Tiger Tours the Tables - Introduction

hiya, folks!

several years ago, i posted something i called "tiger tours the tables" here at rgp (or its predecessor, rec.gambling). that was an overview of poker as it existed in atlantic city at the time. most of the information in that post was incorporated into an article on poker in atlantic city which was published in the premiere issue of the first ill-fated "pokerworld" magazine. unfortunately, they forgot to include my byline. ::::sigh::::

well, i'm going on another tour of the tables. but this time, i'm only *starting* in atlantic city. i'm heading off to the riverboat casinos along the ohio river near louisville, kentucky and evansville, indiana. then i'll spend a few days in st. louis, missouri. then i'll stop off in caruthersville, missouri, on my way to tunica, mississippi. and then i'll get to the biloxi/gulfport area. nawlins isn't very far from there...and shreveport/bossier city is just a few hours away. texas is a big state, and it'll take me a while to drive through it, but arizona and new mexico are on the other side. and there's lots of places to play there. and then there's the california coast - san diego, oceanside, los angeles, and on up to the san francisco bay area.

but by then, i'll probably be exhausted and tired of poker (i'd never thought that i might say such words). and i'll probably call a halt to my trip and come home. i'll do las vegas next august at barge2k.

i intend to start my trip on october 1 in atlantic city; i'll get to st. louis around 10/11; tunica around 10/16; gulfport/biloxi around 10/22. the rest of the trip isn't yet committed to dates. i'm afraid that i'll be a little bit early for "marge." :(

but, on my way, i'd love to meet those of you who don't get to atlantic city, and those of you who haven't attended one of our "atlarge" events! i've already made arrangements to meet some of you, but my social calendar isn't nearly booked up yet!

oh, yeah. if your name is "maverick" or "rowdy" or "dougie," you need not say hello to me. };)

how will you know me? well, that's the easy part! if i'm playing stud, i'm the guy in the #8 seat, kinda short and kinda round, with gold wire-rimmed glasses, a distinctive mustache, and wearing some kind of atlantic city/poker t-shirt and/or baseball cap. i'll probably have my green satin "trop poker club" jacket with me, and i'll have a ridiculous pink-and-purple table fan somewhere near me. i use an amber-and-silver $5 "year of the tiger" chip from hollywood park as a card protector, and i'll have a few "barge99" chips on the table! you'll know i'm in the cardroom, 'cause i'll use "tiger" for sign-up lists.

i'm going to get a laptop, so that i can keep in touch with the online community, and so that i can keep rgp advised of my progress!

during my time in biloxi/gulfport and new orleans, i will be accompanied by a certain well-known poker writer. we discussed the trip this last weekend, and i've just received word from my erstwhile companion that he and the mrs. can get free from work for a few days. all right! stay tuned for late-breaking news! :)