1997 World Series of Poker

Prizes and Rules


Any person 21 years of age or older is eligible to enter any and all tournament events by posting the required buy-in and entry fee before the start of each event. Play for each event will begin at a predetermined hour and continue until a winner is declared. Exceptions are multi-day events. Each event is a normal freezeout, with the game continuing until one player has all the chips. Players may not acquire additional chips beyond the original buy-in except in rebuy tournaments. Limits and blinds will be raised at regularly scheduled intervals. Players are eliminated from the tournament when they lose all their chips. Tables will be systematically combined and balanced as the tournament proceeds. The last remaining player at the final table will be declared the winner of that event. The entry fee pays for table time.

For Each Event

  1. Participants are wagering on their ability to remain in competition until the conclusion.
  2. The house is not a party to any wager and will only serve to oversee the event and the wagers made among participants. All monies distributed will be from the fund collected from the participants at the start of the event.
  3. The house retains the right to cancel or alter any event.

Money Distribution

The buy-in monies for each event will be divided according to the number of places paid as follows:

18 Places Paid        16 Places Paid          9 Places Paid

1st       40.0%       1st      40.0%         1st      40.0%
2nd       20.0%       2nd      20.0%         2nd      23.0%
3rd       10.0%       3rd      10.0%         3rd      12.0%
4th        6.5%       4th       6.0%         4th       7.0%
5th        5.0%       5th       5.0%         5th       5.5%
6th        3.5%       6th       4.0%         6th       4.5%
7th        2.5%       7th       3.0%         7th       3.5%
8th        2.0%       8th       2.0%         8th       2.5%
9th        1.5%       9th-12th  1.5%         9th       2.0%
10th-12th  1.2%       13th-16th 1.0%
13th-15th  1.0%
16th-18th  0.8%

 8 Places Paid         5 Places Paid
1st       40.0%       1st      45.0%         200 entries or more pays 3 tables
2nd       23.0%       2nd      25.0%         100-199 entries pays 2 tables
3rd       12.0%       3rd      15.0%          50-99 entries pays 1 table
4th        7.0%       4th      10.0%         Under 50 pays 5 places
5th        6.0%       5th       5.0%
6th        5.0%
7th        4.0%
8th        3.0%

Championship Event - 27 Places Paid

1st                                             $1,000,000
The remaining balance to be divided as follows:
2nd 27.5% 3rd 17.5% 4th 10.0% 5th 7.6% 6th 6.0% 7th 4.5% 8th 3.0% 9th 2.3% 10th-12th 1.6% 13th-15th 1.4% 16th-18th 1.2% 19th-27th 1.0%

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