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About Stanford Wong

Stanford Wong loves to solve puzzles. And that is what winning from casinos is all about - solving puzzles the casinos have created. He gets more satisfaction out of solving the puzzles than using the solutions to win money in casinos.

Of course he has done his share of win ning. When he was in graduate school, play ing blackjack was his major source of income, and he stayed in school long enough to earn a Ph.D. from Stanford.

Now he has it made - a wonderful wife, two great kids, and a comfortable home in La Jolla, one of the garden spots of the world. He has converted two oftheir seven bedrooms to offices, so commuting to work in the morning means strolling down a hallway. One of the offices overlooks their pool. Everyday he runs along a fabulous ocean view to get his mail. He is his own boss. Anything that has to be done that he does not feel like doing himself, he hires someone else to do. He could not have a more pleasant life had he chosen to do something other than try to beat the casinos.

Perhaps you are wondering whether his advice is accurate, and if it is valuable why is he selling it instead of using it himself. His advice is accurate and valuable. He does use it himself. But he prefers to spend a majorpart of his time writing a new hook or creating a new software product Probably he could earn more money by investing his time in casinos instead of writing books, but why should he? Spending more time in casinos would not be an improvement in his life style. And he truly does get more satisfaction out of teaching others to beat the casinos than beating them himself. So - he writes the books, and you can use them to win money in casinos.

Professional Blackjack

[Professional Blackjack]

Excerpt Available

This is the 1994 revision of a classic first published in 1975. Professional Blackjack teaches card counting. New in the 1994 edition: strategies for playing new rules such as over/under, simulation results to replace all the "best guesses" of earlier editions, and tables of expectations.

"It is an outstanding blackjack text. There is no other blackjack system that is both simpler and more powerful."
***Edward O. Thorp, author of Beat the Dealer.

"Stanford Wong's new Professional Blackjack is an absolutely outstanding book. Not only is it the most technically accurate and detailed reference to the high-low and halves counts, it is also one of the best sources for information on the finer points of the game."
***Michael Dalton, author of Blackjack: A Professional Reference and editor of Blackjack Review.

ISBN 0-935926-21-6, 352p, MSRP $19.95. Order from ConJelCo.

Blackjack Secrets

[Blackjack Secrets]

Excerpt Available

Blackjack Secrets explains how to get away with playing a wining blackjack game without getting kicked out of the casino. It covers such topics as good plays to avoid, how to get away with bet size variation, finding good games, the importance of penetration, stashing chips, heat, giving your name to casinos, streaks, what to do with a big bet at the shuffle, and acting like a gambler.

A 24-page chapter on winning faster covers such topics as toking advantage of unusual circumstances, break-in dealers, forcing a shuffle, team play, learning to see faster, the delayed raise, and cutting for advantage.

A chapter entitled "Turning Pro" answers letters from people who want to become professional blackjack players.

ISBN 0-935926-20-8, 256p, MSRP $14.95. Order from ConJelCo.

Basic Blackjack

[Basic Blackjack]

Excerpt Available

What blackjack neophytes need is basic strategy. It must be mastered before one goes on to card counting. Basic Blackjack has the most complete explanation of basic strategy available anywhere.

Example: In early 1993, blackjack players of Ramada Express in Laughlin were pleasantly surprised to find the casino had decided to pay 3:2 on five-card hands at blackjack. Those customers who had Basic Blackjack had only to open to table 21 to find basic strategy for exploiting this rule.

Basic Blackjack also contains the best of Winning Without Counting, an out-of-print book on getting an edge at blackjack without counting cards that initially sold for $200 per copy.

ISBN 0-935926-19-4, 224p, MSRP $14.95. Order from ConJelCo.

Professional Video Poker

[Professional Video Poker]

Excerpt Available

Professional Video Poker is a book that shows how to get an edge at video poker at Nevada and Atlantic City casinos. The material has been casino-tested by pros who support themselves almost entirely on what they wi playing video poker.

The video-poker strategies were devised with the intent of maximizing wirings per hour. Each strategy is presented in a compact chart that uses easy abbreviations for the different possible draws. You don't have to memorize the strategy because you can find the correct play for any hand in just seconds.

The most common beatable machine is a progressive with a high jackpot. Professional Video Poker explains how high the jackpot must be to give you an edge, how to calculate your expected earnings per hour, and how to calculate risk.

In the best video-poker opportunity l personally have played, in early 1987, I estimate my time was worth $150 an hour. Today you cannot hope to find such a valuable situation. But $30-an-hour opportunities are common, and pros still exist.

ISBN 0-935926-15-1, 159p, MSRP $14.95. Order from ConJelCo.

Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker

[Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker]

Pai gow poker is a game of skill, and Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker explains how to win. It explains the optimal play of every possible hand that can be dealt.

Included are lists of how frequently each five-card hand and each two-card hand are achieved. Also included is advice for playing in a pal gow poker tournament.

Mike Caro, "America's Mad Genius," and author of Professional Pai Gow Poker Report, says: "Those serious players seeking to make a living at pai gow poker will find Wong's Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker an almost perfect path to profit."

