EVENT #21 Day 35/14/97
TOTAL PRIZE MONEY - $3,120,000 PRIZE MONEY TO DATE - $12,259,000
Daily Report
Standings at the end of Day 3
6 remaining
1.Stu Ungar - Las Vegas$1,066,000
2.Ron "Carolina Express" Stanley - Las Vegas694,000
3.Bob Walker - Las Vegas612,000
4.Mel Judah - London, England301,000
5.John Strzemp - Las Vegas245,000
6.Peter Bao - Las Vegas204,000
I don't know why this adds up to $3,122,000 rather than $3,120,000. I may have copied a wrong figure, or there may have been $2,000 extra $'s put intp play during chip race-offs.
1997 Prize Money Breakdown
$1,000,0001st Place
583,0002nd Place
371,0003rd Place
212,0004th Place
161,1205th Place
127,2006th Place
95,4007th Place
63,6008th Place
48,7609th Place
33,92010th - 12th Place
29,68013th - 15th Place
25,44016th - 18th Place
21,20019th - 27th Place

Daily Report
Las Vegas, May 14, 1997. Today's competition was moved out of the normal Final Table area, so as to accomodate three tables and larger bleachers. I left my recorder home today, so that I wouldn't be tempted to do any card-by-card data, and I didn't use my Press access privileges at all, until after tomorrow's Final Table had been decided. I only used them then so that I could get the Final Table chip positions and get home as soon as possible.

I did write down some information on every hand that resulted in an elimination during today's play. My data is less than complete, because in most instances it was impossible to get the preliminary betting information, and sometimes I couldn't (or didn't) even get pot size information.

My main man, Steve Brecher, viewed most of today's play with me, and I'm going to relate a Steve Brecher story, before I get into today's elimination hands. Let me first say to those of you who don't know Steve, that in addition to being a fine Poker player, he is a very nice, quiet, reserved person, and anyone would do well to listen and heed anything that emanates from Steve. Steve not only gives the straight scoop on things, he also knows and uses the English language correctly, and he and I have gleefully pounced on each others shortcomings in this area. I hasten to add that Steve does most of the pouncing, because although I usually know better, I don't worry too much about some of the niceities, unless Steve has made a boo boo.

While sitting on the top row of the bleachers today, we became somewhat annoyed at some of the photographers who were blocking our view at times. I suggested to Steve that a public hanging of all offending Press people might be the answer (although I didn't feel that way yesterday, when I was an offender at times), but Steve took a more reasonable and effective proactive approach. He addressed a photographer who was not taking pictures, but was blocking our view, with a firm and authoritative "Either take pictures or move, Please!". The photographer turned around, faced the bleachers and said daringly "Who said that?". I'm sure that this photographer had successfully bluffed anonymous bleacherites into submission and acceptance with this response on many previous occasions, but it didn't work today. Steve promptly responded just as firmly and authoritatively as before with "It was me." The Photographer moved, and stayed moved.

I was impressed with Steve's handling of this situation, and asked if he minded my recounting the story to my captive WSOP audience, to provide a little color on today's play. Steve said that he had no problem with my doing so.

Now here is the additional Steve Brecher twist that is so like him. About a half hour later he asks to see what I had written down, to report to the WSOP readers. I asked why he wanted to see it. He said that it might be embarassing. I quickly assured him that I wouldn't use the story if it would be embarrasing to him, as I dug out my notes and showed him what I had written down. He looked at my notes and said "That's wrong". I said, "I thought that was what you said". Steve said "It is what I said, but it's wrong. It should have been 'It was I'".

Antes are $500 with $1,500/3,000 blinds.

#27. George McKeever

Play started at 1305, and on the first hand George was all-in with pocket 4's against Tormok Roren's pocket A's before the flop. The board didn't help either, and George was gone.

I delivered some Email well wishes to George from two of his son's in Ireland, along with my best wishes right before Day 3 began. No help.

#26 Rupert Housden

All the money went in pre flop, and Tormok's A K flopped an A against Rupert's all-in pocket 4's and the A held up. This was the third hand of the day at Tormok's table, and the intervening hand also saw an all-in situation where Michael Schichtman survived.

#25 Matti Kvorti

Eskimo's pocket nines improved on the river and bested Matti's all-in pocket 7's. Board was 6 8 K A 9. All the money went in pre flop.

#24 Parviz Roudi

Parviz was all-in with A 8 against Chris Bjorin's K K and John Strzemp's J J. Board was J 5 7 2 9, and all the money went in pre flop.
Antes are $1,000 with $2,000/4,000 blinds.

#23 Dewey Weum

Dewey's all-in A J loses to Kev Nettles' A K with a 5 6 9 2 7 board. Pot was about 80K, and all the money went in pre flop.

