Tiger Tours the Tables - Caesar's Glory of Rome

10/8 friday

looks like you folks are enjoying my trip! :) keep those cards and e-mail coming in!

no lengthy report today - just two stories.

i was supposed to meet rgp'er frank brabec (screenname "nutz") yesterday, but for reasons beyond his control, he never made it to the boat. but i've spoken with him by telephone, and we arrange to meet on the dock for the 1:00 pm cruise (which actually departs at 1:30). i'll be wearing my green satin tropicana poker club jacket and a "tiger beer" baseball cap.

i'm there by 12:30. i'm still there at 12:45. i'm still there at 1:00. at 1:15, i decide that frank got hung up, again, and i get on the boat. i'm immediately seated at a 5/10 stud game. two minutes later, someone taps me on the shoulder. i turn around. i've never seen this man before. "hiya, frank!" :)

i'm playing 10/20 stud. new rgp'er jimmy allen is in the box. he pitches downcards to all eight players. as he begins to deal the upcards, he accidentally pitches #1's card off the table. (under local rule, this card plays - and unlike atlantic city, there is no necessity to call the floor to "thoroughly examine" the card.) the woman in #1 picks up the card and puts it on the table. it's the king of spades. without hesitation, jimmy says, "when i dealt that card, it was a deuce!" :)

frank has graciously invited me to stay at his sister's and brother-in-law's house in louisville. they're all big fans of horses and racing, and today is the season opener at keeneland. hope the rain doesn't wash everything out!