Anthony Curtis, publisher of Las Vegas Advisor, says: "Whatever your motives for playing pai gow poker - comps, cover, fun or profit - Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker provides all the information you'll need to analyze a game and play intelligently."

ISBN 0-935926-17-8, 160p, MSRP $14.95. Order from ConJelCo.

Casino Tournament Strategy

[Casino Tournament Strategy]

Excerpt Available

Casino Tournament Strategy contains advice on getting an edge at tournaments in blackjack, craps, baccarat and keno.

Getting an edge in a tournament for the most part means correct money management, i.e. betting the right amounts at the right times. In blackjack tournaments it also means proper playing strategy, including playing some hands differently in certain situations than in a regular blackjack game. This book explains it all.

Anthony Curtis, publisher of Las Vegas Advisor, says: "Tournament play offers a greater opportunity for profit than any other gambling activity available today. I've won a lot of money at tournaments applying the techniques outlined in Wong's book. My biggest tournament wins to date are $125,000 at craps, $76,000 at blackjack, and $50,000 at keno."

ISBN 0-935926-18-6, 256p, MSRP $19.95. Order from ConJelCo.

Betting Cheap Claimers

[Betting Cheap Claimers]

Betting Cheap Claimers explains how to make money betting on thoroughbreds. Its methods work best on cheap claimers, hence the title. Most horse races are for cheap claimers.

Betting Cheap Claimers not only provides empirical support for the methods a casual racebook customer can use to get an edge, but it also explains the methodology so that you can do your own empirical testing of other theories.

There is a chapter explaining how to get a big edge at handicapping tournaments.

I thought I had the key to the vault when in December of 1988 I made bets of $32,345 and cashed tickets of $45,890, for a net of $13,545. Those profits were due to success on betting huge biases at Philadelphia and Bay Meadows, both of which had fast rails at the time. How to recognize and take advantage of biases is one of the chapters in Betting Cheap Claimers.

ISBN 0-935926-16-X, 190p, MSRP $14.95. Order from ConJelCo.

Stanford Wong's
[Current Blackjack News]

Current Blackjack News has been published since 1979. It covers the whole United States. Regular monthly newsletters are mailed to you and contain updated lists of casinos covering rules, number of decks used, penetration, and anything else that you need to know to be able to go straight to the best blackjack games.

Special issues cover great money-making opportunities that pop up between regular monthly issues. Eight special issues were published in 1994, and 1995 is on the same pace. Here is an example. A special issue dated 26 May 1995 announced that Morongo in Palm Springs would pay 3:1 on naturals during "happy hour" starting 1 June 1995. When you receive 3:1 on naturals you have an edge greater than 6%. Morongo held happy hour three times a day, two days a week for bets up to $100. There were fifteen happy hours, and readers who played them all cleared $5,000 per person. You can have special issues sent to you by e-mail, fax, or snail-mail.

MSRP $10 (single issue), $49 (one year, e-mail), $79 (one year, snail-mail), $99.00 (one year, both e-mail and snail-mail), $395.00 (one year, e-mail plus e-mailed special issues of particularly good news), $445.00 (one year, e-mail or snail-mail, with faxed special issues). Order from ConJelCo.

Blackjack Count Analyzer

[Blackjack Count Analyzer]

Blackjack Forum rated Blackjack Count Analyzer the "best user-friendly do-everything software" for blackjack.

You can set up almost any set of blackjack rules ever offered, including the new bustout and over/ under bets. The program calculates basic strategy and count strategy indexes for your rules. If you wish you can input your own strategy indexes. The program has a game mode and runs high-speed simulations.

Practicing in the game mode is the best way to learn how to count cards. Blackjack Count Analyzer can be set to tell you if you make an error. Not only is this a fun way to learn, but you can build such incredible speed playing against a computer that you can easily handle the fastest human dealer alive.

Blackjack Count Analyzer is as user-friendly as a program can get. You will have no trouble setting up your own blackjack rules, printing out a hard copy of basic and count strategy for those rules, and either be playing a game or running a high-speed simulation, all within five minutes of turning on your computer.

Here is a sample application of Blackjack Count Analyzer. I got a phone call from a player who discovered a casino paying 3:1 on naturals. He thought he had a big edge, but had lost $600 in one hour of betting two hands of $25 each.

So I called up Blackjack Count Analyzer and set up the rules of the game. After simulating a million pairs of hands, I was able to inform the player that in an average 100 pairs of hands he would win $310, with a standard deviation of $495. That truly was a fabulous game - a player edge of 6.2%.

Blackjack Count Analyzer also has a simulation-within-a-simulation feature that I used to find the probability of losing $600 in an hour at that game. The answer is 0.03. The program also found the chance of the low point being a loss of $600 or more: 0.07; the chance of ending up a winner of $600 or more: 0.27; and the chance of being up by $600 or more at some point during the 100 rounds: 0.39.

Doing all of the above, including running the simulation, took less than an hour on a 486-66. And it was easy A first-time user of the program would get these results as fast as I did.