#22 Billy Baxter

Kev Nettles' 2 2 beats Billy's 5c 6c. Board was A 6 2 4 Q with an 80K pot that all went in pre flop.

#21 Phil Helmuth

Phil raised about $8,000 pre flop with his 8 8, and Tormop raised all-in with 99. Phil, perhaps a little upset from losing the previous hand, called all-in. The J x x A x board didn't help either in the $200,000 plus pot.

#20 Mori Eskand

All money went in pre flop, and a T 8 2 8 7 board favored Rod Peate's A A over Mori's A K.

#19 Eskimo Clark

Ron's Ks 9s makes a spade flush to emiminate Eskimo's As J. Board was 2s 2 8s 3s 8h.

#18 Ken Flaton

Strzemp's J J beat Ken's T T in a $140,000 pot. Board was 2 Q 4 7 8 and all of the money went in pre flop.
Two successive hands on different tables occurred where an all-inner held pocket A's and survived against pocket K's.

#17 Michael Schichtman

In a 200K pot, Bob Walker's A K wins over Michael's A Q. Board was 9 8 2 9 7 and all the money went in pre flop.

#16 Doyle Brunson

Pao makes it 20K to go, and Doyle's Kd Jd raises about 80k all-in on the button. Ron Stanley either raises or calls with A A, Pao folds and a 3 5 8 T x board sends Doyle home.

#15 Rod Peat

K 4 3 8 x board combined with Tormop's A K eliminates Peat's As Js. All of the money went in pre flop.
Antes are $1,000 with $3,000/6,000 blinds

#14 Andrew Black

Black's pocket 7's are over matched against Bjorin's flopped set of A's. The board showed A 5 4 8 3, and all the money went in pre flop.

#13 Jay Heimowitz

Neither improved as Ron Stanley's A A beat Jay's A Q in an 80K pot. All the money went in pre flop.
Jack Binion wandered through the Poker room and quipped to one of the players "You're only as good as your last time at bat".

#12 Marsha Waggoner

The last lady exits when Bob Walker's A Q makes a straight against Marsha's A K in a 100K pot. The board was K 3 T J A and all the money went in pre flop.

#11 George Gerds

Most of the money in this 400K pot went in on the flop. Stu Ungar's J 8 made two pair against George's K J on a J 8 6 3 2 board.
Ante is $2,000 with $5,000/10,000 blinds
Jack McClelland quipped that one former world champion and eight wannabes were remaining in the 1997 $10,000 Main Event.

#10 Kev Nettles

Mel Judah's Ah Th makes the nut straight on the turn in a 250K pot, and Kev exits with his Ks Qs. All of the money went in pre flop.
Chip count: Ungar 1,002K - Stanley 600K - Pao 298K - Judah 294K - Roren 283K - Stremp 232K - Walker 157K - Bjorin 369 - Roepke 117K

#9 Chris Bjorin

Bjorin's J J lost to Ron Stanley's Ac Qc after an A 8 3 8 2 board. Ron made it 40K to go pre flop, Chris raised about 130K all-in, Ron called and the board came A 9 8 6 3.

#8. David Roepke

All the money went in after the 7 6 2 flop and Stu's K Q beats David's Ks Js when the turn and river showed another 7 and an A.

#7 Tormop Roren

Ron Stanley's A A beats Roren's K Q with a board of 5 K 9 4 T. Most of the money went in pre flop.
Tomorrow's Final Table participants recorded their chip count on a chip count sheet which was then verified by Jack McClelland. When I checked Ron Stanley's sheet, I wished him well and advised him that his computation of $690,400 was unlikely, since the lowest chip denomination was $1,000. Ron laughed and said he had never written down that much money before, and changed it to $694,000. I had a similar conversation with Mel Judah who had recorded $300,001 instead of $301,000. Doing a chip count probably wasn't the uppermost thought on their minds at that time.

The Final Tableists were hanging around to give ESPN some info before dining and then they were going to do ESPN interviews afterwards.

There's an awful lot of pressure and strain on the Players after three long days of WSOP competition.
Stu Ungar seems to be back in his groove and is playing exceptionally well. Jack McClelland quipped that Stu was a shoo in for Comeback Player of the year.
Second hand, but reliable info: One of the player's last night said that Stu Ungar and Phil Helmuth were operating in a different (higher) level of play than everyone else during some of Day 2's play.
Another second hand, but reliable story: Jack Binion was heard saying that they are looking for an employee who had been manning the tournament chip buy-in kiosk. The employee is missing, along with about $200,000 that he/she somehow took with them. I don't know whether this has been in the media or not, because I haven't read a newspaper or watched TV since the WSOP began.
www.wsop.com believes that things are running much better, and reported that they were getting many hits at their site. Their Email address is JWidman@wizard.com for any complaints, questions, feedback etc.. The site is expected to stay up, with access to all the TV feeds (past present and future), for the foreseeable future.
Day 3's competition ended at 1931 hours. The Final Table is scheduled to start at 1000 hours PST tomorrow morning on Fremont street at the street intersection on the west side of Binion's.

