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1997 Hall of Fame Poker Classic

As we did for the World Series of Poker, ConJelCo is pleased to provide the Internet community with results from the 1997 Hall of Fame Poker Classic being held at Binion's Horseshoe Hotel.

The results of each tournament event will be available here as quickly after the event concludes as possible. Check the Schedule of Events for additional information. Click here for the most recent results available.

Schedule of Events

Click on the event name for the results of that event when they become available.
Aug 11, Mon, NoonTexas Hold'em (Limit)$1000+60
Aug 12, Tue, NoonSeven Card Razz (Limit)$1000+60
Aug 13, Wed, NoonOmaha (Limit)$1000+60
Aug 14, Thu, NoonSeven Card Stud$1000+60
Aug 15, Fri, NoonTexas Hold'em (Pot Limit)$1000+60
Aug 16, Sat, NoonSeven Card High-Low Split Eight or Better (Limit)$1000+60
Aug 17, Sun, NoonTexas Hold'em (No Limit)$1000+60
Aug 18, Mon, NoonOmaha High-Low Split Eight or Better (Limit)$1000+60
Aug 19, Tue, NoonTexas Hold'em (Limit)$1500+70
Aug 20, Wed, NoonOmaha (Pot Limit)(Rebuys first three hours)$1500+70
Aug 21, Thu, NoonSeven Card Stud (Limit)$1500+70
Aug 22, Fri, NoonTexas Hold'em (Pot Limit)$1,500+70
Aug 23, Sat, NoonOmaha High-Low Split Eight or Better (Limit)$1500+70
Aug 24, Sun, NoonTexas Hold'em (No Limit)$1,500+70
Aug 25, Mon, NoonWomen's Texas Hold'em (Limit)$500+40
Aug 26, Tue, NoonChampionship Texas Hold'em (No Limit) First Day$5,000+80
Aug 27, WedChampionship Texas Hold'em (No Limit) Final Table$5,000+80
For more information call 1-800-93-POKER.
ConJelCo is proud to be your on-line source of information and news of the Hall of Fame Poker Classic. These pages are being produced with the full and active assistance and cooperation of Binion's Horseshoe.

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