MSRP $79.95, Requires a 386 or faster DOS-compatible computer with hard drive. 3.5" disk sent. 5.25" by request. Order from ConJelCo.

Blackjack Analyzer

Also available: Blackjack Analyzer, which is Blackjack Count Analyzer without the card counting. If you want to learn basic strategy, or if you just want to play blackjack on your computer, Blackjack Analyzer is all you need. Blackjack Analyzer allows you to set up any set of rules, finds basic strategy for your rules, runs simulations using basic strategy, and allows you to play blackjack as a game. If you wish, it will notify you when you deviate from basic strategy. The price on Blackjack Analyzer is $29.95.

Do not buy both Blackjack Count Analyzer and Blackjack Analyzer because the former will do everything the latter does.

MSRP $29.95, Requires a 386 or faster DOS-compatible computer with hard drive. 3.5" disk sent. 5.25" by request. Order from ConJelCo.


BJedge is a Windows program that acts like a spread sheet to find the casino's edge for any set of rules and any number of decks. It is not a game. It does not run simulations, but rather summarizes the results of hundreds of large simulations I have already run using Blackjack Count Analyzer.

I wrote BJedge to quickly generate some of the data needed for Current Blackjack News. Whenever a casino changes its blackjack rules, I set up the new rules on BJedge to find, to two places past the decimal, the casino's edge. For example, if a casino sets up a six-deck game with double after splits, resplit aces, and the dealers hit soft seventeen, it takes just a few seconds to determine from BJedge that the casino's edge is 0.55%.

MSRP $19.95, Requires a PC with Windows 3.0 or higher and a mouse or other pointing device. 3.5" disk sent. 5.25" by request. Order from ConJelCo.

Tournament Blackjack

[Tournament Blackjack]

With Stanford Wong's new Tournament Blackjack software you can play and analyze blackjack tournaments.

Suppose that as you are playing in a real blackjack tournament, you encounter a situation that you would like to analyze. Perhaps you are wondering whether a big bet or a small bet would be better. Or whether doubling down or hitting is better. First, remember or write down all the details. Then, input all those details into Tournament Blackjack and run a simulation.

Tournament Blackjack maintains the Pi Yee Press reputation for user-friendliness.

You can set up almost any tournament format you wish. Each player can be set to automatic or manual play Set your opponents to make flat bets, use a Martingale, count cards, parlay their bets, etc.

Bet query: Find out what bet the computer would make if it were playing your hand.

Deja vu: Recreate the situation at the start of any round you have already played. Then review the previous play of that round bet by bet and play by play.

Fast forward: Set up a sixty-hand tournament and then zip right through the early rounds to get to the interesting part: the final few rounds.

Live play: Play Tournament Blackjack like a game.

Rules: You can fine-tune the rules of the game to duplicate those of almost any tournament.

MSRP $49.95, Requires a PC with Windows 3.0 or higher and a mouse or other pointing device. 3.5" disk sent. 5.25" by request. Order from ConJelCo.

Stanford Wong Video Poker

Stanford Wong Video Poker is both a game and a tool for analyzing video poker.

Graphics: Your own computer will look as good as the best casino video poker machine. You have the option of standard playing cards or IGT casino video-poker cards, with or without animation.

This program is a great way to learn playing strategy Simply input whatever payoff schedule you want, and start playing. You can ask the program to tell you the best play on every hand, alert you whenever you misplay a hand, or sit quietly until you want advice on a hand. Within 30 minutes you will have learned how to play all the most common hands.

Make deuces wild if you want Add a joker if you want. Use any payoff schedule you want. Make each four of a kind pay something different if you want.

Calculations of the various ways to play each hand are done on the fly, and thus the program's advice on the best way to play each hand is accurate.

With Stanford Wong Video Poker you can play tournaments. You have a choice of a variety of one-person and two-person tournaments.

Stanford Wong Video Poker requires color. If your computer cannot handle color, ask for Video Poker Analyzer. (Stanford Wong Video Poker is Villa Crespo Software's revision of Pi Yee Press's Video Poker Analyzer.) Order from ConJelCo.

MSRP $19.95, Requires a PC with Windows 3.0 or higher, color monitor, and a mouse or other pointing device. 3.5" disk sent. 5.25" by request.


This is not a game. For a game, see Stanford Wong Video Poker.

VPEXACT was written at the request of a video poker pro. The program has only one function: It tells you the exact overall payback and the probability of getting each winning combination. It does this by cycling through every possible hand, finding the best cards to hold, and keeping track of the results of playing the hand perfectly.

Finding the best play when all suits pay the same takes two hours on a 486-66. If you want to specify different payoffs for royals of different suits, the calculation time on a 486-66 is one day.

VPEXACT includes the option of exiting the program temporarily and restarting at the break point, so that you can use your computer for other things and do the video-poker calculations during slack times.

VPEXACT works only on DOS machines such as PCs. It is the only software Pl Yee Press sells that is monochrome. It requires only 100k RAM.

MSRP $29.95, Requires a 386 or faster DOS-compatible computer. 3.5" disk sent. 5.25" by request. Order from ConJelCo.

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