Poker Books by Roy Cooke and John Bond

"Authors of Poker's Longest Continuously Running Feature."

Books by Roy Cooke

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"I've said it before and I'll say it again: you can't go wrong following Roy Cooke's advice about poker... And whether at the poker table or on the written page, John Bond knows how to tell a story. Together they produce stuff you just want to read..."
--Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu, 2004 Player of the Year

Home Poker Handbook

Starting and Finding A Game; What You’ll Need; Running Your Home Game; Home Poker Etiquette; Basic Poker Strategy and Tactics; Home Poker Tournaments; House Games as A Business. Spits, buys, wild cards, royalties, side bets, forced betting, chip declare and how to play over 75 poker variations. And variations on the variations! How to deal with cheats, credit, shies, split pots, spouses and the law.  And much, much more.

Home Poker Handbook by Roy Cooke and John Bond (978-1-886070-28-8). xiv+242p (paper). $14.95.

Real Poker III: The Best of Cooke 1992-2005

Roy’s best columns from the beginning, except Play of Hand Columns (Real Poker IV: More Play of Hands is coming later in 2007!) With a foreword by Chris “Jesus” Fergusen. Philosophy of Life and the Game; The Edge Concept; So You Wanna Be a poker Pro; Strategy & Tactics. From Chris Fergusen’s foreword: Roy Cooke cites great poker theorists, commentators and players like Doyle Brunson, Mike Caro, David Sklansky, Mark Gregorich, Phil Gordon, Dan Harrington, and others. He also finds wisdom for poker players in the words and ideas of Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare, Potter Stewart, Robert Frost, Rudyard Kipling, Immanuel Kant, Oscar Wilde, Blaise Pascal, Jimi Hendrix, James Dean, and a pack of 50 million chimpanzees! Don’t ask. You’ll have to read the book to find out. This collection is destined to be an essential on any poker player’s book shelf.

Real Poker III: The Best of Cooke 1992-2005 by Roy Cooke and John Bond (978-1-886070-29-5). p (paper). $19.95.
Coming soon!

Cooke's Rules of Real Poker

The purpose of this book is to provide a uniform set of rules for the most popular poker games spread in public cardrooms. Some rules apply to all games. Some apply to particular games. In deciding upon which rules to use, the rulebooks of nearly every major cardroom in the country have been consulted.

While some players and cardroom managers may not agree with all the rules included, it is hoped that the comprehensiveness of Cooke's Rules of Real Poker will result in it being used as a standard in cardrooms across the country. The inclusion of alternate rules that may be used in lieu of the preferred rule at the discretion of cardroom management is an attempt to address the legitimate differences of opinion regarding exactly what rule should be in force at a given establishment.

Cooke's Rules of Real Poker by Roy Cooke and John Bond (1886070229). 176p (paper). $9.95.
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Real Poker II: The Play of Hands

Roy Cooke has been beating the hell out of poker games since 1972. His Card Player Magazine column is poker's longest continuously running commentary. He was a pioneer in the Internet Poker Industry. His rule book has become an industry standard. He is a champion for player's rights, fighting harder than anyone for more protection against cheats, especially online. Real Poker II contains all his Play of Hand columns from 1992-1999, and is widely considered an essential on any poker player's bookshelf.

Real Poker II: The Play of Hands by Roy Cooke and John Bond (1886070229). 224p (paper). $19.95.

Real Poker: The Cooke Collection

Out of Print.

Coming Soon by Roy Cooke

Real Poker IV: More Play of Hands --- Coming in early 2008!

Since 1992, Roy Cooke has been the senior writer for Card Player Magazine.
Roy's articles are respected by the top players and authors in the poker community.


Doyle Brunson, Nine time World Series of Poker winner and author of Super System and Super System II
"Roy Cooke stands out as one of the few experts I find worth reading. You should listen to him."

David Sklansky, Author of the seminal Theory of Poker and multiple World Series of Poker winner
"Roy's analysis is almost always superb Roy is not just a good writer but also a great poker player who
wins lots of money in some pretty tough games."

Chris "Jesus" Fergusen, 2000 WSOP and multiple tournament winner
"I like Roy Cooke. I like his writing. I like his poker. He's a smart, honest guy in a world that has too many shady wannabes. If you want to make it -- in life and in the game -- you'd be wise to read what Roy has to say."

Mike Caro, America's Mad Genius of Poker
"If you learn to consider your decisions to check, bet, call, raise and fold like Roy does, it will change your poker
game dramatically for the better. And that in turn, might even change your life."

Mike Sexton, Host for the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker bracelet winner
"Roy Cooke's books and columns are an important part of modern poker literature, and I think you'll
find him to be a very worthwhile read."

Lou Krieger, Author of several poker books including Internet Poker, and Poker for Dummies:
"If you aspire to become a top notch hold'em player, you need to read and think about every word Roy Cooke writes.
His office is right down there in poker's trenches, and he writes from a place where the rubber meets the road and the
chips slide in and out of pots with regularity. And most of the time they're sliding into Roy Cooke's hands."

Roy Cooke started playing poker against professional competition at the age of 15, sneaking into cardrooms in the Seattle area. Since then he has played over 60,000 hours of poker all over the world, but mostly in the casino cardrooms of Las Vegas . He is generally recognized as one of the best middle-limit Texas Hold’em players in the world, and certainly the most consistent.

Roy has been a featured columnist for CardPlayer Magazine for since 1992. He is a regular contributor to PokerBiz, the poker industry magazine. Roy was the Cardroom Manager of the first real money Internet cardroom, and has been a consultant to many in the Internet poker business. He designed many of the anti-collusion protocols that are standard in the Internet poker industry today. He speaks at industry conferences both about marketing and about integrity issues. He has become the foremost spokesman for integrity efforts to protect players in the game generally and the Internet game particularly. He has also been a leading advocate of a centralized national poker association encompassing players, the industry and the media.

Roy belongs to a number of community groups, including Toastmasters, where he is President of the Summerlin, Nevada chapter. He lives in Las Vegas where he and his wife Misty own a successful real estate brokerage. They live on a golf course with their daughter Krystle and three dogs.  You can visit his real estate and poker website at

About John

John Bond is a raconteur. A recreational poker player with nearly 15,000 hours of play, about half in private games. He has collaborated with Roy on his CardPlayer columns since the beginning. A retired attorney, among various other accomplishments he is a real estate developer, PADI Course Director (instructor of SCUBA instructors), USCG licensed commercial boat captain, and a licensed pilot and Realtor.

A former newspaper editor, he has taught writing at a variety of institutions including Nova Southeastern University and Florida International University , Trinity College Dublin, the University of British Columbia and University College London. He writes travel features for the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, is a former Miami Herald columnist and has a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

John is working on a series of mystery stories set in the world of private poker games, the first of which—T-bird—appears in the mystery anthology Miami Noir, released late in 2006. It also appears in Best American Mysteries 2007.  He is also marketing a completed novel and screenplay set in the poker world. He lives near the ocean in Dania Beach , Florida with his wife Jeannie Deininger and their three shih tzus.