Tiger Tours the Tables - Tropicana

ok, gang! i'm somewhere outside cincinatti, ohio, and i'm happily banging away at the keyboard! it's time for the first installment of "tiger tours the tables"!!! :)

i spent the weekend at the tropicana. the log shows 23 hours of stud, mostly at 10/20. i played in the $30+10 stud tourney on monday, and finished 20th out of 66. i'm down a couple stacks of red, so far.

a few highlights: (1) saturday night, alan richter, his ladyfriend nanette, and i played a "white chip" 1-3 stud game. the three of us opened a table in the no-smoking room, and each of us bought in for about $800 - all in $1 white chips. sure enough, we got a couple people to join us, and we were all having a *ball* until one uptight spoilsport sat down and complained that he couldn't see around alan's stack of chips. this one guy wound up breaking the table within 15 minutes.

(2) when i got upstairs to the room, one of the cable channels was showing john frankenheimer's "seconds", starring rock hudson. it's from the early 60s, in black and white, and (unfortunately) a completely unknown movie. it's not really a science fiction movie, but science fiction writers such as harlan ellison have described this movie as the greatest science fiction movie ever made! :)

(3)i saw herbie allen at the tropicana on monday. herbie's wife patty is a lurker here at rgp, and they both have participated in several "arg" events! herbie made the final table of both tourneys at foxwoods, and he thought that the golf outing was a great idea! herbie asked me if it might be all right to run a similar golf outing next spring at "atlarge2000". i told him that, by the powers vested in me, he was now officially in charge of organizing next spring's golf outing! :) oh, yeah. herbie won the monday stud tourney. :)

i left the tropicana about 7 pm, and drove east. the rain stopped me around harrisburg, and i stopped into the local holiday inn. it was filled to the gills with old people. i walked up to the front desk and inquired if they have any rooms. the nice lady behind the desk checked her computer and told me that there was one room left, at a "great rate" of $125. i looked around and saw that the hotel was full because there was a convention of aarp in town. i asked the nice lady if the great rate was because i'm not old enough to join the convention (in fact, i am). she laughed and i waved goodbye. travelodge down the street had a room for $45. lock it up!

today (tuesday), i backtracked 15 miles to hershey, pennsylvania, for a chocolate fix. then back on the road, across the pennsylvainia turn- pike, a dash through west by god virginia, and i ran out of steam just east of cincinatti. it's gonna be the grand victoria casino, in rising sun, indiana, tomorrow! :)