1997 WSOP Final Table Statistics

#Event# of HandsTotal TimeOver at
1.$ 2,000 Limit Holdem1082:366:46 PM
2.1,500 Limit Razz2024:028:07 PM
3.1,500 Limit Omaha1293:597:07 PM
4.1,500 Limit 7 Stud?3:588:09 PM
5.1,500 Pot Limit Omaha1093:417:49 PM
6.1,500 Limit 7 Stud Hi-Lo1723:087:15 PM
7.2,000 No Limit Holdem873:227:25 PM
8.2,000 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo1143:287:36 PM
9.2,000 Pot Limit Holdem1313:117:21 PM
10.2,500 Limit 7 Stud1563:127:28 PM
11.2,500 Pot Limit Omaha1133:457:51 PM
12.2,500 Limit 7 Stud Hi-Lo1534:128:18 PM
13.3,000 Limit Holdem1644:268:29 PM
14.3,000 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo1694:268:30 PM
15.3,000 Pot Limit Holdem972:236:31 PM
16.5,000 No Limit Deuce/Seven?2:411:11 AM
17.3,000 No Limit Holdem1293:387:44 PM
18.5,000 Limit 7 Stud1663:487:55 PM
19.5,000 Limit Holdem
20.1,000 Ladies 7 Stud
21.10,000 Final Event


