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What are some good magazines about poker?

Author: Michael Maurer
Last updated: Oct 2003
Copyright © 2004 Michael Maurer
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Card Player is the best established periodical for poker players. Each issue has several columns specifically about poker strategy, including regular features by well-known poker writers. It lists schedules for small daily and weekly tournaments in the U.S. and Europe and reports large tournament results. Other sections cover gambling and the law, cardroom management, sports betting and general gambling news. Because it is financed largely by casino industry advertisements, it does not print unfavorable casino news and is not a good place to find a balanced review of a cardroom. It is available free in most cardrooms and offers subscriptions at first-class and bulk-mail rates.

        The Card Player
        3140 S. Polaris #8
        Las Vegas, NV  89102
        (702) 871-1720
        (702) 871-2674 FAX

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