Video Poker—Optimum Play: The Strategies and Tactics of Advantage Play

by Dan Paymar

Video Poker—Optimum Play: The Strategies and Tactics of Advantage Play

This has been the best-selling book on video poker strategy for many years, yet it never becomes outdated because the basics do not change, and things that do change are updated with each printing.

Video Poker - Optimum Play contains Dans Precision Play rules which distill the game strategy for the most popular games down to a few text-based rules, completely obviating the need to memorize a list of strategy elements in a specific order.

Now this expanded 235-page third edition includes much more discussion of a subject thats largely ignored in other video poker books; that is the tactics of advantage play.


Starting with a chapter on the difference between tactics and strategy, it delves deeply into types of errors and how to avoid them, where to play, when and why to play, evaluating promotions, utilizing coupons, optimizing your play, and much more. There is necessarily more mathematics than in previous editions, but you can still get most of the value out of the book even if you skip the math.

This book gives the Precision Play™ rules for:

There's no need to memorize long tables for these games; just follow a few simple rules, and you will be playing better than many "experts." Quizzes for three of the games help you to hone your skills.

The book also covers:

No player should be without this book. Makes a great gift for anyone who likes video poker or for moving a slot addict to these higher payback games.

235 pages. September 2010.
Paper: 978-1886070-32-5, $19.95.

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