Foreword to Winning Low Limit Hold'em

by Anthony Holden

To the list of the writers of great poker manuals --- Sklansky and Malmuth, Brunson and Caro --- we must now add the name of Lee Jones... For those on the nursery slopes of Hold'em, anxious to get it right before ascending to loftier levels --- or those who've had their bankrolls burned at higher altitudes, and can swallow their pride long enough to start the long climb again --- Lee has compiled the soundest advice I've ever read. I only hope I can summon the self-discipline to follow it myself. Play Lee Jones's user-friendly system, and you'll soon find yourself earning respect at any table in any card-room in the poker world.

And a whole bunch of bucks better off.

Anthony Holden --- author of Big Deal

London, England

August 29, 1994

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