The Poker Party is Over: What Will You Do Now?

by Alan N. Schoonmaker, Ph.D.

The Poker Party is Over: What Will You Do Now?

Poker is much more than knowing the right strategies; it's also knowing how to actualize those strategies. The game is full of losing players who know how to play, yet can't seem to induce themselves to consistently make the right plays.

"Black Friday" and the current state of the U.S. economy have changed the sub-culture in which we live and play. The dynamics of the poker world have drastically changed. Internet poker is not the cash cow it used to be, thereby changing the face of live poker. The games got tougher as Internet pros gravitated to the live action, the only action they can currently find.


As players we must find ways to adapt to our new realities. For the Internet player looking to become a major winner in live poker this involves changes in skill sets and mindsets. For the B&M players it involves adjusting to the skills and styles of former online players. The Internet game and the live game, though related, have very different fundamentals, not to mention all the innumerable different nuances. And, because there are fewer weak players, everybody must adjust to tougher games.

The Poker Party is Over will teach things about developing into a great poker player. You'll learn how train your mind to adjust from Internet poker to live poker, or - if you're a B&M player - to adjust to internet players. You'll ascertain how to become an expert on "tells", learn how to effectively manage your bankroll, and be taught how to guide your mind through poker logic. You'll discover how to prepare yourself for survival in our dog-eat-dog world and much, much more.

250 pages. March 2012.
Paper: 978-1-886070-39-4, $14.95.
eBook: 978-1-886070-38-7, $9.99.

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