1996 World Series of Poker

General Information


Binion's Horseshoe has secured rooms at several hotels in the downtown area. Specific information regarding room rates and availability may be obtained by calling either 1-800-622-6468 or (702) 382-1600. A reduced room rate for overseas travelers is offered at the Horseshoe Hotel only.


The World Series is the largest and longest-running major poker tournament in the world, distributing more than three times the prize money of any other tournament. The press is invited not only to view this extravagant gaming event, but to participate in the Press Invitational tournament as well. There is no cost of this "Press Only" event but entry is limited. Interested parties should contact Mary Winter, Director of Marketing, who is the contact for those interested in filming or photographing the World Series.

Tournament Details

Participants may sign up for the various events any time prior to the start of the event at the tournament booth on the first floor. Entries will not be limited. Most events will last between 12 and 14 hours, with a break every two hours and an intermission for dinner.

Satellites, an optional preliminary stage, provide the chance to gain tournament entry at a greatly reduced price. The two types offered are single table and super satellite.

Single table Satellites are held daily from 8am to 2am. Players outlasting the opponents at their table will receive tournament entry. These minature tournaments typically last about 90 minutes. There will be approximately 2,000 of the seat-producing freezouts over the course of the tournament.

Super satellites are multi-table tournaments staged nightly at 7:40pm. All players making the final table win a seat in the Championship Event, cash or both. As many as ten seats have been awarded on a single night, since rebuys are permitted during the first hour of play. The seats won in these events are non-transferable and non-negotiable. The normal charge for entry is $220.

Players bringing a cashier's check will want to allow one full banking day for verification. Customers may place cash on deposit at either of the Horseshoe's two cashier's cages.

Tax News

Many insiders are aware of the 30% tax on gross winnings of non-resident aliens that is imposed according to U.S. tax laws. At least fifteen countries are exempt from the normal 30% withholding required by tax codes (other countries may offer exemptions; check with your tax accountant). This means that residents of these countries will avoid all tax burden from any form of gaming while in the United States merely by requesting treaty exemption on form 1001. A passport may be requested for verification of residence.

Countries for which this option is available:

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