *** 4:02 PM Saturday 2 May 1998

    *** 40 minutes remaining at the 1,000/2,000 Blind level.

  1. d GH - DB raises 5,000 and all fold.
  2. d PR - DM raises 5,000 and all fold.
  3. d PB - Folded to TJ in the big blind.
  4. d MK - ES raises 5,000 and all fold. ES shows A K.
  5. d TJ - DO, MK, AB and ES all limp. F: 3d As 7c. All check. T: Ts. DB bets 7,000 and is called by ES and MK. R: 6s. ES bets 2,500 all-in and all fold.
  6. d DB - GH raises 5,000 and all fold.
  7. d ES - DB, DO and DM limp. F: 9s 5d Qd. DB bets 6,000 and all fold. DB shows 9 T Q K.
  8. d DO - PB, TJ and GH limp. F: 9c 2s Qd. All check. T: Td. bets 6,000 and all fold.
  9. d DM - TJ raises 5,000 and all fold.
  10. d GH - PR raises 5,000, PB re-raises 12,000 more and PR folds.
  11. d PR - DB, PB and MK limp. F: 3h Kc 5c. DB bets 6,000 and all fold. DB shows A A A K.
  12. d PB - DB, PR, MK and TJ limp. F: 3h 7s 4d. MK bets 8,000 and all fold.
  13. d MK - PR raises 5,000 and DB calls. F: 9h 9s Kc. PR bets 1,000 all-in and DB folds. DB shows 2s 3s 5h Th. PR shows A Q J 2.
  14. d TJ - GH, MK, DB and ES limp. F: Js 9s 5c. GH bets 8,000 and all fold.
  15. d DB - DM, PR, PB, MK, ES and DO limp. F: 5c 2s 4d. All check. T: 5s. ES bets 9,000 and all fold.
  16. d ES - PR raises 5,000 and all fold. PR shows A A 2 4.
  17. d DO - DO limps, DM raises 6,000 and all fold.
  18. d DM - DB raises 5,000 and all fold.
  19. d GH - MK, ES, PR and PB limp. F: 2h 6c 5h. All check. T: Qs. MK bets 8,000 and all fold.
  20. d PR - DO limps, PR raises 7,000 and all fold.
  21. d PB - GH and PR limp, PB raises 8,000 and all fold.
  22. d MK - MK raises 5,000 and all fold.
  23. d TJ - PR raises 5,000 and all fold.
  24. d DB - PR raises 5,000 and DO calls. F: Ah Kd Js. PR bets the pot and DO folds. PR shows K K.

    *** Blinds increase to 1,500/3,000 at 3:42 PM.

  25. d ES - PB raises 7,500 with Kc Kd 8d 7s, TJ re-raises 25,500 more with Ad Td Ts Ks and PB calls 15,000 all-in with Kc Kd 8d 7s. Board: Qc 8c Jc 5h 3h. PB wins.
  26. d DO - TJ, ES and GH limp. F: Ts 7d 6s. TJ bets 10,500 and ES calls. T: 4h. TJ bets 31,500 with 8h 9h 5h Qd and ES calls 15,000 all-in with Tc Td 9s 3d. R: 8c. Split pot. TJ not too happy with R card.
  27. d DM - DB raises 5,000 and all fold.
  28. d GH - ES raises 5,500 and all fold.
  29. d PR - DM raises 7,000 and all fold.
  30. d PB - DO raises 5,500 all-in with 9c Kc 3d Qd, PR re-raises 12,000 more all-in with Ah 9h Ac 4c. Heads up. Board: 2c 6s 7h 4s 8d. PR wins.

    *** Donn O'Dea finishes 9th at 4:52 PM.

  31. d MK - PR raises 6,000 and all fold.
  32. d TJ - TJ raises 6,000 and all fold.
  33. d DB - PB, TJ, ES and PM limp. F: 4s Ts 9s. PB bets 3,000 and all fold.
  34. d ES - TJ and ES limp, DM raises 12,000 and TJ calls. F: Th 6s 8h. DM bets 15,000, TJ raises 18,500 all-in and DM folds. TJ shows 9d Jd Kd 7h.
  35. d DM - TJ raises 6,000 and all fold.
  36. d GH - DB limps, PM raises 8,000 and all fold.
  37. d PR - DM raises 7,000 with Jc Qc Ac 9d, MK re-raises 9,000 more with Ad As Ks 4h and DM calls 9,000 all-in. Board: 7h Qs 4s 2d 5s. MK wins.

