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What the hell is Rumple Mintz?

Author: Michael Maurer
Last updated: Sep 2003
Copyright © 2004 Michael Maurer
The official and up-to-date version of this answer is here.

Rumple Mintz is the official rec.gambling spelling of a brand of 100 proof peppermint schnapps called Rumple Minze, imported from the Scharlachberg Distillery in Germany. Best served shaken over ice for five seconds, then strained into a short glass. It is the official drink of rec.gambler poker players everywhere, and is known to increase poker skill dramatically. Legend has it that one rec.gambler won $4000 in a 50-100 Hold'em game while under its spell, lived to tell the tale in a trip report, and assured its eternal fame.

Okay, so maybe only one rec.gambler actually drinks Rumpel Minze.