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What are some good books about poker?

Author: Michael Maurer
Last updated: Dec 2002
Copyright © 2004 Michael Maurer
The official and up-to-date version of this answer is here.

All thinking poker players should have this book on their shelf:

David Sklansky, "The Theory of Poker" (formerly titled "Winning Poker"), Two Plus Two Publishing, 1992, $30. ISBN 1-880685-00-0.

Beginners will benefit from the following:

Daniel Kimberg, "Serious Poker", ConJelCo, 2002, $20. ISBN: 1-886070-16-4
Lou Krieger and Richard Harroch, "Poker for Dummies", IDG Books Worldwide, 2000, $15. ISBN 0-764552-32-5.
Mason Malmuth and Lynne Loomis, "Fundamentals of Poker", Two Plus Two Publishing, 1992, $4. ISBN 1-880685-11-6.

This classic in the field is an advanced but slightly out-of-date work covering a wide range of games, including an excellent section on no-limit Hold'em:

Doyle Brunson et al., "Super/System: A Course in Poker Power", B & G Publishing, 1978/1989, $50. ISBN 0-931444-01-4.

The most recommended book for medium-limit Hold'em is

David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth, " Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players", Two Plus Two Publishing, 1988/1993, $30. ISBN 1-880685-01-9.

These works by fellow rec.gamblers have received favorable reviews:

Lee Jones, "Winning Low-Limit Holdem", ConJelCo, 1994, $25. ISBN 1-886070-15-6.
Lou Krieger, "Hold'em Excellence", ConJelCo, 2000, $20. ISBN 1-886070-14-8 .

Beginning Seven Card Stud players must read this small spiral-bound gem:

George Percy, "7 Card Stud: The Waiting Game", GBC Press, 1979, $9. ISBN 0-89650-903-6.

More experienced stud players may benefit from

David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth and Ray Zee, " Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players", Two Plus Two Publishing, 1992, $29.95. ISBN 1-880685-02-7.

Finally, in a different vein is the following book about reading your opponents and preventing them from reading you:

NEW Mike Caro, "Caro's Book of Tells - The Body Language of Poker", Mike Caro University Press, 2000, $30 (paperback), $40 (hardback), ISBN 1-880069-01-6 (paperback), ISBN 1-880069-02-4 (hardback).

Many of these books are available to rec.gamblers with an Internet discount from ConJelCo.

Online reviews of poker books. NEW The Online Poker FAQ has brief reviews in its essential poker readling list. See Dan Kimberg's Poker Reading Page for some unsolicited and independent reviews that have appeared on the net. And I don't know where Nick Christenson finds the time to read the dozens of books he has reviewed to date.

NEW Ken's Poker Page has a comprehensive listing of poker-related books.