    *** David Mosley finishes 8th at 5:02 PM.

  38. d PB - MK raises 6,000 and all fold.
  39. d MK - TJ raises 7,000 and all fold. TJ shows Ks Kc 4c 5c.
  40. d TJ - Folded to ES in the big blind.
  41. d DB - PB limps, DB raises 10,500 and all fold.
  42. d ES - TJ raises 7,000 and all fold.
  43. d GH - GH raises 4,000 all-in with Ah 7h 5c 8c and PB calls with 9h Kh 9d 3c. Board: Jh 9s Td Ts Js. PB wins.

    *** Gary Haubelt finishes 7th at 5:10 PM.

  44. d PR - ES raises 7,000 and all fold.
  45. d PB - PB and TJ limp. F: 4s 8s 3c. TJ bets 8,500 and PB calls. T: Ah. TJ bets 22,500 and PB folds.
  46. d MK - PR raises 7,000 and is called by PB and DB. F: Ks 8d 3s. PR bets 21,000 all-in and all fold. PR shows Kc Kd 3c 3h.
  47. d TJ - PR raises 7,000 and TJ calls. Both check down a Board of 8d 9d 6h 6c 3s. TJ has Ah 8h 4s Qs and PR wins with Qh Qc 3s 8s.
  48. d DB - PB, DB and PR limp. F: 2s Jd Ad. DB bets 10,000, PB raises 27,000 all-in and all fold.
  49. d ES - DB raises 7,500 and all fold.
  50. d PR - PR and MK limp. F: 4s Qc 6c. PR bets 5,000 and MK folds.
  51. d PB - DB, PB and TJ limp. F: 9s 3h Kd. DB bets 10,000 and all fold. DB shows Ah Kh 9d Jc.

    *** Approximate chip count

    TJ 95,000
    PR 60,000
    MK 50,000
    DB 50,000
    PB 45,000
    ES 40,000

  52. d MK - MK raises 6,000 and all fold.
  53. d TJ - TJ, DB and ES limp. F: 4c 3c 5h. All check. T: 7h. ES bets 9,000 and all fold.
  54. d DB - PB, TJ, DB and PR limp. F: 4d 2s 2c. DB bets 11,000 and all fold.
  55. d ES - TJ raises 7,000 and ES calls. F: 4s Ac 6h. TJ bets 20,000 and ES folds.
  56. d PR - PB limps, MK raises 6,000 and PB calls. F: 6d 9s 5s. PB bets 18,000 and MK folds.
  57. d PB - MK limps, TJ raises 6,000 and MK calls. F: 2d 3h Qc. TJ bets 18,000 and MK folds. TJ shows K K A 7.
  58. d MK - ES raises 7,500 and DB calls. F: Jc 7c Qc. Both check. T: Js. DB bets 15,000 and ES folds.
  59. d TJ - DB raises 6,000 and ES folds. DB shows 3c 8c 5s 6h.
  60. d DB - PB limps, MK raises 10,500 and PB calls. F: 2s Kh Qc. MK bets 23,000 all-in and PB folds.
  61. d ES - TJ raises 6,000 and all fold.
  62. d PR - PR raises 7,000, PB re-raises about 23,000 all-in and all fold.
  63. d PB - DB, PB and TJ limp. F: 5c Kc 5d. All check. T: Tc. All check. R: 7d. TJ bets 10,500 and DB calls. TJ shows Ts Td As 9s and DB mucks.
  64. d MK - ES raises 7,500 all-in with Qh Kh Js Tc and DB calls with Ac 8c 6h 9h. Board: 9s Jh Kd Qd Ad. ES wins.
  65. d TJ - PB raises 7,000 and all fold.
  66. d DB - PB, MK, ES and PR limp. F: Td 3s 5d. MK bets 12,000 and all fold.
  67. d ES - DB limps, ES raises 7,500 and all fold.
  68. d PR - PB and MK limp. F: Js 5s 9h. Both check. T: 7d. PB bets 4,000 and MK folds.
  69. d PB - DB raises 6,000 and PB calls. F: 8h Qc Ad. DB bets 20,000 and PB folds.
  70. d MK - PR raises 7,500 and all fold.
  71. d TJ - PB, TJ, DB and ES limp. F: 7c 9c 8c. PB bets 12,500 and all fold.
  72. d DB - DB raises 7,500 and all fold.
  73. d ES - TJ limps, ES raises 10,500 and all fold.
  74. d PR - PB and MK limp and check down a Board of Qs 7d 6c 9s 9c. PB has 3s 5s 4h Ac and MK wins with 2s 2d Ks Tc.

