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What happens if two players have the same hand? How do you divide the pot?

Author: Michael Maurer
Last updated: Jan 2004
Copyright © 2004 Michael Maurer
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In some forms of poker it is fairly common for two or more players to end up with the same best hand. In that case, the players with equal hands split the pot equally between them. Remember that only the best five cards of a player's hand are considered in the showdown. If the best five cards yield a tie, you do not use additional cards to break the tie. Also, you don't look at the suits to break a tie. It's simply a tie. Here are some examples:

What about the extra chip? If you split the pot and there is an extra chip left over, the usual rule is to award it to the first winning player in the clockwise direction from the dealer.

What about high-low declare? In high-low split declare games, the rules can be more complicated. See the special high-low declare section for more details.