Mark Tenner

Mark Tenner
Mastering Omaha/8 Poker

Mark Tenner is an entrepreneur with advanced degrees in communications, business, and law. He is a partner in Card Player Cruises, a gaming industry consultant, and a semi-professional poker player. Mark is married to his soulmate, Lisa, and they share pride in their two successful adult children, Lexie and Ross.

He has been playing and winning on a regular basis for 40 years, and can generally be found playing in the highest limit games. He has done particularly well playing Omaha at the World Series of Poker with excellent finishes, including a second place in 2009.

For the last several years, Mark has played Omaha/8 almost exclusively, and has lectured extensively on this game in such venues as the World Poker Players' Conference, and for special interest groups, various casinos, and on cruise ships.


His peers consider him one of the finest minds in the game because of his almost uncanny feel for how Omaha/8 should be played. It is this special gift, along with general expertise, that Mark Tenner brings to this book. Because he is also a skilled communicator, he succeeds in imparting not only tips and techniques but his unique process of analysis and thinking. Mark's guidance will assist you, the reader, to develop a similar feel for the game.