1.Nevada Stupak2.Chris "Jesus" Ferguson
3.Chuck Thompson4.Ken Flaton
5.Ken Buntjner6.Mo Fathpour
7.Amadeo Parado8.Laurence Clenau
9.Jay Reisler10.Joseph Winston
11.Keith Taylor12.Andre Boyer
13.Kev Nettles14.Tormod Roren
15.Kenneth Davis16.Don Pittman
17.Marko Trapini18.Steve Kim
19.Sam Merchant20.Andrew Black
21.Anthony Guerriero22.George Gerus, Sr.
23.MacDonald Kempf24.Ron "Carolina Express" Stanley
25."Midnight" Pete Haugan26.Jack Fox
27.John Hendrix28.Dave Crunkleton
29.Jim Brown30.Mike Pilkington
31.Martin Comer32.Samir Khoveis
33.Gary Benson34.David Roepke
35.Don Holt36.J. C. Pearson
37.Tommi Han38.Phuc Bao
39.James Harman40.Ken Jacobs
41.Pete Dixon42.Bruce Van Horn
43.Bill Fain44.Myron Rosenbaum
45.Robert Henry Kojfer46.David Rubin
47.Jim Mascher48.Al McCoy
49.Mallie Hoyer50.Angus Hill
51.Herb Potter52.Allen Barker
53.Dr. Max Stern54.Robert Dale Ellis
55.Peter Lameureaux56.Milt Myers
57.Ken Sahek58.Cal Dykes
59.Alex Horowitz60.Thomas Sparks
61.Monte Kouz62.Phil Helmuth
63.Jack Keller64.Patrick Bruel
65.Louis Asmo66.Dan Fairly
67.Jerre Juhl68.John Strzemp
69.Tibor Tolni70.Gustavo Weiss
71.Melissa Hayden72.Paul Ladanyi
73.John Spadavecchia74.Ivin Mladen
75.Tom McEvoy76.Peter Brehm
77.Minh Ly78.Bill Gazes
79.Praviz Roudi80.Humberto Brenes
81.Pascal Perrault82.Joel Chaseman
83.Marsha Waggoner84.Randy Holland
85.Maria Stern86.Tom Jacobs
87.David Ulliot88.Noel Furlong
89.Brad Daugherty90.Phil Brodrick
91.Thomas Chung92.Vic Kramer
93.John Feranjesh94.Billy "Crocodile" Argyros
95.Alan Brodsky96.Jas Perdesi
97.Fred David98.Edward Stevens
99.Charles Wight III100.Michael Davis
101.Marcus Soloweiczyk102.Jim Ward
103.Matt Lefkowitz104.Buddy Bonnecaze
105.Mike Laing106.Robert Eccleston
107.Bruce Korman108.Mickey Appleman
109.Berry Johnston110.Bobby Hof
111.John Galbraith112.John Esposito
113.Thomas Franjesh114.Jason Gray
115.Shulman Berry116.Russ Hamilton
117.D. J. Keas118.Doyle Brunson
119.Bob Veltri120.Gustavo Echeverri
121.Lyle Berman122.T. J. Cloutier
123.Scotty Nguyen124.Adeeb Harb
125.Jay Heimowitz126.Sam Chehab
127.Barbara Laux128.Eli Balas
129.Jamie Ligator130.Dean Potashner
131.Mick Cowley132.Noli Francisco
133.Claud Sigmon134.Jose Rosenkrantz
135.A. Fritz136.Gerry O'Rourke
137.Ralph Levine138.Bill Alexander
139.John Montelepre Sr140.Hertzel Zalewski
141.Freddie Deeb142.Billy Baxter
143.John Heaney144.Hank Karwowski
145.Dave Spanier146.Luis Santoni
147.Clarence Kimbrough148.Gary Haubelt
149.William Woodson150.Tony Bloom
151.Phyllis Meyers152.Jack L. Ward
153.Bob Feduniak154.Marty Wilson
155.Julien Studley156.Howard Goldfarb
157.Men Nguyen158.Peter Vilandos
159.Donny Kerr160.Annie Duke
161.John Bonetti162.Tod Brunson
163.Steve Lott164.Roger Moore
165.Steve Pestal166.George Rodis
167.Aidan Bennett168.Cindy Violette
169.Athena Jordan170.Surinder Sunar
171.Mickey Finn172.An Tran
173.Mathias Ronacher174.Steve Brecher
175.Tex Morgan176.Len Miller
177.Yosh Nakano178.Mark Weitzman
179.David Grey180.Perry Green
181.Jason Lester182.Catherine Brown
183.Tom McCormick184.Gary Martin
185.Dewey Tomko186.Chau Giang
187.Ron McMillan188.David Chiu
189.Danny Dang190.Gloria Tschetschot
191.Mark McCluskey192.Richard Baldwin
193.Tony Lantz194.Chris Bjorin
195.Bob Walker196.Jacques Sollam
197.Farim Bazzi198.Dolph Arnold
199.Ron Huber200.Dan Harrington
201."Miami John" Cernuto202.Kevin Song
203.Eli Elezra204.Thomas Kreilein
205.Sam Korman206.Erik Seidel
207.Kevin Hunt208.Tony Chaskelsod
209.Don Zewn210.Liam Flood
211.Peter Delanos212.Jaeggi Alphons
213.Hamid Dastmalchi214.W. A. Boston Jr
215.Dave Allen216.Carl McKelvey
217.Herman R. Smith218.Fred Brown
219.Billy Thomas220.David Mosley
221.Hilbert Shirey222.Howard Lederer
223.Don Williams224.Al. Crux
225.Don Barton226.Monsour Matloubi
227.Paul Maxfield228.Brent Carter
229.Huck Seed230.Jim Bechtel
231.Steve Zolotow232.Alex Brennes
233.Richard Chase234.Charles Cushieri
235.O'Neil Longson236.Stanley Goldstein
237.Dan O'Dea238.Johnny Chan
239.Paul Rowe240.Glen Marsonette
241.Andy Pantuso242.Brian Meyers
243.Richard Klamian244.Shelby Panoff
245.Roy Flowerday246.Lance Straughn
247.Chip Reese248.Howard Stevens
249.Dr. Phil Earle250.Poggi Cesare
251.Michael McDonough252.John Aglialoro
253.Tong N. Pak254.Bobby Baldwin
255.Hal Kant256.Rod Peate
257.Mel Judah258.Ali Sarkeshik
259.Mark Edwards260.Vince Van Patton
261.Dick Carson262.Roy Thung
263.Pothiptinnakon264.Jimmy Jimmy Cha
265.Andrew Bloch266.Barry Greenstein
267.Dan Heimiller268.Matti Kuortti
269.Tommy Grimes270.Mel Weiner
271.Vince Burgio272.Mike Sexton
273.George McKeever274.Jim Tarr
275.Don Limor276."Eskimo" Clark
277.Dewey Weum278.Larry Sigety
279.Cesar Como280.Buddy Williams
281.Kathy Liebert282.Michael Schichtman
283.Steve Melton284.Keith Sexton
285.Pat Fleming286.Lee Salem
287."Doc" Berry288.Crews Johnston
289.Glenn Cozen290.Mori Eskand
291.Henry Orenstein292.Mark Rose
293.Jeff Lisandro294.Robert Housden
295.Larry Beilfuss296.Ted Forrest
297.Frank Henderson298.Walter Threadgill
299.Tommy Vinus300.Gabe Kaplan
301.Harry Thomas302.John Horn
303.Will Wilkenson304.Bob Stupak
305.Hieu Ma306.Robert Turner
307.Alan Boston308.Stu Ungar
309.Mike Alsadi310.Vasilis Lazarou
311.Victor Schperotti312.Diasimi Maurizio

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