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What are some good poker-related software programs?

Author: Hans Ruegg 1994; John Salmon 1996; Zbigniew 2002; Michael Maurer 2004
Last updated: Apr 2004
Copyright © 2004 Hans Ruegg 1994; John Salmon 1996; Zbigniew 2002; Michael Maurer 2004
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NEW Editor's note: Ken's Poker Page has a comprehensive listing of poker-related software. The Beginners' Guide to Online Poker has a special section on online tracking software for yourself and your opponents.

Commercial Programs

There are many poker programs available but the quality of them ranges from terrible to fairly good. The following are worth considering:

Exact Enumeration Calculators

Several people have written software that computes exact showdown probabilities for poker matchups:

Pokersource (Source Code)

If you want to write some of your own poker software, a fast poker hand evaluator is available as part of the Pokersource. package It is in C but uses some Gnu C extensions; it also has a Java interface. You can see it in action at Two Dimes Pokenum, which lets you enter multiple-hand matchups and computes exact win percentages for each hand.

Hotpoker (formerly Netpoker)

Hotpoker is a suite of programs for multi-player hold'em over the internet. C source for Netpoker used to be available; I'm not sure about Hotpoker.