    *** Break from 5:59 PM until 6:11 PM. $500 chips are raced off and blinds increase to 2,000/4,000.

  75. d PB - MK and TJ limp. F: Td Qh 5d. MK bets 7,000 and TJ calls. T: Tc. Both check. R: Kh. MK bets 12,000 and TJ folds.
  76. d MK - TJ limps, DB raises 8,000 and TJ folds.
  77. d TJ - PR raises 10,000 and all fold. PR shows Ah Ad Td.
  78. d DB - PB limps with 7c 9c 8c Th, ES raises 12,000 with Ad 8d Ks 7s and PB calls. F: 2h Tc 5d. ES bets 7,000 all-in and PB calls. T: Jc. R: As. ES wins.
  79. d ES - TJ raises 10,000 with Ac Ad Tc Jd, ES re-raises 34,000 with As Ts Ah 7d, TJ re-raises 2,000 and ES calls 2,000 all-in. Board: 2s 3s 3h 4h Jh. Split pot.
  80. d PR - PB raises 12,000 and MK folds. PB shows Kd 7d K K.
  81. d PB - MK limps, TJ raises 8,000 and MK folds.
  82. d MK - Folded to DB in the big blind.
  83. d TJ - Folded to ES in the big blind.
  84. d DB - TJ, DB, ES and PR limp. F: Kh Tc Qs. Both check. T: 7d. TJ bets 16,000 and DB calls. R: 5h. DB bets 18,000 and TJ folds.
  85. d ES - DB raises 10,000 and all fold.
  86. d PR - DB raises 10,000 and all fold.
  87. d PB - ES, PR and TJ limp and check down a Board of Qs As 2h Ad 6h. PR wins with 6d 6s 4h 7h. ES mucks and TJ shows Ac Kd 3s Js.
  88. d MK - TJ and DB limp and check down a Board of 3s 8s 4s 3d 2s. TJ wins with 9c 9h Ad 7s. DB shows Ks Qh 7d 2c.
  89. d TJ - DB raises 8,000 and ES calls. F: 2s Jh 3s. DB bets 20,000 and ES folds.
  90. d DB - MK raises 9,000 and all fold.
  91. d ES - ES raises 10,000 and all fold.
  92. d PR - DB, PB and MK limp. F: 8s Kc 4c. DB bets 9,000 and all fold.
  93. d PB - DB, PB, MK and TJ limp. F: Js Qc 2d. PB bets 1,000 all-in and all call. T: TH. TJ bets 21,000 with Ah Kh 8c 3c and DB and MK fold. R: Qd. PB shows 9h Td 4c Kc. TJ wins.

    *** Patrick Bruel finishes 6th at 6:38 PM.

  94. d MK - PR raises 10,000 and all fold.
  95. d TJ - MK raises 10,000 and all fold.
  96. d DB - Folded to PR in the big blind.
  97. d ES - Folded to MK in the big blind.
  98. d PR - ES raises 10,000 and all fold.
  99. d MK - TJ raises 8,000 and DB folds.
  100. d TJ - MK raises 10,000, TJ re-raises 34,000 more and all fold. TJ shows A A.
  101. d DB - DB raises 10,000 and all fold.
  102. d ES - DB raises 10,000, MK re-raises 29,000 more and all fold.

    *** Approximate chip count

    TJ 120,000
    DB 90,000
    MK 60,000
    PR 40,000
    ES 35,000

  103. d PR - PR raises 10,000 with As Ah 3d 8c, TJ re-raises the pot with Qc Jc 9d 6d and PR calls about 26,000 all-in. Board: 5s 5d 2d 8d Ad. TJ wins.

