Tiger Tours the Tables - aztar's "city of evansville"

this is fun!

each time i post something about my trip, a bunch of you send me e-mail about something or another (and, unlike the doogster, i really do get e-mail from my readers!).

last night, when i signed on to post the last section, i found e-mail from rgp'er krmin@aol.com, who just happens to be employed at the casino aztar in evansville! we'll meet later!

one of my drinkin' buddies asked me about elijah craig bourbon.....ahhhhh... that's good sippin' whiskey. and if the company's right, you just set right down and keep sippin' and talkin'...and talkin' and sippin'...and sippin' and talkin', until the bottle's gone and the sun is peeking over the hills....ahhhhhh.....

the dockside lounge has live entertainment mondays through fridays, from 10:30 to 3:30. tom ryan sings and plays git-tar and his buddy plays electric piano. they play c&w standards, and although it ain't the cool jazz i like, it's still nice. the casino aztar riverboat, which is actually called "the city of evansville," really does cruise. today, they've figured out all the problems, and we cruise out on the river. well, about 15-20 yards offshore. and we only go about a mile upstream before the boat backs up. there's an observation deck above the 3rd level, with deck chairs and a canopy.

once again, there are two 1-5 stud games going. in mid-afternoon, krmin stops by the cardroom. he's kinda new to rgp, and he turns out to be a really nice guy! we had a delightful chat for about 20 minutes. krmin isn't allowed to play at aztar, so he's gotta go to caesar's glory of rome in louisville. krmin thinks as highly of holly as i do! :)

jeez....this 1-5 game is something else! i haven't played a hand for 20 minutes. i'm rolled up with kings in late position. everybody calls the $1 bring-in, and i raise it to a total of $5. six players call. two aces hit on 4th street, and they check to me. my bet of $5 is called by all of them. somebody makes a small running pair on 5th street and checks to me. once again, they all call my $5 bet. nothing new on 6th, and they're still calling me. yeah, i get raised on the river by a good ol' boy who hit a gutshot wheel... ::::::sigh::::::

the cardroom does not have a rulebook for players. :( however, they do have a little handout, which explains the basics of poker.

i play to about 6:30 pm, and decide to head west to st. louis. i take a break for dinner in mt. vernon, illinois, where interstate 64 meets inter- state 57. "rural route country kitchen restaurant" is the best damned truckstop in the world! they've got "acres of parking", fuel, a weighing station, a huge convenience store, a bank of about 20 telephones, shower facilities, a video game arcade and, of course, a country restaurant. as i walk in, i see the left side of the restaurant is full - men between 35 and 60, mostly bearded, all wearing baseball caps, and wearing some kind of american flag insignia somewhere on their clothing. they're all smoking cigarettes. on the right no-smoking side are a pair of trucker buddies and your urbane urban reporter. there's stuff from buckboard wagons on the walls, and handtools, and muffin tins, and dried flowers. the special of the day is spaghetti and garlic bread - all you can eat for $5.99.

my waitress is janice - she's old, overweight, bleach blonde, not very attractive, with a smile across her face as big as all outdoors. fried chicken, mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, a small salad, cornbread and a coke come to $9.74. as janice gives me the check, i beckon her closer with my finger. "don't tell anybody, but i'm not really a truck driver." "w'all, honey, i knowed that soon as i set eyes on you! where ya from?" "new york, new york." "ha! city slicker!" and she gives me a grin to show that she doesn't really mean it! :)

i'm in st. charles, missouri, tonight, and i'll be at the station casino in st. charles tomorrow! look for the guy in the green satin tropicana jacket!