1996 World Series of Poker

Due to technical difficulties the reporting on this event is abbreviated. We hope to be able to resume more complete reporting in subsequent events.

Limit Seven Card Stud High-Low Split (Eight or Better)

$2,500 Buy-in
Entries: 94
Total Prize Money: $235,000

1995 Champion: Men "the Master" Nguyen

1996 Champion: Frank Thompson

The Winners

1. Frank Thompson $94,000
Saltburn, England
2. Ted Forrest $54,050
Las Vegas, NV
3. Andy Blumen $28,200
Las Vegas, NV
4. Mike Sexton $16,450
Las Vegas, NV
5. Al Emerson $14,100
Onalaska, WI
6. Hossein Shahrezay $11,750
Las Vegas, NV
7. Adam Roberts $9,400
Santa Monica, CA
8. Men "The Master" Nguyen $7,050
Bell Gardens, CA

The Showdown

Binion's Horseshoe, May 3, 1996 -- Frank Thompson, a 42 year old professional poker player from Saltburn, England, defeated 93 opponents last night to win the 11th event of the 27th annual World Series of Poker at Binion's Horseshoe Hotel and Casino. For his first place finish in the $2,500 buyin limit Seven Card Stud High/Low Split (Eight or Better) competition, Thompson was awarded $94,000 and a custom designed 14 karat gold bracelet to commemorate his victory.

This is the first major poker tournament title for Thompson, who commented upon winning the competition, "I'm very surprised -- and I'm delighted that I finally got back some of the huge amount of money I've poured into these tournaments over the years." A poker player for more than two decades, Thompson has three previous in the money finishes at the World Series and has cashed in several other major poker competitions.

Placing second in the limit Seven Card Stud High/Low Split event and winning $54,050 was Ted Forrest of Las Vegas. A 29 year old professional poker player, Forrest captured three World Series of Poker titles in 1993 -- becoming the first person in the tournaments history to accomplish this feat -- and has to his credit several titles from other major competitions. He has been playing poker for nine years.

Andy Blumen, a 43 year old recreational poker player from Las Vegas, won third place and $28,200. The executive vice president and general counsel for Stratosphere Corporation, Blumen has finished in the money in several other major competitions and holds a Seven Card Stud High/Low Split title from the Hall of Fame Poker Classic.

The 1996 World Series of Poker continues at the Horseshoe through May 16. The $2,500 buyin limit Omaha HighLow Split (Eight or Better) competition begins today at noon, followed by the $1,500 buyin limit Ace to Five Draw (with Joker) event and the $5,000 buyin Chinese Poker event, both on May 4.

More than 4,000 entrants -- representing at least 20 countries -- are expected to participate in this years World Series, and the total money distributed is anticipated to be in excess of $11 million.

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