    *** Paul Rowe finishes 5th at 6:49 PM.

  104. d MK - MK raises 10,000 and DB calls. F: 5h 3d 3s. DB bets 25,000 and MK folds.
  105. d TJ - MK limps with Qs Qh 4h 4c, TJ raises 10,000 with Tc Kc Ah Js and MK calls. F: 6s Jd 6d. TJ bets the pot and MK calls about 25,000 all-in. T: 8s. R: Ks. TJ wins.

    *** Matti Kourtti finishes 4th at 6:54 PM.

  106. d DB - DB raises 10,000 and all fold.
  107. d ES - Folded to DB in the big blind.
  108. d TJ - Folded to ES in the big blind.
  109. d DB - ES limps, TJ raises 8,000 and ES folds.
  110. d ES - TJ and DB limp and check down a Board of 2s Td 2c Qc 7c. TJ shows Th 7s As 4c and DB mucks.
  111. d TJ - DB raises 8,000 and ES calls. F: 9c 8d 9h. DB bets 13,000 and ES folds. DB shows A A 5 6.
  112. d DB - ES raises about 6,000 all-in and TJ folds.
  113. d ES - ES raises 10,000 all-in and all fold.
  114. d TJ - DB raises 8,000 and ES calls. F: 5c 6d Ks. DB bets 15,000 and ES folds.

    *** Approximate chip count

    TJ 220,000
    DB 111,000
    ES 9,000

  115. d DB - Folded to TJ in the big blind.
  116. d ES - TJ raises 8,000 and DB calls. 5c 4s 7d. DB bets 17,000 and TJ folds. TJ shows K K.
  117. d TJ - DB raises 8,000 with 2s 4s Ah Kd and ES calls 4,000 all-in with 3c Kc 7h Qd. Board: As 3h Ac 9d 5c. DB wins.

    *** Erik Seidel finishes 3rd at 7:07 PM.

    *** Chip count

    TJ 196,000
    DB 144,000

    *** TJ asked if DB was interested in making a deal. DB said no.

  118. d TJ - Both limp. F: Jh 8s 2d. DB bets the pot and TJ folds. DB shows J J and TJ shows 3 3 4 4.
  119. d DB - DB raises 8,000 and TJ folds.
  120. d TJ - TJ raises 8,000 and DB folds. TJ shows Qs Qc Ac.
  121. d DB - DB raises 6,000 and TJ calls. F: Ac 2s 3d. Both check. T: As. Both check. R: Qh. DB bets 15,000 and TJ folds. DB shows an A and TJ shows T T J Q.
  122. d TJ - TJ folds.
  123. d DB - DB raises 6,000 with Ah 5h 9c 6c and TJ calls with 3c 9d Ad 6h. F: 8h Jd 3d. Both check. T: 2h. TJ bets 20,000 and DB calls. R: 9s. Both check. TJ wins.
  124. d TJ - Both limp. F: 2s 7s 3d. Both check. T: Tc. TJ bets 8,000, DB raises 24,000 and TJ calls. R: 7h. DB bets the Pot, TJ raises all-in and DB calls. DB has Td 7d 8s 2d and TJ has Th 7c 8h Kh. Split pot.
  125. d DB - DB raises 6,000 and TJ calls. They check down a Board of Ts 3h 6d 8c 9s. TJ shows 2d 2c Ah Kc and DB wins with 9d As 4s Kd.
  126. d TJ - TJ folds.
  127. d DB - DB folds.
  128. d TJ - TJ folds.
  129. d DB - DB raises 8,000 and TJ folds.
  130. d TJ - Both limp. F: 7c 3d 3h. Both check. T: 3s. TJ bets 8,000 and DB folds.
  131. d DB - DB folds.
  132. d TJ - TJ folds.
  133. d DB - DB raises 8,000 and TJ folds.
  134. d TJ - TJ limps with Qc Ad 5s 6h, DB raises 8,000 with Qh Kc 5c Td and TJ calls. F: 4c 5d Qs. DB bets 24,000, TJ raises 72,000, DB re-raises 60,000 all-in and TJ calls. T: 8d. R: Ah. TJ wins.

    *** Doyle Brunson finishes second and T.J. Cloutier wins the $2,000 Pot Limit Omaha Championship at 7:23 PM.

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